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Mel Gibson to Appear in Court to Fight Oksana

11/21/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will be front and center in L.A. County Superior Court on Monday ... as his lawyers ask the judge to strip Oksana Grigorieva of custody and award it to him ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Mel is appearing because he wants the judge to see how serious he is about getting full custody, on grounds Oksana is hurting Lucia by going on what he considers a public smear campaign rooted in lies. We're told Mel's team believes Oksana's conduct -- especially in the face of Judge Scott Gordon warning her to stay silent -- smacks of instability.

As we reported, Mel also wants Judge Gordon to give Oksana supervised visitation only and no overnights with the baby ... at least for the time being.

Sources tell us ... Mel will ask the judge to make the order last for six months, after which the issues can be revisited.


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THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU MEL!!!

1440 days ago


it may be too aggressive of a move on Mel's part at this time, unless his lawyers have more to support this direction that we have not been made aware of.
the judge might also think it too aggressive and shut them down.

i would think he should take smaller steps toward his goal of obtaining full custody, but am not sure exactly what those steps might be.

then again i could be wrong ...

1440 days ago

little aussie reader    

off topic:

KB are you here? You watching X-Factor?

1440 days ago


Thank God someone is trying to do what's best for Lucia. Let's hope the Judge will award Mel child support from Oksana as well so her lazy ass has to finally go to work.

1440 days ago


@ stacY

Stacy, she did mention the gun before, except she had quite a few versions as to how it happened ... :)

God bless Mel if he has to deal with that poor excuse of a woman for the next 18 years !!

1440 days ago


Wondering, I'm thinking if the Judge won't shut her up with a gag order, maybe this will. But if she was scared of losing Lucia she wouldn't go on LK.

I just don't understand this idiot.

Its just BS. I could see interviews being done when its all overwith but I just shake my head at her stupidity.

1440 days ago


Thank God someone is trying to do what's best for Lucia. Let's hope the Judge will award Mel child support from Oksana as well so her lazy ass has to finally go to work.

Posted at 1:52 AM on Nov 21, 2010 by Bubba

Bubba... Before she is unleashed into sociate, I hope the court makes her get somekinda mental help. We got enough crazies howlin at the moon in California.

1440 days ago


i'm sure mel and his ability to hire the best caregivers will trump any mother like oinksana who just uses the poor kid as ammunition to scorn the father. her kids r her meal tickets. a means 2 an end. they r not the precious beings 2 her that they should b.

1440 days ago


M.G. will always treat his second daughter as a person
the female will always treat the child as if she were no more than a tool .... just the same as she treats all people, she can't help it, it's all she knows

1440 days ago


Go for it Mel! We are with you on monday, in our thoughts!

1440 days ago


I truly admire him for being a stand-up guy and fight a courageous fight - even though everybody knows the chances are not that high. The fact that he is willing to risk a lot for the best of his child, shows how deeply he loves and cares for his own daughter.

For her on the other hand, the child is really no difference than those tapes, it's just an insurance for her to get more money and enjoy a lift time of luxury and uselessness.

1440 days ago



Given Mel's history of alcoholic binges it would be him.

Posted at 1:08 AM on Nov 21, 2010 by antonio sabella

Can we deal with fact pertinent to the case.. Mel has been sober for a number of years now.. Even Oxy has stated that drink was not an issue.

Her erratic behaviour and disregard for anyone other than herself (not her children) is far more worrying when it comes to the welfare of lucia.

To the contrary Mel has a very good record with bringing up 7 other children and a long marital relationship (which while it may not have been perfect was not ever hinted even by gossip, at ever being abusive).

The more that comes out the more I believe that both Mel (and Tim) are victims of some pretty suspect activity and blackmail/extortion. Tims silence speaks more than anything he is in my mind desperate to not loose contact with his son and at the mercy of Oxys whims so must not displease her(forget all her spin he may not have sought to be a father but that does not mean he does not love his son many people get parenthood as an initial surprise). Remember Oxy made similar claims re Tim the difference is he let her get her way and did not challenge!!

What she never bargained for was Mel calling her bluff about letting her doctored evidence go public! Her venom at Mel not bending to her control is astounding. listen to what she says it all points to hints of wanting him back and being a power couple (IN HER DREAMS!!).

There is a saying "give a man enough rope and he will hang himself" I do wonder if that what the Judge is doing by lifting the gag order which was being ignored anyway. Oxy is doing a good job at destroying all her claims of credibility the more her and her lowers release and act. With every new release the more certain I and I think many are here that she is no victim in this saga.

1440 days ago

Scott Guiher    

First, Mel needs to go to jail for spousal abuse then go to anger management training.

1440 days ago


"Bubba... Before she is unleashed into sociate, I hope the court makes her get somekinda mental help. We got enough crazies howlin at the moon in California.

Posted at 1:59 AM on Nov 21, 2010 by Emm"

LOL Good point!

1440 days ago


might the judge hand down a temp ruling allowing mel to take custody of 75 percent, thus to give oksana an opportunity to pursue her singing career..(am fighting hard not to laugh till my eyes water)in order to become a more responsible and wage earning parent? hahahah

1440 days ago
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