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Death Threats Targeting Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas

11/22/2010 5:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas have received death threats and "Dancing with the Stars" has measurably heightened security ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

Bristol Palin Death Threats
We're told the threats began to come in last week, after Bristol and Mark made the finals.  Execs on the show told Mark to stop tweeting because it was inciting people.  Mark complied.

Sources connected with the show tell us extra security will be on hand tonight for the show.  And, if Bristol and Mark head to New York, execs are talking about breaking format and not doing their interview outside in Times Square -- but rather in the studio, where it's more secure.

TMZ broke the story ... a staffer on the show opened a "fan letter" to Bristol on Friday and white powder fell out.  Turns out it was talcum powder, but the FBI is investigating nonetheless.

As one source said, "Everyone is genuinely worried.  This is a dance competition, and it's just gotten crazy."


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#13, You're right, Liberals don't make ridiculous death threats! Right-winged religous freaks do. this is all OBVIOUSLY for publicity. Wake up and stop watching this ****ty crap on TV!

1430 days ago


318 I never said you did I was showing how the liberal are only accepting of other liberals. I didn't fall for anything how about the dems crying racism when they don't get what they want isn't that whining but I guess it's ok then. that was my point and still is. And didn't Obama encourage racism when he said republicans would have to sit in the back of the bus or how about violence when the black panthers in military gear were at the voting booths will billy clubs?

1430 days ago


I thought this show was about the progress of a non-dancer dancing with stars.....silly me...I guess it IS just a popularity contest.

Brandy has had dance lessons, Jennifer is the daughter of a dancer and has movie credits, which means Bristol (and Kyle)are the only 2 true contestants in the finals that have met the standards.

Oh, and Bearcat...her pea brained ideas were recognized by the American Oxford Dictionary.

Palin haters are such losers.

1430 days ago

Shannon Reilly    

I am a liberal, and here are my thoughts:
Brisol Palin is just a young girl. She shouldn't be held accountable for her mother's ignorance. But she is not a dancer, and she shouldn't be in the finals. This would be the same for any other competition wherein only the best of the best should make it to the end. Bless her heart for trying. People shouldn't make death threats against anyone, and it's not nice to say mean things about people. It's simply not funny. And all of you who just assume it's liberals doing it, well you are no different from the mind of a racist.
Jennifer Gray can dance. She is extremely talented and should win. Brandy should be in the final 3. Remember: It's best person for the job and nothing more than that.

1430 days ago

Shannon Reilly    

@321: Progress is also about not name calling. You are a clear example of hypocrisy. I hope that you are not an adult and raising children.

1430 days ago


not only can she not dance, but she doesn't seem to be very smart. and i have noticed that each paragraph contains at least one comment about all the "haters" who want her to fail. she sounds a lot like her mother. i wonder if she got all her F words this week on facebook from her mother too. hmmm, me thinks the apple falls close to the grizzly.

1430 days ago


Oh, please. Her MOTHER is the one who should be getting the death threats.

1430 days ago


I'm neither a "flaming liberal" nor a "right winger." I think DWTS caused all this craziness about Bristol by having Sarah Palin on the show as a guest. I didn't like it. My husband and I have never missed the show but it was so dissapointing to see a show so many people love getting into politics. No other contestant's family member (mother, etc.") has ever been interviewed on the show as a guest. There's obviously some political influence going on somewhere.

1430 days ago


All you liberals are pieces of ****. How ironic is it that 20% of the population had a mental illness last year and also that 20% of the population admit to being liberal. LOL. Clearly that shows all you sad liberals have mental problems. It's ok though, we already knew that. The fact that liberals are so upset about Bristol on DWTS is ****ing hilarious to me. The more upset you all get, the more it makes us conservatives laugh. So keep bitching and complaining because it only makes you look like a sad piece of **** all the while we sit back and laugh at your stupid ass.

1430 days ago


Bristol P. thinks she's hot when she's not. (Unless your a "chubby chaser".)
I am sick and tired of this dysfunctional, illiterate, inbred family. We the people are at fault for making them a big deal. I can't figure out which is worse; us keeping them in the public eye, or them pushing them selves out there.
They are just a bunch of money hungry, dumb, hicks.
Nothing surprises me any more. Fixing a T.V. show is as easy as losing money on internet poker.
Read the true book, "Three Felonies a Day". This will explain alot.
Except the for the low intellect of this boring family.
A U.S. citizen

1430 days ago


i think the reason people are angry,including me,is not because she has risen to this level on her own merit,it is because of unfairness and the controvery that the palin camp started to promot her and her moms book,just to make money on lies.that is very sad day for us in this great nation.when will these people wake up.

1430 days ago


Dancing with the Stars is a reality TV show-based upon viewers votes. Bristol deserves to be in the finals and whatever fruit loops are so angry really need to look in the mirror and wonder about themselves. ABC is thrilled for the ratings bonanza. This has nothing to do with Sarah Palin, Bristol is her own person. Not only has she improved she has survived death threats while doing so. Who cares who wins. I honestly think some people would physically hurt themselves if Bristol wins. Laughable.

1430 days ago


I don't watch the show but to make threats against this girl is ridiculous, dangerous and must stop. What has she done to deserve this? If people have a problem with her mother they should resort to ballots not bullets. On the other hand, this might end up being a publicity stunt engineered by the network to garner new viewers and/or to garner voters for the couple.

1430 days ago



1430 days ago


Why are all the left wing nut jobs isisting this MUST be a conspiracy? Okay, people ceat when they vote, are you saying this is the first year it's happened? If you want to bitch about cheating, hen own up to the fact that it's been going on every season and recount every single win! People like to see the under dog do well! THAT IS WHAT THE SHOW IS ABOUT! Who wants to see a professional dancer go on a show and compete against non professionals and win?????? it's not fair! Get over it, a Palin is doing well and you are freaking out! I'm so sick of it!!!!!!!!!!

1430 days ago
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