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Mel Gibson Arrives at Court In Custody War

11/22/2010 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just arrived at the L.A. County Courthouse in downtown L.A., ready to do battle with Oksana Grigorieva over the custody of Lucia.

As TMZ first reported, Mel's lawyers will argue Oksana should be stripped of custody and denied overnight visits.  Mel wants the judge to give Oksana visitation, but only if it's supervised.

UPDATE 9:15 AM PT -- Once inside the court, we're told the atmosphere was extremely tense and that Mel and Oksana have not interacted.


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if he goes pro oinksy there can be an investigation opened by the judicial review board in most states to prove the judge ISNT biased for woman.

1431 days ago


Good luck Mel!

1431 days ago


Go Mel! Get custody away from that psycho Ox!

1431 days ago


Once again, look at all these Mel I love you posts?

This thread will end up being 900 plus.

Where are they all coming from? Let me guess. Mel's PR!

If not, any sicko, after hearing those tapes and knowing his biggoted drunk diatribes would know, what a loser this guy is and how he beats women.

So let's bottom line this....Mel is a biggot, he bashes all races, he drives drunk, his recorded tapes are beyond horrible, he hits women, probably hit his own little infant daughter and yet you have YAHOOS on here telling Mel they LOVE HIM!

See, right there, that's what is wrong with our country. Too many idiots! I say we find these posters, place them in homes with drunks, who beat their wives, scream bigoted statements, and then see how much they love Mel then. Talk about complete disconnect to reality! HELLO!!!!!!

1431 days ago


All prayers are with You and baby Lucia...


1431 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I still think BOTH of them should have joint SUPERVISED custody for now... but i was disturbed by Ox not handing over the baby at a certain time out of spite?!?!?

what a pyscho! at least have the decency to say "look, he was late handing her over, so i'm taking an extra 2 hours". What a total bitch

1431 days ago


Good luck Mel!! You and Lucia are in my thoughts and prayers!

1431 days ago


GO MEL!!!! I'm praying for you to get Lucia away from ox!!!!!

1431 days ago


Go get it done man and go for counseling and help. That little baby needs at least one true, good parent so step it up. A woman who is protecting her child doesn't hold the baby in her arms in a fight, you place the baby out of the danger zone... not use it as a shield! She is just as guilty... IMHO she knew what she was getting into and that she could use Mel's problems to her $$advantage$$... Mel needs to re-evaluate himself and change the things in him that attracted such a vulcher. He really should rehabilitate himself and get rid of the hate and anger.

1431 days ago


Good Luck Mel! Praying for you and Lucia!!!

1431 days ago


Kolodny looks ready.

1431 days ago


Yes, hide your face in shame, Mel.
You're an abusive, anti-semitic, racist, misogynist alcoholic with anger isues. That's enough to be ashamed about.

1431 days ago


Good luck Mel, praying for you and Lucia.

1431 days ago


GOOD LUCK, MEL! We are with you in our thoughts!

1431 days ago


"So he admits hitting her"...slapping her to bring her out of hysterial while holding his child and flinging her around. That is reasonable force in a court.

"you can hear that he is unbalanced on tapes"...and yet we never hear what she says, what she she pushed his buttons. Fishy that all you hear is him going off...there is still speculation that the tapes were edited. Interesting that she had an affair with the "body guard"...gee wonder why Mel would be pissed.

"He has admitted to being an alcoholic" Yes, he has...and SHE has said that HE NEVER DRANK AROUND HER.
"been busted for that in a town where celebs are never busted unless they are waaay out of control"...has nothing to do with this case since SHE HAS STATED HE NEVER DRANK AROUND HER AND LUCIA.

"and is obviously a bigot who has issues with women" Really??? His wife Robyn disagrees with that and she was married to him for YEARS. Being a bigot, while distasteful is not illegal and has nothing to do with a custody case...merely your opinion of him.

HE has done nothing illegal in this situation. SHE HAS. HE has kept his mouth shut while she flaps her gums to anyone who will listen and her story continually changes and she's caught in lies.

I'm NOT saying Mel is perfect, but Oinksana has a history too. People who know her have come out and said she has a history of behaving this way.

1431 days ago
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