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Oksana vs. Mel -- Tensions and Stakes Are High

11/22/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are in the same courtroom right now as Mel fights to strip her of custody, but so far not a word has been spoken between them ... and the tension is obvious.

Mel has avoided making any eye contact with Oksana, often looking at the ceiling.

As TMZ first reported, Mel is taking a radical legal step -- asking Judge Scott Gordon to strip Oksana of custody, prohibit overnight visits with Lucia and only allow her supervised visitation.  And as we reported, Mel's lawyers want the new arrangement for the next 6 months, after which the judge can re-evaluate it.

Oksana has been in and out of the courtroom with her lawyers.  Several witnesses are in the hallway, including Oksana's mother, music producer Jimmy Hoyson, the nanny, and the private monitor Mel hired.

They've been in court since 9:00 AM and the hearing is supposed to last all day.

Keep refreshing for the latest updates ...

UPDATE 1:40 PM PT -- Oksana's mom is getting ready to take the stand, with the help of an interpreter.



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Just completed my 4 on, and have the next few days off, been trying to do catch up on posts, but I give up, too many. But not as many as last week.
Went to the other Gibson goes to court, too many posts there too. Gotta go to bed soon, even though it is after 1am. When does this court thing end today?

1398 days ago


Well if they're only interviewing that lot you might as well stick a knife in Mel's back now lol!!! Mummy's living free and cushy with her daughter in US, neither of whom are citizens, Jimmy is convinced he has the answer to everything ie: Mel did it, I was there 24/7, well no I know I didn't witness this but I know he did it lol!!!
Puhlease, Judge Gordon take a stand and give OG the shocker she needs by losing custody - even if it only ends up for being 6 months!!

1398 days ago


And I see the decision isn't coming before December according to the new link - let's hope Lucia stays safe that long!!

1398 days ago


Oksana and her bodyguard sound like 2 peas in a pod. Birds of a feather stick together. He is now saying Mel wanted him murdered. They fabricate/stretch their stories so far they become totally unbelievable. Perhaps, Oksana living in Russia thinks all americans are out to get her. She made no bones about it on Larry King that we have a bad legal system, bad judges, etc.... She tries to play that victim card to the hilt. No wonder she and the bodyguard hit it off for so long--they were feeding one another's insanity of everyone wanting to murder them. I absolutely loved on Larry King when oksana said Mel Gibson denied he said anything at the dui, and right after it Larry King played the media release of his apology.

If, the judge doesn't put a gag order on her--or give custody to someone else she will be in the media Lucia's entire life..until Lucia gets old enough to walk-away.

I have great compassion for people who have gone through TRUE abuse...and none of them would have gone on national tv while a child custody was happening--if they really were concerned about their child, or were fearful. That is all HYPE for attention and it is obvious he wouldn't marry her so she is hell-bent on trying to destroy him...she still doesn't get--the only person that looks bad when she talks is HER!

1397 days ago


maniac mel looks he is drunk again..nothing unusual about that

Posted at 11:05 AM on Nov 22, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

So what? Oxa is taking 30 pills a day by the way. Is THIS normal? ... I don't believe Mel drinks. I am sure he takes his bad experience very serious.

1348 days ago


But it is Lucia and Alex that I truly support. I think their parents are disgusting. Those kids deserve good lives, the money is there, but the rest is missing.

Gene I sure hope you will last long enough to know the happy end for the two innocent kids who have been caught up in the ugly battle between two insane people. I hope one of them will come to his senses.

1348 days ago


pray for Mel to get his c o c k sucked.

Posted at 1:38 PM on Nov 22, 2010 by Jenn

I tell ya when a man approaches a pretty woman his major motivation is his **** sucked. It's a woman who is a decider (the Bush's a definition which I like ) about WHAT she is going to do with this particular ****. If she is going to suck it or deny the access. I gather, Ms. Okana made her mind at some point, but then her vision got blurred and she got confused about who in fact was the star. At some point she thought it was her...

1348 days ago
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