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Oksana Takes The Law into Her Own Hands

11/25/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After going through half of the white pages in search of a lawyer, Oksana Grigorieva has decided to take up the study of law.


Oksana is plowing through a real page turner -- "California Practice Guide -- Family Law."

The collection is actually a gift we're told ... from lawyer #39 and still standing, Daniel Horowitz

And how's this for a strange connection.  One of the authors of the law books is Kenneth A. Black, one of the judges in Oksana's mediation with Mel Gibson.  Oksana has accused Black and everyone else involved in the mediation of strong-arming her into signing an agreement she never read or understood.

No word if they plan on turning the book into a movie, or if Mel Liam Neeson will star.


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Like Herzog was a fool about Oksana, I think Horowitz has fallen into the psychopath Oksana's trap....will we be hearing of another divorce or a death? Both Horoputz and Ox are crazy and greedy, a deadly combination. Herzog is foolish and stupid.

1392 days ago


Who would tend to Lucia while this "IDIOT SAVANT" would be studying?? or Is it one of those instant law degrees that you can buy online?? Ya know like instant oatmeal - put in a bowl - pour hot water on and let stand for awhile & then eat. As a member of the ABA she will set them on their heels as she astounds them with her wisdom - quoting the Constitution & etc!!!!

1392 days ago


If you've ever listened to Joy talk about her S/O on the view, you sorta have to have compassion for the guy. Joy has no clue how selfish she is. Joy, the divorced mother of a daughter...should had a son in the mix. Maybe she might have a clue, maybe not....Joy is a narcissist.

1392 days ago


I do feel kind of sorry for Herzog -- living on the underside, etc. and probably the first time a female paid attention to him. Isn't it amazing how the adjective 'beautiful' is not used in the newer articles about the piano player? Not so many soft-focus old pictures of her showing up?

Tee hee

1392 days ago


karen lee

I normally don't watch her now because of how she is speaking about Mel...I happened to have fallen asleep and woke up to that interview....So did you see Glass on that one? I had respect for Glass for other reasons , she has a book about adultery out that I found very helpful, so I was taken aback y her agreeing with JB and I really am offended by how they all joke about it...Glass seemed to talk out of both sides and I find that horrible now that I read what you posted. She needs to pick aside them and not let JB walk all over it is she really feels this way about OX....

1392 days ago


One of my sons had a girlfriend at one time who was so unattractive I inadvertently would find myself staring at her in total bemusement. At least I knew better than to say anything to my kid about the poor girl and they eventually broke up (it sure took a long time), but I find myself with that same fascination with the piano player.

She is sooooo ugly -- fill in your own. But that same inadvertent 'what is Heaven's name is that person?' and staring in total disbelief seems to be going on here.

Tee hee

1392 days ago


Lillian Glass gets paid for her views, don't be surprised if she is not hired for Ox's side profiling jury members.
Let me tell you, a person like an expert themselves at reading body language. They don't know how to act themselves, so they watch the other person very closely how to respond...never being themselves, you start realizing they mimic others (and you) a lot and "steal" stories (Ludmilla) like they were there (even though you know they were not), you can see certain behaviors jump off them like fleas from a dog at times--especially to their children, because don't children mimic their parents? God help Alexander and Lucia AND Mel Gibson.

1392 days ago


I'm laughing out loud!

1392 days ago


Whatever, Barbara...laughing out aloud prolongs your life.

1392 days ago

karen lee

Dr. Lillian Glass known as “The First Lady of Communication” is one of the world’s most well respected and foremost authorities in the field of Communication. As a reknown Body Language Expert, she demonstrates her skills in numerous fields from entertainment to law


There was no way in my view that Oksana was on the show to represent and promote the women’s abuse foundation. I know this because she spoke about them in the third person.

She was detached. She did not speak like a spokesperson. Instead she spoke about herself and she clearly had her own agenda.


I have no doubt that Mel slapped her. After all, he admitted it. But did he slap her with the baby in her arms?   I wonder ...

What makes me wonder is Mel’s response on the audiotape when she accuses him of doing so? He just mocks her and says boohoo hoo. I wonder of she spliced that together. While Mel hates Oksana he clearly does not hate the baby and would not hit the baby in my view.

