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Tony Parker Files for Divorce -- Read the Docs

11/22/2010 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the dueling divorce docs Tony Parker filed last week against Eva Longoria.

Tony Parker Divorce
The documents, which were stamped at the court in Texas on Friday, were filed using initials only. Unlike Eva's docs, there is no mention of a prenup.

It is unclear how lawyers for Eva and Tony will work things out -- namely, where they get divorced ... San Antonio or Los Angeles.

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Either way, Tony Parker is a disgrace acting like a low life on this one. you don't go cheating on a woman like that, and face it, no matter what Eva looks like without the makeup, was no excuse to publicly humiliate her like that with the lovey dovy text messages and facebook messages. I mean, how classless even; nothing is hidden under the sun these days! So I say to Eva, carry on with your thing, you're wadding in cash so just shun the connard. As for TP, honte a toi!

1409 days ago


It was an infertile couple, never had kids or pet's either
So just move on and look for replacements.

1409 days ago

Mike Robles    

Tony, you could of saved your marriage if you remembered to do one thing, my friend.........

1409 days ago


Same old story....cheating spouse....crazy Ho on the side....there should be a standard dirvorce form for this!

1408 days ago


EVA strikes me as a bitch diva of the first order... Whatever happens to her I think she likely deserves!

1408 days ago


Bankruptcy court is next! Http://www.bestbankruptcysite.info

1408 days ago


Men, in general, seem compelled to cheat. Esp. prof. athletes, celebrities, pols -- but the mailman, grocery clerk, etc., do it too. Eva by the way has a beautiful face, makeup notwithstanding. She is the best actress on DH and was great in a rom-com with I think Paul Rudd. She can act rings around the likes of Chinnifer Aniston and chippies of her ilk. She;s a real actress and an especially good comic actress. She's so good, obviously, that commenters think she is a bitch because of her flawless performance on Housewives. A high compliment.

I could not understand why Eva would want to marry a rather homely looking NBA also ran. Also, at 24 he was too young to get tied down. He kinda looks like a doofus. I figure he has a big you-know-what, which always makes a man attractive if that is all he has going for him.

I feel sure Eva has a long and brilliant career ahead of her. It took me 13 years to get over fmy ex, when I realized I couldn't love an AH who was in it for the numbers. When they're in it for the numbers, run as fast as you can the other way.

1408 days ago


I'm shocked that so many people don't like Eva! I LOVE her. I think she is way too good for Tony. Tony is an ugly mofo. I don't care how much money he has, I would never want to touch that. Not that he would be interested in me bc I am no where near as pretty as Eva. lol But wow! I have never heard someone not like her until just now. I hope Tony's next girlfriend takes all his money and leaves him broke. Doesn't Eva make more than Tony? Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez would make pretty babies. Just my opinion. But yes, they should just take their own money and walk away. Split everything down the middle. But I'm pretty sure Eva is heartbroken and she is trying to hit him where it hurts. Good! He shouldn't have cheated!

1407 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Tony is correct! Eva is the hoe to another man! Whoa, what really? Yes, in fact at the nearby beach with another man that
might look similar to Tony parker but with significantly more
personality and additional length and protection believe it or not!

Eva, gave him a number by tearing out the end of a notebook paper looking like isoseles for him to call her later to arrange a rendezvous! Tony by the way saw the torn paper and phone number at his friend's apartmnet lying there next to his bedcover and clothes!

This is one for Tony to exit while he has the chance!

This transmittal is believed to be the truth and not to sway anyone's emotions one way or the other, and not intended to hurt anyone's party!

1407 days ago



1407 days ago


This is what happens slut when you fool with these Monkey people .You got what you deserved stay with your own kind ,remember Nicole Simpson .

1407 days ago


Frankie you're a C***S***er!!

1407 days ago

tom robles    

This happens to ordinary people all the time.It just so happens when your a celeberity it's more public and the media likes to hypen things up. I wish them both the best,and hope the spurs win another championship ring.GO SPURS GO!!!!!

1407 days ago
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