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Oksana Takes The Law into Her Own Hands

11/25/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After going through half of the white pages in search of a lawyer, Oksana Grigorieva has decided to take up the study of law.


Oksana is plowing through a real page turner -- "California Practice Guide -- Family Law."

The collection is actually a gift we're told ... from lawyer #39 and still standing, Daniel Horowitz

And how's this for a strange connection.  One of the authors of the law books is Kenneth A. Black, one of the judges in Oksana's mediation with Mel Gibson.  Oksana has accused Black and everyone else involved in the mediation of strong-arming her into signing an agreement she never read or understood.

No word if they plan on turning the book into a movie, or if Mel Liam Neeson will star.


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Mr. Horowitz probably did so in order to "SPELL OUT" something in "BLACK AND WHITE" that "Ole Greedy" doesn't want to accept.

The two retired family court judges present during the child custody mediation process would have asked her if she "clearly understood" what was being discussed and whether or not she understood what she was signing. If she had any questions about the "legal ramifications" of the do***ents she was signing, it was up to her to say so. She didn't have to sign anything. It's much too late for her to "pretend", otherwise. WHO IS SHE TRYING TO FOOL??? This wasn't the first time she's been involved in child custody negotiations nor is she "YOUNG" or "INEXPERIENCED" about the ways of the world.

Her "GREED AND CALLOUS DISREGARD" for any rulings issued by the presiding judge in her child custody case has plainly demonstrated her "total lack" of personal "RESPONSIBILITY AND INTEGRITY". Furthermore, her injury claims stemming from an "alleged" altercation she had with Mel Gibson seem to be "somewhat bogus" and if it can be proven that they were "fraudulently" produced as part of an extortion attempt or vindictive public smear campaign, Ole Greedy just may be on her way to jail. Since she doesn't seem to be coming before the law with "CLEAN HANDS", what else could she possibly expect???

1365 days ago

Oh no!    

Oksana is a classic case of "Americanized" woman. These foreign girls hear stories of how you can marry some dude and then take half his money and he can't do anything about it. So they long to come to America, the land of lawyer opportunity. Back in the Ukraine where she came from, a guy would just smash her over the head with a vodka bottle if she acted up. Here in America, these money crazed skanks lawyer up and sue everyone they can get their labia wrapped around.

1365 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

That is one simple minded BITCH.

1365 days ago


puhleeease......the lawyers are saying "look oksana, the law is the law - don't believe us? here's the book"

1365 days ago


she dont care for her kid,shes so greedy, damn it lady be happy that your kid is set for life,if you want money go and get a job,live in a smaller and cheaper place,move to San Diego is nicer and cheaper than pre-owned certified car their good,dont try to chew more than you can bite.stupid idiot, you should've sucks his wee-wee and now you could have ask for anything in the hahahaha

1365 days ago



When she first started firing lawyers I predicted she'd end up representing herself.......looks like she's actually planning on it! What a MORON!!

1365 days ago


Oksana Should look into having her **** removed, therefore reducing her ****ieness. Complete joke.
Shes better off jumping off the TMZ building head first.

1365 days ago


Oksana Should look into having her **** removed, therefore reducing her ****ieness. Complete joke.
Shes better off jumping off the TMZ building head first.

1365 days ago


Oksana is plowing through a real page turner -- "California Practice Guide -- Family Law."

"I stood in front of him and told him to stop"
Is illegal detention, you should have given her the other book.

1365 days ago


A person who represents themselves has a fool for a client... or a money grubbing whore... she can choose. Dan must be sick of her too.

Posted at 1:15 AM on Nov 25, 2010 by Your Aunt Bea

why choose when you can have both. morning/evening all

1365 days ago


Good morning / afternoon / evening all good people !!! Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Since I am doing the happy dance because I do not have to cook today, I am in a great mood.

Every day Horowitz calls Mr. Harvey and gives updates regarding the latest theories so they run it past us and see what is going to fly.

Didn't Heather Mills end up representing herself?

