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Charlie Sheen's 'Date' Returns from NYPD

11/22/2010 7:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson was mum as she returned to her NYC hotel after filing a criminal complaint against Charlie Sheen Monday afternoon.

As TMZ first reported, Capri met with the NYPD today and claimed Charlie choked her at The Plaza Hotel during their crazy night.

We're told Capri met for several hours with detectives and most of the interview centered on the events in the hotel room.

We're told cops did not ask Capri about the missing watch.  Charlie continues to believe she stole it from him.


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Doesn't matter what she does, SHE'S STILL A WHORE AND STOLE HIS WATCH!!!

1369 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

so in digits, how many blow jobs did the attorney charge her to represent her? just wondering, cuz he really looks like an honest enough one to disclose this vital information...

1369 days ago


saw the tramp on Goodmorning America, really that is the news they bring us. At what point does a tramp like this think HMMMMM if i go back to his room intoxicated and with his reputation could things go wrong? when will trash like this ever take responsabilty for being a whore?

1369 days ago



1369 days ago


I hope these whores don't mind being outed in the press because Charlie Sheen is not embarrassed that he pays for sex.

1369 days ago


did anyone notice that he did not have the watch when he left the restaurant. could have been picked up by someone who entered the bathroom after mr. sheen left the "scene."

1369 days ago


I wish people would back off of men choosing to use the 'escort service'. Unless you're a male celebrity, you wouldn't understand the reasons why. Privacy for one thing (think Rob Lowe). Sure Charlie made a bad choice with this one (although I doubt HE chose HER), but if you think about it - without your morals, your religion or the law interfering with your decision - most men just wants sex. Period. Without the hassle of taking a woman out to dinner, buying her rings, etc. And MOST of the 'escorts' keeps their mouths shut (verbal-wise) so that the men will come back again.

As for those of you who believe prostitution is wrong.. What about the disabled men? Or the obese men? Or the unattractive men who are unable to get dates - let alone sex? Don't they have the right to enjoy sex like the rest of us? Trust me, if prostitution was legal, I'm sure they would be the first in line.

1369 days ago


Even though Charlie Sheen has a reported history of this "choking"....what if this was a attempt at "erotic asphyxiation - gone bad? Not excusing....just throwing it out there.

1369 days ago

Moe Green    

Her lawyer must be a real idiot. She obviously committed crimes and then she goes to the police about it based on her lawyer's advice?

1369 days ago


she gets paid to be choked on camera, but in real life where no money is involved, she files a complaint...hmmmm...wonder how much she wants

1369 days ago


people on this post who suggest that capri is the problem should get an education. yes she is an escort (whatever), charlie sheen is a screwed up idiot who needs help. He has been abusing women all his life and has a substance abuse problem, he thinks he's ammune to societal consequences. I hope he gets what's coming to him. How dare he act so flippantly about abusing his ex wives and hired "help" he is a loser. When are americans going to wake up and realize people like this shouldn't be making millions of dollars a year, they do nothing for the betterment of society. He is s*** and I hope he is does something (which I'm sure he will soon) that he can't blame on someone else like his death from alcohol and drugs. idiot and idiots. come on.

1369 days ago


So is she going to be arrested for Prostitution or is that no longer a crime? Unbelievable! Like saying I was out selling crack and got robbed by Charlie Sheen.

1369 days ago


Why, why, why are you giving any press to this freakin hooker!!!Quit writing about losers like this! Quit acknowledging her bad behavior, its obvious she's out for the money. Quit posting pictures of her.

1369 days ago


"the Rock" YES !!!!!!!! Can not stand women like this, out for the $$$$$$$$$ come on, $12,00. for a date duhhhhhhh Everyone knows what the money was for. Go Charlie nail this so called "women" guess your fols are sooooooooo proud of you!!!!!

1369 days ago


YES "the Rock" she knew!!!! I'm a 50 yr old lady with kids her proud her mama & papa must be!!!!! You go Charlie, expose this piece of trash (of course you're not an angel either lol)!!!!!!!!!!

1369 days ago
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