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Lindsay Lohan

Replaced by Girl from


11/21/2010 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is out of the planned Linda Lovelace biopic and it took the film less than a day to find her replacement.

Malin Akerman -- best known for her roles in "Watchmen" and "The Heartbreak Kid" -- will play the lead role in "Inferno" now that LiLo is no longer attached, this according to Deadline Hollywood.

As for the circumstances of Lindsay's departure ... sources close to Lindsay told us she quit, her rep called the decision "mutual," and other reports claim she was fired. You be the judge.

Good luck, Malin!



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well if Lindsey agreed on it, than I support her. there are plenty of films around to be in. she needs to get her head on straight than she'll bounce back. best of luck.

1395 days ago

Johnson Rising    

Poor LiHo...can't even keep a job playing a pornstar, now we'll see how she does at actually being one...Dinah is probably in contract negotiations with Vivid as we speak...gotta keep that gravy train rollin' for the replacement, Kim Kardashian actually would have been the perfect choice: intimately acquainted with the material, prior experience a plus, hooks up with anything that breathes, loves getting "showered" on & has a huge ass perfect for all the doggy style scenes.

1395 days ago


Malin Akerman is working on a movie she stars with Jennifer Aniston.
She’s also staring with Gary Oldman in “Criminal Empire for Dummy's” (post production), and staring with Bruce Willis in “Catch .44” (post production).

I wouldnt call her an out of work actress

How long do you think it takes to find a replacement? all Wilder has to do is phone several agents, find an out of work actress, look at her experience and there you go!

Posted at 2:59 PM on Nov 21, 2010 by susan

1395 days ago

david berard    

maybe she could make a real lovelace movie, this time with full on hardcore? :D

that will show them!

1395 days ago


Wise producers - better choice.

1395 days ago


Lindsay should be thankful that she got fired. Making that movie was a bad decision on her part.

1395 days ago


Her choice, their choice... either way, the $$$ is lost, and you just know how livid Dina is that all the effortless (on her part) revenue was lost. Cocaine doesn't grow on trees, you know and... Wait. Scratch that - it kinda does grow on trees. Ahhh you know what I mean. I have to wonder what the next scheme will be. I'm going to guess that the junkie movie for her next victim won't pan out... but undoubtedly Dina's high-strung coked-out peabrain is already thinking several scams ahead of the rest of us. We'll know soon enough - she can't stay out of the spotlight for very long.

1395 days ago


Didn't they already film some scenes with Lindsay?

1395 days ago


Boogie Nights was a huge movie, and it was on the 70's porn industry and launched some major careers, There is still strong public intrest in the Lovelace story, people are facinated by it. Lohan's loss is Malin Akerman's gain.

1395 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

... flush, please

1395 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

( ... with apologies to Bobby, susan, anne, Rayna, Holly, and few others who actually contributed some reasonably level-headed, insightful, and informative views -- a welcome rarity in the TMZ forums ...)

-- I did not intend to lump you together with the the rest of the cess ... I have a feeling you may actually agree with me on this one ...

-- oh, and hi Dina (@33 at 10:32 AM on Nov 21, 2010 by dumas1000) ! … nice of you to chime in …

1395 days ago

Peter Sc    

Let this be a lesson for young stars. When you are caught, go to court, ask for prison time, get it over with, go on in your life. Probation and rehab means a destroyed life. Lindsay Lohan's Frances Farmer ordeal shows that.

Everybody knows that in order to get the media attention you have to break the law or at least act out in public.

But the courts are tired of this kind of career move. They want people to take rehab seriously when everybody knows that rehab is a no-good mixture of prayers and spilling out your heart to a illegal immigrant working as counselor for the lowest pay possible. So don't go that way, if you still want to have a career.

At least Lindsay is an adult. So far 5 children have died in rehab during 2010: Levi Snyder (17, overmedicated), Shanice Nibbs (17, thirst), Natasha Newman (17, car-accident), Gracie James (17, car-accident), Michael Owens (15, restraint)

1395 days ago


I love how people here are saying "Oh, she quit this movie because it would be bad for her career." Bwahahaha! WHAT career? The last thing she did was that 0-rated movie with the Sham-Wow guy. Yeah, her phone must just be RINGING off the hook with other offers! Riiiiiight.

C'mon people... we've ALL known someone insecure who got fired from a job or dumped by their spouse/SigOther, but told everyone that THEY quit/dumped. Wilder stuck with her longer than any other production would, then he finally had to cut bait.

And for those people snarking at this movie because it involves the early days of porn, like Tammi above said... Boogie Nights was about porn in the same era. And it got 3 Oscar nominations (Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay). Will this one be good or crap? Who knows. But simply being about the porn industry certainly doesn't automatically mean it's garbage.

1395 days ago


I´m very happy to hear that Malin Åkerman landed the role!
She has been trying for so many years to break through, she deserves this success.

"Lycka till, Malin"! Good luck, Malin!

1395 days ago


Damn, I love her body.

That's not an acting criticism is it?

1395 days ago
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