Tee hee

1365 days ago


Hopefully she will decide to represent herself
that should be fun

1365 days ago


I personally think this is brilliant! She will undoubtedly do herself in! BUT, I am betting this is a way for her to get out of things. She will use this as a way of claiming to the judge that she is not being represented wisely and in her best interests. She will use this as she has everything else to get her way and it will work.

Sorry, but I do not see her getting in trouble any time in the future. I truly believe she will walk away from everything and get not only money but fame again, Lucia free and clear with Mel only getting supervised visitations and he will be charged. There is clearly evidence she tried to extort him, but it won't matter. The court system is not fair and will not care.

Oh well, good luck Mel.

1365 days ago


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Please guys do not forget that there are the best criminal Russian mafia "lowers" behind Chmoxana back. Mel's money was and is her and their's goal. I have no doubt she is instructed every single day what's her next step will be. This gypsy woman is from the dark side, she will be doing everything to extort as much money as possible. She is from the very criminal family-Chernukha.

1365 days ago

karen lee

Dr. Lillian Glass known as “The First Lady of Communication” is one of the world’s most well respected and foremost authorities in the field of Communication. As a reknown Body Language Expert, she demonstrates her skills in numerous fields from entertainment to law to politics. She combines her unique background to educate and inform the public in an entertaining and compelling manner. Dr. Glass is a sought after Media Personality and is often seen on televison,


".... From what we have seen thus far from Oksana via her verbal and non-verbal communication, we see that Mel’s assessment of her may be correct. She does appear to be user and a classic manipulator. She loved the limelight as you can see in the photo above, In fact, she may have loved Mel’s money even more and his connections even more than his money, which could propel her mediocre singing talents in my view.

She apparently knew exactly how to push his buttons with her low, emotionless, hypnotic monotones. It is easy to see how frustrated Mel became around her. When he was clearly upset and she calmly and unemotionally said he is mentally disturbed and needs help, it is easy to see why she brought out the worst in Mel.


When someone goes through a few attorneys it is understandable. One needs to find one to match one’s needs and personality.

You may even need different attorneys to do different things for you. But when attorney after attorney leave you because you are so difficult and won’t listen to them, then it is you who is Toxic.

When your attorney tells you not to sing on Oprah and you don’t listen there is something wrong. When your attorney says no more press and you don’t listen something is very wrong.

At one time Oksana had the best attorneys in Los Angeles try to help her; One by one they left her camp. They evidently saw right through her and her toxicity. She had Sorrell Trope- the most respected attorney in the city to help her. He was obviously so fed up with her that he quit.

She had the former felony prosecutor Robin Saks trying to help her. I know Robin very well as she is my partner in our new business venture “Courtroom Consultants” where we use our expertise to not only provide jury consulting but media consulting for high profile cases. If she washed her hands of Oksana along with countless other high profile attorneys, something is very wrong Oksana in my view.

Now Oksana is delegated to attorney Martin Garbus who appeared on Larry King with her as he tried to spin her BS.

He made Oksana look worse than she already looked. He was clearly spinning and spinning! There were so many signals of deception on his part in my view from his shoulder shrugs and his constantly looking down when he spoke. He did not appear likeable to me and that says a lot to a jury. And adding insult to injury in my opinion was his lack of on camera manners sucking a mint on TV during the interview. It appeared rude and obnoxious and highly unprofessional.

While it is bad enough to see a client chew gum or suck mints in and out of the courtroom, when a lawyer does it, the message it gives is disrespect.

Not only does her legal mouthpiece show disrespect, Oksana too, shows much disrespect by defying a judges orders. I know many judges and I can assure you that it is not a wise decision to defy their orders. The consequences are too great. But Oksana cannot help herself. She is willing to disrespect the court in order to feed her narcissistic need for publicity by appearing on Larry King Live.


There was no way in my view that Oksana was on the show to represent and promote the women’s abuse foundation. I know this because she spoke about them in the third person. She was detached; She did not speak like a spokesperson. Instead she spoke about herself and she clearly had her own agenda.

1365 days ago
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