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Miley Cyrus' Birthday Neck Suck

11/22/2010 1:15 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing a leather bikini top, underage pop star Miley Cyrus proved she can't be tamed ... by getting kissed on by some guy at her post-AMAs/pre-18th birthday party at Trousdale at around 2AM this morning.


The mystery dude sprawled on top of Miley may be her rumored new boyfriend, Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia ... but it's pretty hard to tell for sure.

Miley officially turns 18 on Tuesday.


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What a little hoe.

1367 days ago


omgg. can we all just relax ourselves. shes having fun at her 18th birthday party. shes living life. calm yourselves down. from the pictures i can see, it was one hell of a sexy happy for her (:

1367 days ago


wow, she looks like a slut. in the next couple of years i bet she will make headlines for all the wrong reasons and rehab trip...a sex tape to follow? we can only hope

1367 days ago


LOL@ all these old people freaking out about miley making out.
I think you people got something coming for you if you think youre children/teens won't be doing this sometime in there lives early years.
Its reality, deal with it!

1367 days ago


damn ths site is full of prudes

1367 days ago


Off the Miley thing here....

Does Demi Moore have any friends her own age? She could easily be Miley's mother. I've noticed she's never photographed with anyone over 30. Perhaps her handlers think she will seem younger if she does this.

I'm starting to wonder if she's trying to prove to Ashton she isn't 48 by hanging with very young types.

1367 days ago

So What    

why in the Hell the music industry always gets these pieces of crap and never goes out into the real word to see the ones really working hard to get there.

1367 days ago


And why exactly is Demi there? Trying to make herself relevant?

1367 days ago


Another no talent teen getting way too much attention for way too little talent. Watching the AMA's made me realize just how little you have to do before becoming and "icon".

She will likely travel down the same road as too many girls before her before she has to enter rehab and start all over again.

1367 days ago


don't care about a new Lindsey in the making

1367 days ago


really? WTF, my boyfriend and I dont get down and dirty like that, we're 30, much less in a CLUB where she is not even supposed to be. what is wrong with her? slow down miley, you'll look like you're completely worn out by the time you turn 21.

1367 days ago


I notice two things right off the bat: 1)TMZ doesn't identify the name of the photographer who took the picture of Cyrus and Jogia making out. That's probably because it is an illegal picture. Can you say, "peeping Tom"? This is a shot of an intimate moment at a private party at which no cameras were allowed. I suspect it was taken with a telephoto lens through a window, maybe from the roof of the building. In anycase, it's a clear violation of privacy and I'm sure LA has laws against peeping Toms taking pictures. 2) Many of these commentors are getting their prude on, but not a single one has objected to this clear violation of the law.

1367 days ago


TMZ doesn't give people a lot of background or context, but this is a private party and there's nothing illegal about a private party taking place in a nightclub--on Sunday when that club is normally closed to the public--as long as those under 21 are not being served alcohol, and there's no evidence that any underaged people were being served alcohol. And for those who keep complaining about Cyrus and Jogia making out in public, they are not, because this is a private party not open to the public. The number of people here asking why Cyrus was allowed in a bar when she's not 21 is just one of many good indications that many of the people commenting here are seriously suffering from limited brain power.

1367 days ago


Hm. Not so long ago, if you were wearing leather clothes like that, you were either on the back of a Harley, it was Hallowe'en, or you were selling your ass on the side of the street... But hey, I guess when you're "famous" you go from trashy to trendy? I don't let my daughter watch her on tv anymore, I think as a role model, she should be ashamed.

1367 days ago


This little girl is a no talent waste. Anyone see how she was dressed for the AMAs last night when she "performed" onstage? Wish she and her one hit wonder father would just blend into the woodwork and not try to "entertain" the public again. Sorry to be so critical but this girl is awful.

1367 days ago
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