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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving with Daddy

11/21/2010 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed to leave the state of California during the Thanksgiving holiday -- so she'll be breaking bread with her father Michael on Turkey Day ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lohan was hoping to get permission from Betty Ford to head back to NY for the holiday, so she could be with her mother and the rest of the family. But we're told BF wasn't having it, so she'll be in sunny California next Thursday. 

We're told Lindsay will spend the day at a home where Michael is staying, close to Betty Ford.  Michael wants Dina and the kids to come out and spend the day ... but we're told Dina's not biting.

So Michael's Plan B is getting the whole clan together for XMAS.

That's the time for miracles, right?


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Dina is such a tool!

1430 days ago


Out of the frying pan and into the fire...We all need somebody I guess..Even the leech who sucks you dry...I feel sorry for Lindsay..she has no one except ...a leech..

1430 days ago


It would nice for Lindsay if mom would be as concerned and helpful as dad. I detest my ex also but I refuse to put our child in the middle of our issues. I'll chew my tongue off before I say something hurtful about his dad.

1430 days ago


I wonder if Mikey will have his close "sober" buddies, Tila, Kate Major and what's her name? The other Gosselin chick...oh yeah...Hailey. Yup, good crowd, fun times.

1430 days ago


@ Broeheem Does Lindsay have her own brand Turkey? Just wondering before I buy mine. I would much rather have a Lindsay Lohan brand Turkey for Thanksgiving than a store brought one. Please get back to me and let me know. I am crossing fingers and hoping she does. Thanks

1430 days ago


i'm going to give the man the benefit of the doubt and think that despite his past mistakes, and despite the fact that he is a publicity whore, he really does care about his daughter.. and she seems like a girl who needs a dad. happy thanksgiving to them both.

1430 days ago

Dr. M    

Enjoy the holidays Lindsay -
Shalom Aleichem
Dr. M

1430 days ago

Md Ali    

really!!! Is everything alright between them after such a long drama:

1430 days ago


At least her dad wasn't the parent who was doing coke with her... Dina needs to either sober up herself, or stay away from Lindsay. I had fun laughing at Lindsay's stupid antics, but I really do hope she gets better. Her mother enabled her so badly by denying that she had problems and partying with her. I'm not calling Michael a saint, but some breakthroughs seem to be going on in that relationship so it seems like his presence is a great thing for her right now.

1430 days ago

antonio sabella    

Lindsay Lohan is going to end up like Anna Nicole. Some people have addictive personalities. If that's what fame does to people then they can have it.

1430 days ago


Anyone notice the parallels between the Lohans and the Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva families?

Both families have a mother using the daughter as a pawn in a conflict. Dina Lohan uses Lindsay, Oksana uses Lucia. Two crazy mothers destroying a daughter for their own sick, twisted agendas.

1430 days ago


Dina might want to get the hell over herself already and maybe put her daughter and her recovery abover her own selfish grudges. Just a thought.

1430 days ago


The family that lays together, prays together, stays together! Hope Michael transfers to Lindsay some life skills she can use in the future.

1430 days ago


since Michael is such good friends with Tila Tequila now, wonder if she will be there??? two big krack heads fighting over the wish bone......

1430 days ago


i give michael alot of credit and hope he keeps up with it all.dina is an enabler always has been always will be.

"Despite a court order, Dina is trying to prevent him from seeing his children."
- "Dina is not supportive of a reconciliation with Lindsay."
- "Dina is a cocaine user and abuser!"
- "Dina’s new boyfriend is a rapist and a bad influence around kids."

his wife used cocaine while pregnant with Lindsay if things don’t go his way in the custody battle. This is not entirely new, as these details about Dina’s alleged cocaine use were revealed during their divorce: In court do***ents related to the Lohans’ divorce, Michael stated: “During our courtship, my wife abused cocaine on a regular basis. She would fly into fits of rage… and while my wife was pregnant with our oldest child, Lindsay, she would travel regularly to Flushing, Queens, in order to purchase cocaine.

“My wife has always rationalized her use of cocaine by saying that ‘it sharpens her talents’”

if this is true, it could genetically predispose Lindsay to become an addict herself. Whether the cause of Lindsay’s addictive personality is nature or nuture or a combination of both, it’s not that much of a stretch to look to her messed up family as inspiration.

1430 days ago
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