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Charlie Sheen -- The $20,000 Flirty Text Messages

11/23/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, sent just hours after The Plaza Hotel incident -- in which Charlie is still flirting with her in a big way as he offers her $20,000.

Charlie Sheen Text Messages

In one text, Charlie says, "All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything ... I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!"

Just before sending that text, Capri fired off her own, saying "u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool - how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me."

After offering the $20,000, Charlie says, "Don't worry about our mutual friends, deal with me directly and I promise u kind lady, all will be restored and set straight."

The night after the incident, at 6:28 PM, Charlie is still trying to connect, texting, "Just landed, perhaps we can speak tonite....?"

Capri replies, "Yes u can call me.  I don't have a bank account believe it or not."

Charlie responds, "Oh, well in that case, lemme put together a plan to get u square and flush.  Can u tok (sic) for a sec now sweetie?"

Then Charlie texts, "Good news!  My asst Rick is good friends with a cat named Mark (last name redacted) in NY, he will get the wire, cash that bitch, and deliver it to u where ever it's convenient ... I'll get the ball Rollin in am, and have data for u asap after that...☺"

Capri writes, "Can he leave it somewhere secure for me to pick up?  Like with a bank rep ... I'm rlly nervous about all this."

Charlie responds, "Of course, whatever makes u feel better..."

Charlie ends by saying, "Lemme start that ball Rollin and I'll get back to u with the details..."

The transaction never took place.



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you know it    

up sh*t creek.

1393 days ago


Wow. Talk about a smoking gun! He's soooooooooo guilty. He needs to stop drinking. If you can't control yourself and are a danger to others when you drink, you need to abstain. You want to wreck yourself, that's one thing, but no one has the right to harm others.

1393 days ago


He called her a thief. The people heard him screaming next door in the hotel and the police were called. When they arrived he told the police she stole his watch. He lied. He is using her to distract from the fact that he uses prostitutes on a daily basis because woman don't want anything to do with him. he is addicted to internet porn and has to buy affection from escorts.

He introduces the escorts to his children. He then discredits the escorts in the media when they ask for payment of their services. Has has not paid her for her service of having dinner with his ex-wife and his children. He has not paid her for her service. She is well within her rights to sue him.

He's still lying.

Posted at 9:18 AM on Nov 23, 2010 by Mike

His children were NOT at dinner.

I believe she did steal his watch. In the picture at the restaurant that TMZ put up, Charlie had on his watch. Then, it goes missing in the hotel room where Capri is the only other person.

She allegedly contracted her entertainment time for $3500 and he offered her $20K to keep the matter private. I am sure Charlie is still willing to pay her $20K, but she wants more, as cited in the lawsuit Charlie filed against her yesterday.

As for prostitution, I believe it should be legal.

1393 days ago


Why would any studio insure this jerkoff? Up yours Charlie - you are an alcoholic, drug addicted, spoiled woman batterer. I can't imagine why ANY woman would want to be with you, yuck, or even be in your company.
What goes around comes around - I'd like to see your stupid ass kicked off TV.
Save everybody the aggrevation and just give yourself a kook shot.

1393 days ago


Charlie probably sent these texts out of mortification at being in the tabloid news again. His assistant Rick may have told him he had his things, and assumed that included the watch. "CA" did not mention anything about being choked, terrified, etc.

And Darryll, it seems like you "know" a lot about Charlie's so-called "inability . . ." Did Charlie fail to get hard for you as you clumsily attempted to provide him with a BJ against his will? Or is it just that you know Charlie would never be interested in your services?

1393 days ago

Rolex sucks    


Don't worry about Capri i'm sure her lawyers will land her a nice juicy six figure lawsuit. What you should worry about is the meds you keep skipping. I agree with Trish you're certifiable and hopefully the kids you supposedly have received the mental genes from your wife! Although, after reading some of the psycho-babble you typed i'm afraid she's probably crazy as well.

1393 days ago


I love that on a TV interview Capri kept whining, "He kept calling me a Whore, a whore a whore,(sniffle, sniffle) Yelling at me, "Whore, Whore, Whore!" Sniffle, tear...Well Darlin"
What are you? They are both sleaze.

1393 days ago

Booger McGee    

So this is how the offer half lives...

1393 days ago


Charlie Sheehan talks like a freakin pimp in a 70's disco club.

1393 days ago


She doesn't have a bank account? If it walks like a whore and quacks like a whore, it's probably a whore.

1393 days ago


Of course if you are a prostitute you don't have a bank account! Duh Charlie. Now she will be in big trouble with the IRS. Count on an audit coming. They don't bother you IF you report your income. Legit people have bank accounts. But those living in an illegal cash economy do not. If you work for a legit adult film company they have your SSN and pay you reportable, taxable income in the form of direct deposit. Obviously she was working as a complete free agent in the film industry and the escort business.

1393 days ago


Good call, Maggie. I just started having the same thoughts about the IRS taking an interest in "CA" and raking her over the coals. Charlie, let the IRS crush her for you! :)

Mike, most men don't get so worked up about the concerns of a male celebrity. There has to be a reasonable explanation for all your hatred of Charlie Sheen. I'll bet you buy into all the BS about 9/11 being a terrorist plot, instead of the inside job of corrupt corporate government.

You are entitled to your opinion, and I, Charlie, and like-minded others are entitled to ours. This is the true source of your vitriol. Either that, or you are a former high school classmate jealous of all the $$$ and freedom that Charlie enjoys. Or, like Darryll (if you're not actually the same person), Charlie was not interested in your advances AT. ALL.

1393 days ago


Sheen is an abuser. He get away with abusing women because he is white and allowed to hurt women. I can't wait until Charlie start killing these women that waste their time on him. Funny how the law think it's OK for him to abuse white women.

1393 days ago


Jill Spaniards are not white....

1393 days ago


1) a gift of $20K has to be reported to the IRS
2) She sucked a lot of Dee to get that Prada
3) Sheen wipes his Ace with Prada purses
4) $20K is like $10 to us normal folk
5) She is a whore

1393 days ago
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