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Lindsay Lohan

Replaced by Girl from


11/21/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is out of the planned Linda Lovelace biopic and it took the film less than a day to find her replacement.

Malin Akerman -- best known for her roles in "Watchmen" and "The Heartbreak Kid" -- will play the lead role in "Inferno" now that LiLo is no longer attached, this according to Deadline Hollywood.

As for the circumstances of Lindsay's departure ... sources close to Lindsay told us she quit, her rep called the decision "mutual," and other reports claim she was fired. You be the judge.

Good luck, Malin!



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Linds got canned because she can't be insured. But hey - What Me Worry? says Linds, tra la la la la......

1430 days ago


Isnt she the one who gave reverse cowgirl to Ben Stiller?:)

What was she thinking.

1430 days ago


Does Lindsay have a driving school?

1430 days ago

Clay Reiche    

#15 and #21... you're wrong. Lindsay actually CAN act. That's sort of the tragedy with her. She can't stay focused and clean long enough to finish a project. The "art" of acting, she's good at, the "profession" of acting, she's lousy!

1430 days ago


Malin is hot but she needs a boob job to play this part.

1430 days ago

susie Q    

Lohan is a COMPULSIVE LIAR. I don't think she has uttered a truthful word in five years at least so she can say whatever she wants, it's just LIES. Do they treat lying in rehab? I thiught that was the trademark of a drug addict

1430 days ago


Isnt she the one who gave reverse cowgirl to Ben Stiller?:)

What was she thinking.

Posted at 9:19 AM on Nov 21, 2010 by learnmachine"

Yes - She also told Harold and Kumar she wanted the double stuff. lol

1430 days ago


Yes, Holly - of course she does. How could you have any doubt?

While - once again - the cost is prohibitive to all but the most wealthy (one million dollars per hour), you do get what you pay for. To begin with, the course consists of three highly-intensive aspects, each more ground-breaking than the competition.

The beginning of the course involves a well-thought-out classroom-setting instruction. Lindsay herself is much too busy to actually be there herself, but these classes are instead taught by two highly-qualified instructors: Clam Ronson and another professor identified only as "Nicole".

Next, you will be trotted through the "Preparation Department" which will consist of all of the necessary accoutrements needed to put your mind at ease: A cocaine facial, personally calibrated spray-tanning, and an exclusive manicure tailored just for you (a copyright-protected "Fu#kU option is an additional million dollars).

The third part of the training is the driving course itself. No run-of-the-mill orange cones here.... the Linsday Lohan L.A. Driving School utilizes imported palm trees from Maui. Before you begin, you may choose from one of two "confidence enhancers": Lindsay Lohan-brand vodka or a special energized chewing gum. One million dollars extra will provide both (recommended).

Does it get any better than this. I think not.

1430 days ago

Help This Young Woman    

I'm sure they can put a wig on Malin Akerman and she'll be fine. I now might watch this movie. I never would have watched it with Lohan in it.

1430 days ago


Wow I can't remember the last time I saw such a variety of all negative opinions on one person. Ok first off, yes Lindsey WAS a child/teen star, but whoever said she hasn't been in anything in a long time is wrong. She's not in a whole bunch of stuff, but she keeps busy. And as much of a screw up she is, and I'm not a fan, I gotta give her credit in the acting department. She really does have talent. And most of her movies actually aren't bad. Her self destruction is really a shame. As far as this movie goes, I've never heard of it, so I can't judge how good it will be. I don't know why people are already trashing it. Why does it matter if the character is sleezy? That has nothing to do with how good of a movie it will be, or who the actress is in real life.

1430 days ago


Rehab is for quitters, losers and those who are fired.

1430 days ago



Does Lindsay have her own brand Sweet Potatoes, to go along with her Turkey line (which you should re-post)

I heard she did, and the Sweet potatoes had a questionable white stuff on top. Not Marshmellows.What could that be??
If you know of this Lindsay Lohan brand Sweet potatoes can you please post it. Nothing more would complete my Thanksgiving dinner

Thank you so much for all your time and hard work Broeheem. Your the best! Reguards, from your #1 Fan

1430 days ago

Moe Green    

Sad to be washed up at such a young age. I think that's why the Lohan story is interesting. We love an underdog (no pun intended). Just think of the stupidity of the fan base that would watch any of her stuff if she did start making money again. That's the fascination of this. The inconceivability that people like Snooki, Lohan, Situation, Palin, etc. have moronic fans who are entertained by their nonsense.

1430 days ago


They fired her because she refused to meet with them. And the reason she refused to meet with them is because she had already quit. It ain't exactly rocket science. Had she wanted to do the movie, she wouldn't have refused the meeting.

None of that matters, because, at the end of the day, nobody is going to watch this movie. This movie is gutter sludge. If Lindsay had gone through with it, when the movie tanked, she would have been blamed for it's failure. Now, when it fails, and it will, they won't have her to blame for it. In the end, Lindsay will get the last laugh.

There isn't a single person on this forum who is going to watch this movie. And that really is the bottom line. Find me one person who says they want to see this movie and I will show you a liar.

1430 days ago


I wonder why anyone would take that part?

1430 days ago
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