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Capri Anderson Meets with District Attorney

11/23/2010 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson is now in a meeting with officials at the New York County District Attorney's Office  discussing her allegations against Charlie Sheen ... TMZ has learned.

Capri Anderson Choked

Capri arrived to the offices earlier today with her attorney Keith Davidson. We're told they've been meeting with officials for several hours.

As we previously reported, Capri claims the "Two and a Half Men" actor choked her during his hotel room meltdown last month ... and held her in the room against her will.

Capri filed a criminal complaint against Charlie with the NYPD yesterday.

Capri Anderson photos.


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Just another Gold-digger!!!! Charlie when are you going to learn to leave the hookers alone?

1408 days ago


Whatever he may owe her, it certainly isn't a million dollars. If she can get the $20,000, she should consider herself lucky. End of story.

1408 days ago


Side note - Apparently these hollywood types go for hookers for 2 reasons:
1) No expectation to have to call back
2) Can treat women badly (in their mind) because they paid for them.

Wise up women of the night. If you put it out for sale, don't be surprised to be treated like chattel. They figure they paid for you as if your property.

1408 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

You have to laugh at home DUMB this ho is. Does she not realize that every aspect of her background is going to be dug up?

Going to be hard to explain her "lifestyle" with NO job, NO bank account and a slug trail miles long.

My prediction is she'll drop her lawsuit real quick and it wont be because of a settlement.

1408 days ago


Capri Anderson is just a money grubbing whore. What a waste of a human being. Charlie is an idiot for getting involved with her so whatever happens to him is of his own doing.

1408 days ago


"money, money money.moneeeeeeeeeeeey?" by The O'Jays

Gold Diggers anthem!

1408 days ago


Clever little prostitute. She's caught on to the fact that if she claims he choked her, it's significantly more believable because of the Aspen incident wherein Brooke claimed the same thing even though her story crumbled in the end after she was found to be completely drunk (they blood tested her).

I seriously doubt Charlie did lay a hand on her. I think when he found out she stole his 170k watch, he damaged her handbag looking for it. I would as well. I believe she has his watch.

It's clear she's perfected this choking thing with ONE DRAWBACK: When the responding NYPD officers came, she never mentioned him choking her. That's going to be her undoing and bye bye Capri.

1408 days ago


89 dollars and hickory ****ory doc! gee, and read it to me!!

xo 4 eva BBGG 2hott

1408 days ago


All valid points. Personally I'm on Charlies side but @ the first Mike. If Charlie disgraced America to the world, he's got nothing on George W. it will probably be another 50 years before the majority of the world gets over what he did. And he's still a free man.

1408 days ago

Queen Karma    

Charlie Sheen is a batchit , genetically flawed, insane, psycho,bipolar,person.

Charlie,despite his faults,has rights.
Capri,despite her faults, has rights.

He had a right to hire her and she had a right to want to hired by him.

Case closed.

What is awful and NY DA's office had no right to is tying up taxpayers money on this noncase.
With all the abused kids in NY,teens being pushed into prostitution, teens ,runaways getting off at Grand Central Station, and all of those drug deals in Cnetral Park, the DA's money should be used to prosecute those cases.

1408 days ago


I am curious why the TEXT msg is not something like this -

Yo Cap, I need my clock back asap - u dig? If u pawn that b!tch, I will sue you into the dirt and pimp u til I gits my 165 large back, ya feel? CS Out.

1408 days ago


I'm a bit surprised that she is called a pig, whore, extortionist, gold digging whore, but Charlie Sheen seems to come out just fine. Not only was he married, with an ex-wife nearby with his kids, he continues to win!

1408 days ago


Same old stupid story year after year from these Hollywood types and gold digger.

1408 days ago


Charlie sheen is a idiot, his tv character is a idiot who also never seems to want to grow up, are they afraid to have the tv charlie get his act together? Why spend 20 k on a ho? shop around find a better looking 3k ho. Or lo and behold no ho's, gee what would that be like Charlie saving your overpaid az money and staying away from hos, hopefully one day you'll find out when youve spent everything and cant get a gig on the love boat reunion show

1407 days ago
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