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Charlie Sheen -- The $20,000 Flirty Text Messages

11/23/2010 10:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a series of text messages between Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, sent just hours after The Plaza Hotel incident -- in which Charlie is still flirting with her in a big way as he offers her $20,000.

Charlie Sheen Text Messages

In one text, Charlie says, "All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything ... I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!"

Just before sending that text, Capri fired off her own, saying "u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool - how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me."

After offering the $20,000, Charlie says, "Don't worry about our mutual friends, deal with me directly and I promise u kind lady, all will be restored and set straight."

The night after the incident, at 6:28 PM, Charlie is still trying to connect, texting, "Just landed, perhaps we can speak tonite....?"

Capri replies, "Yes u can call me.  I don't have a bank account believe it or not."

Charlie responds, "Oh, well in that case, lemme put together a plan to get u square and flush.  Can u tok (sic) for a sec now sweetie?"

Then Charlie texts, "Good news!  My asst Rick is good friends with a cat named Mark (last name redacted) in NY, he will get the wire, cash that bitch, and deliver it to u where ever it's convenient ... I'll get the ball Rollin in am, and have data for u asap after that...☺"

Capri writes, "Can he leave it somewhere secure for me to pick up?  Like with a bank rep ... I'm rlly nervous about all this."

Charlie responds, "Of course, whatever makes u feel better..."

Charlie ends by saying, "Lemme start that ball Rollin and I'll get back to u with the details..."

The transaction never took place.


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No Avatar


I am so over Sheen, his time is up. Any woman who dates this person needs to get good hospital insurance for when he beats the sh** out of her. Keep watching his show and promoting his addictions, maybe you can help him kill himself.

1396 days ago



1396 days ago


TMZ, Your such a sleeze. Let Charle have his "activity". Who are you to trash the big "C"? If he went out with a stright chick, she would minipulate him and he would pay for "their" baby forever. Give the guy a break. You envy him cause your a sleeze ball that don't have the class to do something sooooo bold. TMZ get a life and a real job dude.

1396 days ago

Oh, to be rich and CREEPY!

1396 days ago


Any woman that is stupid enough to get involved with him, deserves what she gets. Seems like he just flashes money around instead of using good common sense. He will never learn, or change his ways. Sadly most women that want to be-friend him are gold diggers, escorts, porn stars, or all the above.

1396 days ago


In Ski country they say he hit from both sides of the plate???

1396 days ago


What Charlie needs and so many other Hollywood people is to accept Christ into their hearts and lives. Period!

1396 days ago


She's just pissed she couldn't get the money, that would have made it all better. Hell hath no fury... Go Charlie Go...!

1396 days ago


So she thinks she deserves $1 Million for her stupid Prada purse??? She's a porn actress for crying out loud!!! A sleaze ball attorney calls and conveinces her $20,000 is nowhere near what he can embarrase Sheen out of! He was Heidy Fleis's best customer! He doesn't Get embarrased! LOL My bet is all of this goes away for what becomes the undisclosed sum of $50,000. And with that, she still won't be able to keep a bank account!

1396 days ago


federico seems to think "tmz" is one individual, some guy named tmz. moronic, much?

1396 days ago

Mary J    

After watching Charlie Sheen and his total lack of responsibility, his flamboyant lifestyle in which he feels he is untouchable,I forsee a tragedy that will bring this man to his knees.He needs a truly humbling experience in his life.

1396 days ago


Challey Sheen is a S***-BAG , he belongs in JAIL

1396 days ago


I don't see what the big deal "flirty" text is. he tried to pay her back for the expensive purse he ruined. And maybe a little for the putang she gave him. After all, she WAS a hooker. TMZ is really grabbing at straws here. Charlie is no BIG news. We all know that. Just a good actor wasting away his money on booze and women. Did everyone hate Sinatra too? geez!

1396 days ago



1396 days ago


I love Charlie, he's funny, he can laugh at himself. His commercials with Micheal Jordon were hysterical- Too bad they dumped the ads. For me Charlie is an entertainer- that's what he's paid for, that's why I like him. His personal life is a mess, not a mess, is not my business. I don't care about his personal life. I hope him the best, but how he handles his life, his troubles and triumphs are again, not my business. I don't read tabloids- or similiar type magazines or news papers- those are the rumors, gossip and lies which are not entertaining to me. I don't let the media tell me how to think. I can do that for myself thanks.

1396 days ago
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