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'Bad Girls' Chick -- Equipped with Tracking Device

11/24/2010 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Bad Girls Club" star Catya Washington has been released from jail after a massive drug bust earlier this month -- and she got a cool parting gift on her way out ... a brand new ankle bracelet to track her every move.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the reality star was released last night and placed on house arrest -- but before she left police custody, Catya was equipped with an ankle monitor.

As we previously reported, Catya was arrested earlier this month after cops say the reality star was in possession of a bunch of drugs ... and a gun.

Catya -- and her new piece of jewelry -- are due back in court December 13.


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why don't racist just say they are racist and have no respect for another race or culture and just move on with it? And I love how they get defensive about being called a racist. If another race called a white person white trash or a cracker or anything else specific to that race, they would be all over it, probably get the Klan involved. Oh yeah, they will yell the new term, "REVERSE RACISM!!! YOUR A REVERSE RACIST!!" Ha ha, I love it.

1394 days ago


Catya is a weak ass bitch

1393 days ago

krystal Watkins    

I LOVE how the people that are pissed off about the "black comments" are so ignorant throwing the word racist around....but then afterwards you throw your two cents in about poor white is the difference? Racism is the very first thing black people want to try to call out.... lose the chip of your shoulder already about the whole slavery thing....would you really rather still be living in that **** hole Africa?!?!?!??! Besides Slavery wasnt anything new the rich africans had slaves too.....

1393 days ago


These comments are a mess. Catya is a criminal because she has poor morals and makes bad decisions. She got involved in some stupidity and she's suffering the repercussions. Simple as that. i initially clicked on this story to read people's reactions to her illegal activities, but I was shocked to see what people were actually commenting on: her race. I don't think that expressing distaste for racially insensitive comments means that someone has a chip on their shoulder. And this post most certainly doesn't have anything to do with slavery, or Africa. It's just kinda disheartening to read comments that display such hatred for black people. That's all.

1393 days ago


If anyone watched the show, this bitch is eating her words. She bragged about how she has always gotten what she wanted. She acted like she was so high class and better than everyone. At the reunion she made a comment about her $1,000 dress.
And she cant post 5 G's bail.
wa wa waaaaa. KARMA AT ITS FINEST.
Bad Girls!

1392 days ago


Just as I can consider Cat a true Bad Girl (like Erica with her 2 sex tapes!!) LOL it was funny that the nite of her reunion show we got to see her again, she was thrown in jail, trying to come off as a classy bitch you ain't nothing but a scandalous broke hoe, and couldn't even make bail forever and damn now they tracking rotf that's some stupid **** I wonder if Morgan and Kristen even talk to her anymore lol she sho has a bangin body tho!!

1392 days ago


As much as I consider Cat a true Bad Girl ( like Erica with her 2 sex tapes!!) LOL it sure was funny to see her again trying to act like a classy bitch thrown in jail the nite of her reunin scouldn't make bail yet and damn now they tracking rotf she sho has a bangin body tho sho sum of that yo!

1392 days ago


GPS Tracking System technology is also used by parents to track teen drivers and potentially cheating lovers. However, a woman this hungry for attention with mental problems should probably be under the observation of law enforcement

1356 days ago

The Atlanta Sex Maniac    

Why all the racism? Can't we all just get along??? :-)

1353 days ago


she left the bad girls club being stupid cocaine,mushroom,and a gun i mean i would hve one for protection but just to have it nope not me

1104 days ago
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