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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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OMG! Someone kissed her on her neck at her birthday party. You guys are right--she is a slut....just like all the rest of you that got a kiss when you were 18.

Get off your high horses and STFU.....she'd be some kind of prude if she wasn't kissing at 18. It's not like they were f**cking in front of an audience. Geez. I thought you all were adults.

1414 days ago



1414 days ago


Yet another in the long line of celebrity prostitots. Miley is doomed considering her inability to make good choices; in a few more years she'll be the sequel to Lindsay Lohan.

1414 days ago


I hate it when people say acting this way is normal!!! Its not,since she says shes a christian girl and that she loves God she defintly is not showing it at all. I dont care if shes 18 or 30,she needs self confidence and dignity. No girl with CLASS acts this way at all.

When people say its normal,their just justifying it to make themselfs feel better because they know its wrong.

1414 days ago


Making out with a guy at 18 = slut? We're too ready to throw that word at women in today's society. I'm far from a Miley Cyrus admirer, but she's not doing much that other 18 year old girls (could be some of your daughters/sisters, critics!) wouldn't do.

1414 days ago


its one thing to do this in your own privacy and another to have it in public via music video's etc. people will judge as they always do, but the true judgement that means something is not up to us. we will all be judged one day and that is something for us all to think about our own lives and where we need to improve and stop worrying about how others live. If you dont want your kids influenced by this then parent them!! Thats your job! Its at school, on tv, its all around us, its a part of life, we just have the choice od protecting our kids the best we can while they still live at home, after that, they are of legal age"18" to make their own judgements from what we've taught them, hopefully good ones and they learn from it or not! but dont bring someone down by calling them names etc. cause your being judged for doing it! Look at your own picture perfect life!

1414 days ago


miley 18 she can do w.e she wants people needs to shutup and let her be. most of these people calling her sluts act like they never done this b4. they juust mad that shes famous. like get over it shes allowed to do w.e she wants just like all of u girls do and guys. only thing is our private life isnt leaked by these annoying camera people tryna ruin someone life nd drive them to sucide. like get a life nd leave her alone. im tired of seeing people o.d on my miley yet photos of vanessa was leaked nd i dont see people makin a big deal about it. like miley may be a role model buts she grown up nd ur "kids" shud watch something tht suits them bc obviously miley for the older people now. nd trust me ur teen kids probably do worse then what miley does. so grow up nd hop off of miley

1413 days ago


She's a dumbass whore who doesn't matter anymore

1413 days ago


Class always shows, and so does the lack thereof.

1413 days ago

Miley support.    

Please give the girl a break.. I guess you guys did the same thing when you got 18. Yeah, she is a popstar, but she is still a human.. Like us. Its your job to be a rolemodel to your kids, not a young girl. WTF you guys? Grow up!! Dont blame a young girl, if your not a good rolemodel for your kids.. be a good parent and give the girl a brake.. please guys! This is just to stupid!

1413 days ago


wow yall are all acting like yall have never done a drug before.. shes a teenager, teenagers experiment.. shes a grown ass woman now she isnt Hannah Montana anymore. id rather see her hitting a bong then in a sex tape. Michael Phelps got caught smoking, but you dont see people hating on him do you? Every teenager experiments, it just sucks for her because a camera is always near her. get over it people.

1413 days ago


She must not really have good friends who video tape it and put it on the internet, I wouldn't worry about Miley to much unless she starts acting like Lindsey lohan..

1413 days ago


She's an ending popstar soon to be pornstar. Come on I know your 18 and your allowed to do want you want, but please..PLEASE start acting your age. I'm tired of seeing how much ****ing camera time you get by acting like an whore. No offence. Oh & just because Salvia is LEGAL doesn't mean you have to be a "lindsay lohan wannbe" and actuly do it.

1413 days ago


How is she a slut cause she's doin what everyone does as a teenager. Nd for all yu 'moms' out ther saying she's a bad idol or whatever I have a simple conclusion for ya DON'T LET YUR KIDS WATCH IT ! Don't be a dump **** use yu brain. Yur kid would have to look up to people like her if yu would do yur damn job. This girl is 18 years old she can do what the **** she please. Stop riddin on her back all the damn time. GET A GRIP !

1413 days ago

sad to be amongst fruit loops    

jesus. all of you guys are complete idiots... shes making out with a guy... oohh big friggin deal. i wonder what you guys did when you were at your partying stage, eh? give the girl a break. she's doing everything a normal 18 year old would do... what you people should really be worrying about is the fact that you guys are so blinded that this is REEEAAAALLIIITTYYYY... and you need to seriously stop worrying about celebrities whom you will never come in contact with and start with making your life perfect, *******s :)

1412 days ago
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