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Lindsay Lohan -- On the Road Again

11/22/2010 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan is officially a California driver again, because her privilege to get behind the wheel has just been restored.

The L.A. County Probation Department and officials at the Betty Ford clinic signed off this morning, so Lindsay can drive just like us.

And speaking of just like us ... we're told Lindsay is not getting special treatment. The folks at Betty Ford routinely allow people "at Lindsay's care and treatment level" the right to hit the road.

It's interesting ... because all of Lindsay's legal troubles emanate from driving.


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Please explain to Lindsay that red means 'Stop' not 'Roll'

1429 days ago


Lindsay wanted everyone to know that the mystery white powder substance that was found at the Dancing With the Stars studio was not hers. She tweeted:

A "powder substance" was found at DWTS.I only left rehab for an hour friday to get my lips plumped and to buy a forever 21 tube top HONEST!

9:28 PM Nov 19th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

1429 days ago


Champagne glasses are clinking in Bentley and Lamborghini dealerships across greater Los Angeles.

Additionally, she's now free to test drive the new yet-to-be-released supercar, the 2011 "Lindsay Lohan Turbo Exclusive". It's much too elite to run on mere gasoline like other exotics, but some undisclosed alternative fuel (fuel is efficiently ignited by an onboard propane torch).

Stand aside, mortals...

1429 days ago


why is this interesting? can't the girl get her license back without a fuss? Shut up TMZ and the other moronic haters, you're lives be as dull as fcuk if you are hating on a 24 year old girl getting her license returned.

1429 days ago


Looks like Dina is here again trying to market Lindsay on the publice

95% of the U.S. is sick to death of this woman,and have no respect for her.

Learn to live with it you Lohan Losers.

1429 days ago

Anita Brikman of WUSA9 News    

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1429 days ago


Does Lindsay have a safety device for those of us who are on the road with her, &/or nearby pedestrians?
I'd like to be prepared before January 3rd

1429 days ago


@ Holly

Yes indeed - and it's really quite inventive as well as effective. Also marketed separately, the Lindsay Lohan Turbo Exclusive has been fitted with a pair of 105db Lindsay Lohan-brand digital duck calls. They sound every 1/4-second and the intensity increases proportionate to the road speed. Even the stone deaf will be painfully aware of any impending terror. Standard too, will be dual vanity mirrors which, for some reason, can be tilted horizontally.

Another spectacular feature to be noted: the paint finish holographically changes to match the driver's hair colour. Brilliant, don't you think? At only one million dollars, this car is just what North America has been waiting for.

1429 days ago


Hopefully the police won't let her slide this time when she blows through stop signs or when she runs in to baby carriages.

I'm going to guess that she'll be in two fender benders and one major accident prior to December 31st of this year.

1429 days ago


I'd rather have a TSA pat-down than encounter Lindsay on the road.

1429 days ago

nee nee    

justin beiber :entertainer of the year- M.J. and Elvis spinning in their graves

1429 days ago


All her legal problems emanate from driving? Here all this time I thought it was her drug and alcohol addiction.

1429 days ago


Once Lindsay was placed orginally on probation, she had her license suspended pending completion of an 18-month alcohol education program. She actually did complete that program, even though it didn't prevent her from going to jail. It took her three years to finish the program though. So, in the end, her license was suspended for three years and she did not get it back until after she got out of UCLA Medical Center.

It's a pretty steep penalty to have your license suspended for 3 years. I think by now she deserves another chance. I mean, it's been a long time. Jeez.

1429 days ago


Interestingly enough, I'm almost certain Nicole Richie has Still yet to complete this very same program. It has taken Nicole Richie longer to complete the Alcohol Education Program then it took Lindsay. All of Lindsay's problems stem from being a drug addict. Nothing that has happened to her in the last year has anything to do directly with driving.

Granted, she isn't even a very driver when she is sober, to be honest. Then again, there are a lot of people driving around out there who aren't very good at it. She has the right like everyone else to be a sucky driver, so long as she loosely obeys the traffic laws. It just means her insurance will be through the roof, like with all sucky drivers.

1429 days ago


Finally a rational person in regards to Lindsay's probation.

The ONLY reason Lindsay's 3 year probation was extended was to complete the program and the Judge said once she completed it her probation could be terminated.

On July 6th Lindsay was set to complete probation that week all the Judge had to do was give her up to 180 days on count 2 which is why the probation was extended and terminate her probation. Even the D.A knew this and just wanted the jail time because Lindsay had done everything she just ****ed up by doing illegal drugs during the outpatient rehab probation period.

Nicole Richie has until March to complete the program and she was sentenced for her DUI before Lindsay as she served her 82 minutes in jail when Blair Berk was cutting Lindsay's plea deal.

1429 days ago
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