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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving with Daddy

11/21/2010 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed to leave the state of California during the Thanksgiving holiday -- so she'll be breaking bread with her father Michael on Turkey Day ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lohan was hoping to get permission from Betty Ford to head back to NY for the holiday, so she could be with her mother and the rest of the family. But we're told BF wasn't having it, so she'll be in sunny California next Thursday. 

We're told Lindsay will spend the day at a home where Michael is staying, close to Betty Ford.  Michael wants Dina and the kids to come out and spend the day ... but we're told Dina's not biting.

So Michael's Plan B is getting the whole clan together for XMAS.

That's the time for miracles, right?


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@ Nikki

Funny you should ask. Yes. Yes, she DOES market her own brand of turkey, and it's selling out across the nation. The Lindsay Lohan-brand Expensive-range Holiday Turkey is truly a one-of-a-kind fowl. Raised not on any corn-based feed, but rather on some undisclosed substance which yields a most unusual bird.

While this turkey is generally underweight for its size, it does feature quite the large cavity, useful for stuffing it full of whatever. Possibly stuffing, but I really don't know - it's one of Lindsay's well-kept trade secrets.

One thing more... although not disclosed on the package, this turkey - unlike any I've ever seen - is a little tricky to handle. Even after the beheading, plucking and cleaning, this damn bird just can't seem to sit still. I've not ever experienced a turkey with so much built-up energy. I don't know what she does to them, but it's fascinating. And exclusive, too. Not just anyone can afford to buy one. The price? One million dollars... but worth every nickel.

1434 days ago

Help This Young Woman    

I'm glad she is trying to mend her past. She needs to stop blaming others for her actions and put the blame on herself for how she reacts to cir***stances. This is a hard lesson to learn, but an important one. She, in short, needs to grow up and become responsible for herself and stop the blame game.

1434 days ago


THANK GOD that Betty Ford is NOT allowing Lindsay to leave the area/especially leaving the state of California! I hope that the same limitations will be upheld for the Christmas Holiday as well. That judge did NOT want LiLo out partying it up for the Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas & especially New Year's Eve)! That is exactly WHY he (judge) wanted her to stay in rehab until (at least Jan 3, 2011)! I think that Lindsay should actually stay until Feb 25th when she is due back in court again. That way at least she will NOT be tempted between Jan 3rd & Feb 25th! She has been dropped from the Inferno movie (the "Linda Lovelace role")..."they claim" it was b/c Lindsay is so uninsurable & unpredictable. Lindsay claims she "quit" b/c she wanted to extend her "recovery" period for a longer time & didn't want to be working on a movie so soon after rehabbing @ Betty Ford! If she wants to say she is the one who quit to help her recovery...then she should stay @ Betty Ford until Feb 25th...that would be a great step in right direction & show of good faith on LiLo's part !!!

1434 days ago

get real    

How can Mr Lohan Afford to rent a HOUSE close to Betty Ford Clinic? Where do these people get the Money? They dont work?

1434 days ago


dina has her own agenda & she's not genuinely worried about lindsay getting better. if she were she would play ball a lil bit & she wouldn't talk to the media the way she does.

1434 days ago


I gotta think that this is Dina's worst nightmare. She can no longer play both ends against the middle. This has got to be making her crazy.

1434 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

At least this idiot douche is trying. Dina is just a witch.

1434 days ago

jen newman    

grow up Dina? Do you have nby idea what your attitude is telling the Betty Ford Center about you???? This woman is soooo transparent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Newman

Nothing like making a movie about a heroin-used that stars your son?! Not a brain in her head.. The jig is up Dina abd everyone but you knows it.

Jen Newman

1434 days ago


Crazy loves company

1434 days ago

M Moccia    

You know the way that Ms. Lohan is giving her perspective, she is defining tht somebody other than herself is not doing their job. If Lidnsay wishes to open her own "Safe House" I suggest you ask yourself, Do you know your way around? To give that type of feedback to the highly trained professionals is insulting, unforgiving and most of all Derrogatory. The more and more you try to push the issue themore damaging you make your case. The ignorance is clearly understood and completely shows you are being biased to the courts.

1434 days ago


Huumm Mikey Boy still hangs out with his ex Kate the Cokehead, does this mean it will be Daddy, Kate and Lindsay? Wonder if they will all have a white Thanksgiving.

1434 days ago






1434 days ago


One day at a time L.L. It seems that her father knows he played a part in her "fall". It is probably as therapeutic for him as it is for her to "put it all out on the table" and confront with it...then move on from it.For those of you who have never been to a family meeting in a rehab facility believe me it is one of the MOST gut wrenching experiences in the world.I attended when my son was in rehab on 2 different occasions.The "truth" comes out and you learn about what really matters between people. For those of you who condemn Michael...don't do that.He is there for his daughter.Obviously Dina is not able to be available for L.L. yet.One thing rehab will teach L.L. and her dad is to nix the whole "shame & blame" game and how to communicate in a genuine manner.I am so happy for L.L. she seems to be getting well.Keep up the fight L.L. you are worth it!!!!!!!

1434 days ago


Dina doesn't want to be exposed as the child eating monster she is or to even begin to face herself and what she has done to her family. He's no prize but Dina takes the cake.

1434 days ago


What makes me laugh is all the people who have so much to say about her dad who is going out of his way and has been since the beginning, to reach out to Lindsay. I imagine if he was ignoring her and didn't want anything to do with her getting better....everyone would be calling him a dead-beat and an absent father....he can't win this one with the public....but thank goodness in the end it really doesn't matter what we all think. You all must see that it is her mother who is the toxic one here...partying right along side her...doing interviews that just simply embarrassed her and made her look like the fool by denying any and all of Lindsays problems. If anyone is trying to cash in on Lindsay for fame and fortune it's definitely her mother. I know the dad hasn't had a perfect past...but who of us thing that he has been consistent with is trying to help his daughter....right or wrong, his approach may have been....but it is paying off for him bet is when Lindsay gets better and clears her head, she will see the truth (the children always do) and her mother will be the one left out in the cold. I'm sure that we'll eventually hear that most of the resentment Lindsay has toward her father has been garbage her mother has brainwashed her with....just my opinion.

1434 days ago
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