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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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Seriously, i'm 14 and i've had a dude kiss me on my neck. i'm still a virgin, but she's 18. they have to grow up sometime. she's not a whore. if i looked as good as her and had that much money, i would wear stuff like that too.
parents that have no lives and judge this girl: your kids are probably alot worse and act like they are so innocent. i have friends like that. i prefer to tell my parents everything, even though i regret it most of the time.

1410 days ago


seriously come on everyone only has something to say cuz she is famous. but kids out here who are a bunch of nobodies do **** ten times worse and its just them acting out. let her do her cuz at the end of the day kids are gonna do what they want to do, your kids could be out ****in like 3 guys but are they gonna tell you no. and miley is still gonna be laughing it up making money and having fun. the other damn disney chick showed her ****ing tits and her vagina and everyone forgot about that but when its miley OMFG its her being a slut.

1410 days ago


Now ! Now people. Just because someone was kissing on her neck makes her a slut.. No it doesnt.. However someone or her PR needs to pull her aside and ask her what the hell she is doing. Or she will turn into a slut. And her mom was supposely there. Now she is a slut for sure she was probably in another room necking with someone also!!

1410 days ago


that guy is Justin Gaston! haha..

1410 days ago


I love Miley :)
ppl have to stop hating!!

1410 days ago


LMFAO! i love how you guys call her and whore and **** when you dont even know if she had sex with him or made out or **** , just cause he's kissing her makes her a whore and slut lmao you guys are so funny. and whats even more funny you even waste your time commenting on her videos , which is getting her more money and waste your time to watch a video knowing whats coming up but still care what she does. you people are so funny. i swear you guys have no life. Calling people whore's a sluts when you dont even know them. YOU GUYS DONT KNOW WHAT SHE HAS DONE IN HER LIFE WOW ONE PICTURE AND SHES A WHORE ALREADY YOU GUYS ARE ****ING GAY. IF YOU HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THEN LOOK AT A VIDEO OF HER AND COMMENT ON SAYING SHES A WHORE THEN YOUR A LO LIFE AND I BET HALF OF YOU BITCHES THAT COMMENTED ON THIS VIDEO ARE WHORES OR MAN WHORES AS WELL SO DONT ACT LIKE YOUR ALL INNOCENT AND **** CAUSE GUESS WHAT NOBODY IS ! EVERYBODY DOES SOMETHING BAD EITHER IF ITS SMOKING OR HAVING SEX WITH EVERY PERSON YOU KNOW OR DOING SOME OTHER ****.:)

1410 days ago

J.C. Perry    

So this guy had Miley and that's the most shocking picture they could get?? And some of you people are shocked??? Some guy was kissing on an 18 year olds neck??? "OH MY GOD!!!!" people need to grow up, the bad guy in this whole deal is the ass that posted the pic.

1410 days ago


Why is she a slut because she likes boys just like every other teen girl in the world or is it because she is a celebrity and you all have nothing better to do then cut down someone for living their life. I say let the girl be a teenager and live in peace. How would you feel if it were daughter everyone was calling a slut and how do you all know your daughters aren't sluts. Be careful of what you all wish for. It seems to me anyone who has anything bad to say is just jealous that she is happy and having a good time cause the best time any of you have is sitting in front of the T.V. praying on everyone else's drama.

1410 days ago


1. It honestly sucks that she's famous and all this is getting out to the public. I kind of feel bad for her because it's embarrassing.

2. I'm her age, and believe me, GIRLS HAVE DONE WORSE. If you're a parent commenting saying she's a slut or whatever, look into your own kids (around her age) and see what **** they're doing. It's not neccisarily NORMAL, but the AVERAGE teenager, goes to parties, gets drunk, smokes weed/cigs, and has hook-ups. That's life... in the U.S. at least.

1409 days ago


She is 18! what 18 year old didnt do that stuff?! its your issue if your going to let your child go on to TMZ! im sorry but Miley isnt responsible for raising your children. "Hannah Montana" is a character, let your children idolize her. Let Miley live her own life! geez

1409 days ago


OMG give her a frick-in break. Its not affecting you that shes kissing a guy is it? ITS NORMAL ! yeah so she wears some slutty clothes but for her age its normal, dont think shes that same old girl anymore, shes frickin 18, practucally an adult she is not 13 anymore so stop thinking she is! shes growing up perfectly well with her age,and shes just having a bad time at the moment cause of freaks like you guys, so just get over it!

1409 days ago


okay you people are retarted... a slut? there is much worse she could be doing and i know so many girls who would go way farther than that with any random guy shes 18 for god sakes

1409 days ago


I'm so sad! i don't belive that Miley is something capable.She is so... i don't know...i don't belive that she is Roumania she is an model for teenagers.

1409 days ago


What the ****, people. The woman's allowed to have a sex life.

1409 days ago


miley is a little skank,another britney another great star taken by fame

1408 days ago
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