He would have answered differently like Are you crazy or how dare you say I hit the baby! Instead, there is no response just a mocking of Oksana. Did she splice the tape up to suit her needs?

(THIS IS THE MANUFACTURED PHOTO of Lucia's SUPPOSED INJURY from Mel's alleged blow) ...

Now we see that the baby’s injuries may have allegedly been doctored as TMZ showed these two photos of Baby Lucia.

The photo below shows a pimple like mark on Lucia’s chin. If Mel’s slap continued on and hit Lucia one would not see a localized pimple like spot. Instead, one would see a swelling and bruising.


(The ugly photo shows (allegedly) of her BROKEN or ****TERED VENEERS)

In addition, we see Oksana smiling as Mel allegedly knocked off her veneers. You see a genuine smile in the photo as her eyes as well, as her lips show that she is happy.

Is she happy and smiling because she thinks that this is the money shot which will do Mel in and allow her to collect big bucks? Was Mel wearing a ring when he allegedly slapped her in the mouth? Is that what broke her tooth or did she bite on something hard in a deliberate attempt to crack and chip the veneer?

Did she already have a loose veneer that had nothing to do with Mel’s slap and and then proceed to peel it off by herself? Anything is possible!

The dentist appears to be a reluctant witness and even said he DIDN’T see signs of abuse. He backtracked initially. If someone hit you hard enough to cause your veneer to pop off wouldn’t it seem logical that you would also see some soft tissue damage around the lips?

The fact that she is smiling is disturbing. Even if the dentist said to smile for the camera to show the alleged damage, her eyes would not be crinkling with a smile unless she was happy.

Who would be happy if someone knocked off their veneers unless they knew there was some big financial compensation coming up?


THIS *ROL photo shows Oks c/u her left eye – clearly made-up to look bruises using purple, yellow and brown eye shadows

When I saw the small bruise on the side of Oksana’s eye to me it looked like a small bruise one would get after having a Restylyne filler or Botox shot in the area. There are also clusters of little brown spots located underneath the eye, which also look like they may be filler shots.

They do not look like an injury from a battery to me. They would be a lot more severe and not at localized?

There would also be alot more swelling and distortion. The fact that the burse was still black and blue and purple indicates that it is fresh. So with a fresh bruise you would see more swelling and distortion in my view.

1392 days ago


The thing is with body language and all, the piano player is so self-absorbed she really can't manage to create her image successfully. So even when she is adopting behaviors and words from others, she can't get beyond herself to use that skill with any degree of verisimilitude. Then we see the out-of-synch clothes, voice, attitudes.

Well, that sounded a little odd -- verisimilitude? What am I doing?

Tee hee

1392 days ago


(W)Horwitiz gave her the book because he's sick of answering the same questions over and over.

1392 days ago


Sorry, I seen Glass on Behar's show. I didn't know she gave a view on Oksana. I was sorta shocked at Glass's appearance on Behar's show compared to her blog photo (along with others that use younger, fresher photos for their work). If you are in the business about honesty, truth, body language and who is least, show who you are at the moment, not 10-20 years ago. Everyone ages, gains a few pounds but wear it proudly if you are going to sit and get paid for your opinion about someone's appearance, mannerisms and body language.
Every woman goes through menopause, no one escapes although all of us wished we could have...except for one thing.

1392 days ago


Lillian Glass also thinks that Octomom is credible. She shows an amazing lack of perception for someone who touts themselves as a body language expert.

1392 days ago


God help Alexander and Lucia AND Mel Gibson.

Posted at 7:03 AM on Nov 25, 2010 by kickaboo

Make no mistake Alexander would do anything to keep his mother out of jail. He is an accessories to her crime, he is nearing manhood and fully understands the crime she has committed. If for a moment you are sympathetic toward him because you want to believe in the innocence of a child you are sorely misinformed. Take the time to research crimes committed in front of children and understand how the child becomes an accessory to the crime once the parent exposes them to it. She knew to do everything in front of Alexander because she probably spoke with him beforehand.

Oksana supporters will rip me a new one as I bring light to this sensitive subject. Familiarize yourself with the idea that families commit crimes as a unit, and are often investigated. Any person with first-hand knowledge of her crime could be convicted of the same crime. There is no free pass.

1392 days ago
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