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Married to the Mob?

11/22/2010 3:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's pop diva Rihanna at last night's American Music Awards (left) -- and Michelle Pfeiffer as Angela de Marco in the 1988 movie "Married to the Mob" (right).


Ooh na na.

We're just sayin'.



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This skank is a no talent whore! Charlie Sheen wouldn't even bother with the no talent bum! I can smell her all the way to the east coast

1429 days ago


omg, Rhianna ain't even in the same league

1429 days ago


Who cares? It's a wig.

1429 days ago


She looks more like the chick from jefferson airplane to me.

1429 days ago


The AMAs should now be called the low class rap ho's award show.

1428 days ago


unless you are calling men ho's, like they are, I think you may be right

1428 days ago


She wanted to look like Whitney. People have probably already said that

1428 days ago


wow a lot of haters here, if you don't like riri leave her be. Last time i checked she is fine in the black community she has a great figure and cakes like black men love and she's pretty to boot . Must be a lot of white girls on here hating, because nothing wrong with her nose or junk in her trunk. Slim nose and flat ass sounds like a white standard to me, who would want that or think that's attractive. LOL

1428 days ago


My goodness, I dislike this entire family! It's like they discovered they have money and they've bought their kids songs, movies, and they STINK at all of what they do! Please GO AWAY AND COME BACK AFTER YOU GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE (yeah, that will happen). That mother, I forget her name--she looks like a man trying to look like an amphibian. She is SUPER weird-looking--hard, mannish! Please forgive my hate mood...but I really mean it! These people have GOT TO stop showing themselves like they matter! What in the WORLD came into them! Somebody told them they have something we want!

1428 days ago

bajan girl    

you guys makes me sick, rhianna is beautiful ,talented and deserve to be where she is right now. she has feelings just like you ,she hurt just like you, she is developing her talent you should start to develop yours and leave the hate behind.

1428 days ago


She stole Na Na from Foxy brown (or Jay Z did) Ri is ugly alien looking and her dancing to this song rips off Beyonces ONE AND ONLY dance she knows how to do. So original Jay.

1428 days ago


Wow!1 All this hate towards a girl you don't know personally, But dub her a whore and talantless . She dresses no different from most singers when they are performing on stage and I have seen quite a few. A lot of the ones you admire do some of the same dances showing their***** check Bey's videos Or for those who seem to prefer white performers -"Brit" Or Pink or Xtina. I gather from these comment jealousy and envy must tear away at your very souls and your lives are not quite going in the direction you want it to go.As for her nose and wanting to be "white" I find those comments racist. As for the hairstyle, I guess because it was eighties you can't wear it in 2010? C'mon all fashion whether hair or clothes does is go full circle and is revamped just slightly. Only a hooker would wear this hairstyle? I guess that does not say much for a lot of housewives and teenage girl who do still wear it. Lookout husbands,parents and world? The parent/parents who don't want their daughter see her perform showing her*****, your child probably sees a lot more than you think. Ever heard of the net? Or what are they exposed to in their home or school? Think on that. This says a lot for the self esteem and thought pattern of many commenting on here -gutter level and self righteous prigs!

1425 days ago

justice brown    

everybody need 2 stop callen RIRI a ho because she isn't
ppl r just jealious because she has a beautifulvoice
she may come from a island ,but ppl who come from
island's like bob marley are really famos and every body
luvs dhem more
so yea who eva called RIRI a
fugly they just

or any thing else they just

1416 days ago


omg... michelle is so gorgeous, the most talented actress in the can't compare to rihanna..okay!rihanna is a poor girl

1409 days ago


What I love about Rihanna is that she's able to brush off the kind of nasty, negative comments that bozos keep leaving about her. She is undeniably a hard worker and it takes guts to live her life in the public eye. Keep your head up, girl.

1407 days ago
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