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18th Birthday Bash

An Adult Affair

11/23/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today's Miley Cyrus' 18th birthday -- but she already got her adulthood on with an A-list only birthday party ... and some dude sucking on her neck.  Yeah ... they grow up so fast.

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Zach Swan    

Okay, the real issue is not that a seventeen year old is having a little make out session with a random. The issue is that this random is kissing on her with HIS PANTS ON THE GROUND! Pull up your trousers, boy. No one needs to see your tartan boxers. You're white, dammit.

1429 days ago


NICE!!! the Dude needs to pull those pants up over his stanky looking a$$..Not cool..not cool!!..I see a Britney Spears in the making...

1429 days ago


10!!! SLUT

1429 days ago


I do not like her at all, but holy **** the girl lands some pretty hot guys. That Avan boy is h-o-t.

1429 days ago


The problem here isn't how Miley acts, the problem here is how people perceive her. They want her to be the cute little girl she was on Hanna Montana. They want her to stay the sweet innocent child. Face it people the girl is grown up now.

If you recall the same things were said of Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, an many other FEMALE child stars that have grown up.

It seems it's a trend that as the girls grow up the judgment of them gets really harsh.

Lay off them, let them grow up, and deal with your own skeletons hiding in your closet before judging others.

Oh and TMZ that video was about the stupidest thing I've ever watched. Talk about lame.

1429 days ago

You are wrong Miley is a joke

1429 days ago


Like MOTHER like daughter...
sluts...and daddy isn't exactly
a rocket scientist. Bunch of
hill-billys. She'll be knocked
up within a year. Mileys mom
and Sarah Palin should get together
and talk about things you should
NOT let your teen daugher do.

1429 days ago

normal person    

The girl is 18. And anyone who chooses a star to be a role model needs to rethink their parenting. Can you imagine what a shock most parents would have if they saw pictures of what their kids did 24 hours a day.

1429 days ago


Yup. Surprised it took this long. Once her parents stopped being parents, that is. So here we go with yet another Lindsay Lohan and Britney. Guess it will be fun to watch.

1429 days ago


She has become such a slutty piece of trash. She may be 18 now but she's been acting like this for awhile now so she's earned the reputation she has. Aside from the reputation...SHE IS IN A PUBLIC PLACE acting like this, so yes...she IS doing something many 18 year olds don't do IN PUBLIC. I'm no prude, but what the hell does she think people will think of her when behaving this way??? Get a room!!!

1429 days ago


("The hypocrites are crying out calling Miley a slut and such meanwhile this is the same country that spend hundreds of million dollars on porn sites that dress girls up to look like little school girls.") don't know that ANYONE on here commenting about her is a hypocrite, that anyone calling her a slut is participating in paying for the porn sites you refer to. You make assumptions about those of us who are appalled at her behavior...if we are appalled then it stands to reason we DON'T approve of those web-sites either. Now, if Joe Francis were to be calling her a slut...HE WOULD BE A HYPOCRITE. Learn the meaning of the word before you fling it around.

1429 days ago


Just because she is 18 doesnt mean squat. She came on to the scene saying one thing and is now flipping her morals around. Its a disgrace she has to act like this for attention the people to blame are mom and dad because they only saw money so they marketed thier daughter for it. It saddens me because she thinks she is being and indiviual and original in her actions. its all been done before she just looks lost and sad and her career will end and all she will be remember for is what she did bad. Sad that sex sells and that parents and others think it ok to sell thier children for fame.

1429 days ago


What a slut! just like her mom! I can't stand this whore. She is 18 now, but she has been a ROLE MODEL(?) to little girls for years. MITCH (comment 13) must not have any kids. This a is a whore that you would want your kids to watch and admire? Well, now that she's 18 she's ready for her porn career.

1429 days ago


Did i mention she's a whore??

1429 days ago

VALLIVEDU.Krishna Rao    

M I L E Y ,

1429 days ago
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