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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving with Daddy

11/21/2010 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will not be allowed to leave the state of California during the Thanksgiving holiday -- so she'll be breaking bread with her father Michael on Turkey Day ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lohan was hoping to get permission from Betty Ford to head back to NY for the holiday, so she could be with her mother and the rest of the family. But we're told BF wasn't having it, so she'll be in sunny California next Thursday. 

We're told Lindsay will spend the day at a home where Michael is staying, close to Betty Ford.  Michael wants Dina and the kids to come out and spend the day ... but we're told Dina's not biting.

So Michael's Plan B is getting the whole clan together for XMAS.

That's the time for miracles, right?


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I am soooo happy for Lindsey and her dad, Hopefully her Mom will come around, and forgive.OMGoodness she is an unforgiving Person.

1430 days ago


Mike is a nut and an ex-felon,but he really does love Linds (as much as he's capable of loving). Linds will never admit her mother is just using her as a cash cow. Linds has screwed up her best years of her youth. She's so mired in the dysfunction, emotionally acting like a child instead of an emancipated women. TELL DINA YOU WILL NOT EVER DO ANY BUSINESS DEALS WITH HER AGAIN.

$$$ is your best friend, girl friend. Do not give Dina one dime ever again! Break your chains of dysfunctional entanglement! YOU CAN DO IT!

1430 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

T'day Dinner with Lindsay: "Pass me a line" ..."Oops!, I mine a LIME"

1430 days ago


Looks like Dina's bs is backfiring a bit now. The thing is everyone is so pissed off at the whole scene by now. Posters are now just infighting for the sake of fighting. Perez's sight has gotten so fake with the good job Lindsay bla bla. Please can there be a real celeb that causes controvercy in actually doing a movie or writing a song or even the Royal wedding. The time has come to just move on from this Lindsay thing. Whether she quit or was fired from a z list movie doesn't really matter as she doesn't do anything to quit or be fired from. She tricked an entire public in to thinking she's an addict, she's still wandering the town and it's proably not healthy for the public to be involved with all this sick babble anymore. Congrats to her Dad for breaking the spell of her mother but lets move on now. We have lives to work on. Time to focus on some other people now. More interesting people.

1429 days ago


Yeah Dina she be a cunning beotch for sure. I appears that she set Michael up to take her beating. A lot of mothers/ex wives do this.

1429 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

***** GOOD ***** Lindsay !!! :-)

*** VERY ***

*** VERY ***

*** GOOD! ***

-- STAY AWAY!! … from “THAT home” … in NY !!!

(Betty Ford seems to have caught “the drift” -- at least THEY are not in “DINiAl” …)

-- you must have many deep and fond memories of when that truly WAS your home …

-- and the holiday season seems to trigger those memories – deeply – for many of us …

(and how! -- commercial Christmas absolutely depends on triggering those memories for its success …)

… but I digress …

-- MANY of us have deep and fond memories of our early homes …

-- but – sadly -- for many those homes no longer exist …

-- people change, move, … other … you know …

-- the “home” you once knew is no longer there, Lindsay …

-- and the “home” that IS there – it’s NOT A SAFE PLACE for you, Lindsay …

-- one day – soon – even already – you will need to resolve those “other” memories of your “… home”

-- but it’s TOO DANGEROUS for you to be there now …

-- TOO MUCH -- *** MUCH TOO CLOSE *** to the source of your struggle and conflicts …

-- and you, Lindsay – progressing – but VERY FRAGILE just now !!!

-- beginning to TRULY break free from the chains of the past –

-- including some very “present” chains …

-- judge’s orders or not, Betty Ford’s decision appears to be VERY WISE …

-- and the alternative you now have …

-- just MAY turn out to be …

… MUCH CLOSER TO “HOME” – than you realize …

I do pray that is the case …

I pray that you have a TRULY BLESSED … TRULY THANKFUL Thanksgiving, Lindsay

As always,

In HIS love, Who Loves you MORE than anyone ever can … FOREVER!

Your Affectionate fan.

1429 days ago


too soon Lindsay.
Expect a relapse. Holidays are horrible for addicts and family dysfunctions.
"Nicole" will Lindsay be drug tested, or alcohol tested following this outting?
This is not good, but, it's your life kid,...?

1429 days ago


My suspicion is that Dina herself may be an addict - her siblings seem to have had considerable trouble with drugs and alcohol, she does seem so out of touch with reality so often (I thought that when catching parts of that awful Living Lohan "reality" show) and is way too skinny. Maybe Lindsay is the only one of the kids to have had the worst possible mix of the genes (addiction on both sides), or maybe she's served as a bad example to keep the others from trying such things. With addiction floating around your gene pool, you can avoid the problem by simply never starting to use the problem substances (including alcohol).

If Dina is an addict/alcoholic herself or even just uses to excess, this could explain a lot about her reluctance to get in too deep with Betty Ford's group sessions and even her odd misremembering of the times Lindsay has been in rehab. She did do a family week thing before, though, so maybe the family days aren't a threat to her, although the fear of running into Michael would be. These reconnections between Lindsay and her dad are probably very scary for Dina, since her prior approach to dealing with the conflicts represented by her ex has been to push him away entirely from herself and the kids. Understandable, but not ultimately effective. Hope Lindsay figures out a way to deal with it all.

1429 days ago

David Stern    

Thanksgiving is a good time to read blogs!

1429 days ago


No matter what her dad's faults are, he's been a better parent to Linds than her mother lately. He recognized she needed help and was willing to go to great lengths for his daughter, but mommy only thought of herself and continue to enable her and party and shop all the damn time.

Some say he's an a@#hole, I say good for Linds for giving him a chance and most of all giving herself the chance for a better, sober life.

1429 days ago


The only way Dina should consider going is with a new man in tow.
Just to be clear.

1428 days ago

Gary Gaddy    

Let's just hope Daddy doesn't make a casserole.

Candid yams contain truth serum

1427 days ago
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