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Michael's Former Manager:

I Was Honest,

So Pay Up

11/22/2010 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who claims he was Michael Jackson's manager says he was so honest when he turned over a secret stash of MJ money ... the MJ Estate should return the favor by opening its books to him.

Dr. Tohme Tohme claims in new legal docs the Estate owes him 15% of Jacko's earnings while Tohme allegedly worked for him, but the big wigs who administer the estate won't open their books so he can figure out how much to demand.

Tohme says the Estate isn't giving him credit for turning over $5.5 million dollars of Michael's money shortly after he died -- money Tohme says he was secretly holding for the singer.  And, Tohme boasts in legal documents obtained by TMZ, he didn't even deduct his fee.  Tohme's argument -- being honest should have its rewards.

The Estate doesn't look kindly on Tohme, and they've shut him out. 



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yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is the live feed for the oinsky mel stuff when you did it all for lilo and more are interested in this over lilo.

1401 days ago


NO, NO NO !!!
This guy is bad, VERY bad news!
He is deceitful , MJ was weary of this guy and he is the LAST person to be honest.
There is more to the story and this guy DID NOT turn over ALL the cash , further, he now has the audacity to try to take from MJ even more.
INVESTIGATE THIS GUY , wait and see all the deviousness that circles him.

1401 days ago


hell with being honest..I would have kept the have honesty and you have stupididty..WACKO JACKO never pays any of his bills so why should this be any different..

1401 days ago


Maybe this guy is the father of wackos 3 kids..they sort of look like him..and in the picture of wacko he looks like he is trying to push his nose back on..lots of luck

1401 days ago


People are still trying to get money from Michael even in death. Michaels estate owes him nothing. People are suppose to be compensated for doing the right thing???? That money belong to the estate.

1401 days ago


i think the police and district atty should be investigating this man..

1401 days ago


Well I guess this is why no one has heard from him in awhile, he was up to no good.

1401 days ago


If I may paraphrase Chris Rock, idiots always want credit for doing the stuff they're SUPPOSED to do.

Wasn't this guy fired well before MJ died? Take your last paystub and go.

1401 days ago


Tohme is not a nice guy. Did anyone see Michael's contract with AEG? Tohme claimed to have represented Michael. One of Michael's early advances, per the contract, was to be wired to Tohme's company in Lebanon. The signatures on the contract purporting to be Michael's don't even match up. Notices under the contract were to go to Tohme (for Michael), not to Michael directly. Michael had to pay for "production costs" of the tour; Michael would have wound up with nothing. The limited liability company allegedly signing for Michael didn't even include Tohme. Phony contract, phony fraudulent Tohme, inserted into Michael's life by Colony Capital, who bailed Michael out on the Neverland deal; just wanting to be sure Tohme kept track of their "investment" - Michael Jackson.

Yes, the DA and police need to investigate Tohme. And didn't he buy a new house within a month after Michael's (ahem) demise?

1401 days ago

Bad News    

TMZ - If you want a REAL story, you should investigate this guy. He did NOT return all of the money he was "holding for Michael", he fired Michael's nanny Grace to get her out of the way, he made everyone leave the house after MJ was rushed to the hospital for some reason, maybe to steal Michael's money and jewlery?? Michael was scared of this guy. I don't trust him. TMZ, do your research. There's more to this guy than meets the eye.

1401 days ago


And we're supposed to take his word that he turned over the whole stash? What's the problem Tohme you need more money to support Murray?

1401 days ago



1401 days ago


@DB it was a joke in case you didn't notice the smiley:-)
No secrets, nothing to be busted.

1401 days ago


Posted at 11:11 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by nan
I do agree with you nan.
Firstly, he was supposed to be working for free and now he demands money?
Secondly, he was on EAG payroll, they paid him.

"Tohme says the Estate isn't giving him credit for turning over $5.5 million dollars of Michael's money shortly after he died -- money Tohme says he was secretly holding for the singer."

Now I've seen it all!

1401 days ago
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