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Oksana Arrives at Court -- Pap Crush Ensues

11/22/2010 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just arrived at the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles for her big showdown with Mel Gibson -- and she was mobbed by a slew of photographers on her way inside.

Oksana was tight-lipped despite the onslaught -- managing a simple, "I can't talk, sorry" to every question she was asked.

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UPDATE: There will be a short recess before Ms. Grigorieva takes the stand to allow the piano to be brought into the courtroom as well as Oksana needs to change into her preferred piano playing outfit. (pink nightie.)
Although Mr. Gibson's attorney vehemently opposed this the Judge deemed that Ms. Girgorieva be allowed to testify in her own defense. Oksana once informed of this became visibly moved as she exclaimed "Now all of the world will hear my beautiful music!"
As she was lead off to the changing room a reporter asked her what did the piano have to do with custody of Lucia? Oksana was overheard mumbling..."Lucia? is that what I named my piano? Do you think there are any music producers in the room? and Do you think I should charge an appearance fee?"

Posted at 10:10 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by tickles

Yes, I am giggling. * + * + * + *

Tee hee

1397 days ago


"I can't talk" is what she should have said to Larry King. Now she's F**KED herself royally!
The judge is gonna be pissed at her today for breaking his order regarding not talking to the media about the case.
She is nothing by a lying, famewhoring, money-grubbing skank who will LOSE!

1397 days ago


You mean LK wasn't there to help her. She said she wanted him to.Anyways I hope Mel gets Lucia. I am praying that will happen!!!


1397 days ago


I wish one of those s***bag paps would have replied when she said "sorry, I can't talk to you" with a "OOOOOHHH you can't talk to US but you can talk to LARRY KING!"

Would've been great!

1397 days ago

The whore arrives...

1397 days ago

karen lee    

What a JOKE -- her refusing to speak to the MEDIA >?:

About time, tramp. After the days, weeks and months she has been relentlessly crucified Mel ... NOW SHE WANTS TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT!

Too bad, all her lies had finally caught up on herself.

1397 days ago


Notice she doesn't say NO COMMENT, because given the chance she would spout off more lies.

Shes says, I CANT TALK, SORRY. She really is sorry because she wants to talk. Seems the only time she doesn't talk is when she's getting ready to sit in front of the judge.

Does she think he doesn't know about LKL? She sure didn't have a problem talking then.

I hope the Judge finally nails her. Lucia needs to be with the parent that has her best interests at heart... and it's NOT okscammer.

1397 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

It's better to send a clear message to Ox: She is NOT the star. Please, post only in the other threads, about Mel.

1397 days ago


She believes that she is "modest and classy"... Narcissistic personality disorder.

1397 days ago


SLUT --- SLUT ---- SLUT!!!!!!!!!!

1397 days ago


"I can't talk to you"!!!! No, of course, she needs to be able to play some more tapes and be on national television to talk. Utter nonsense. A judicial raping of the first kind. Silence her, get the child to safety and re-look at this woman after a long psych evaluation. Not a quick one but a long one. It should last weeks and check her throughout the days. She is obviously crazy to some degree and dangerously so.

1397 days ago


SLUT --- SLUT ---- SLUT!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 11:26 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by Tommy

That about sums it up.

1397 days ago


There is way to go into the court house without all the cameras if you were wanted to Oksana, Miss Fame Monger.

WTH was that stripe across her mother's arse? Velcro to stick her to chair or duct tape?

1397 days ago


Gold digger b*tch, lose your custody and back to the red country where you come from. You no good witch come to our country to mess around our legal system. You should be depot and never allow to leave you mother country. You can mess with your fellow country men. Not our country.

1397 days ago


she doesn't deserve to be in the U.S.
beside the extortion she offended all the immigrants who work for a living 'cause she took advantage of our benevolent rules hiring all those lawyers with Mel's money. That was an insult to our system.

extortion trial , then deport her (and see if we can get anna chapman instead)

1397 days ago
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