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Red Alert at 'DWTS' Finale -- Release the Hounds!

11/23/2010 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" is taking security to a ridiculous level tonight for the big finale -- TMZ has learned ... they've amped up personnel, given Bristol her own bodyguard, and are even using bomb-sniffing dogs.

Dancing With the Stars

Here's how it breaks down -- sources tell TMZ, in addition to Bristol's personal security, there will be 2 bomb-sniffing K-9 units and 12 undercover guards ... some LAPD, some private security ... all armed.

We're told it's the first time they've had this much firepower on set -- and it makes sense ... because as we first reported, Bristol and Mark Ballas have received several death threats ... and if that wasn't enough ... we're told Mama Palin herself is expected to show up.

It's gonna be crazy.


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I don't think Sarah Palin was at the show tonight. Book signing in Phoenix.

1393 days ago


One who does not win.
Bristol Palin. Sarah Palin.
One who wins.
The American people.

1393 days ago

Rita B    

it is crazy, some body on drugs and this now happen before. they are either smoking or doing drugs on this show. this isnot trade center in new york. show is trash now.

1393 days ago


No rhythm.
No attraction.
The Tea Party can't even win a dance contest.

1393 days ago


Should've kept her entitled mouth shut!! How did she earn her "Star" status?!! Daughter of an ex-Governor who resigned from her job & shot wolves from a helicopter & gleefully bashed the heads of flounder on national TV, teen pregnancy during her mom's politicking for VP 2008 who is now the spokes person for abstinence. Hypocrite.

In the confessional Bristol couldn't keep her mouth shut, "wouldn't it be the luck to win? It'd be like a middle finger to everyone who hates my mom and me."

1393 days ago


Thank God tubby and those thick fat legs didn't win. Story is now closed!

1393 days ago

Patrick Henry    

It's a freaking lightweight entertainment show people.
It's not brain science.

The producers and casting decide whose going to be on the show and they cast people who are in the midst of controversy to bring in the ratings.

They brought on the daughter of a controversial politician hoping to pull in people just out of curiosity or due to politics and it worked for the show. As they say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

They have you talking, voting and commenting.

You can spend and dollar and vote people off so I suggest that you do that.

Anyone who goes nutso over a politicians daughter or even the outcome of a lightweight fluff show is seriously unbalanced.

Those who can , do and those who can't, criticize.

I'd like to see any of you complaining couch potatoes get off your butts, train nonstop and go on stage to be nationally criticized.

Comments about looks betray the shallowness of the poster.
Looks do not equate with value unless you are a porn star.

Get a clue if your favorite competitor does not win on a show that's life. Why do people have to personalize everything?

Why is okay for this girl to get death threats from unstable people who can not tolerate a different point of view?

People truly are jealous of famous or rich people. Get a clue their lives are not much better than your own.

1393 days ago


Wow imagine that... a chick that was a Dance Majow won a dance show... LOL This show sucks..Palin made this show, it was the only time I ever watched . I loved the loony left got so peeved, it made my day. Bristol got deth threats, white powder sent to her and she still toughed it out...good job girl.

1393 days ago


Brandy and Maks fans have stooped to new lows threatening contestants.

1393 days ago

Patrick Henry    


Jennifer Grey won!! who knew?????

Posted at 8:05 PM on Nov 23, 2010 by carole

Jennifer Grey is a lifelong trained dancer. Where's the competition in that?

1393 days ago


Liberal Barbar Bush swings trunk and snorts with pleasure.
Stay home and beat your fish.

1393 days ago


Hey uma - just because you say it in all upper caps doesn't make it right. Just makes you look like an blow hard idiot.
Just like Sarah Palin.

Why did ABC allow the Palin's to drag down the integrity of what is suppose to be a famly show?

I was watching with two kids, under 12, when I heard this exchange between Brooke and Bristol:

Brooke - "Bristol what will it mean to you if you win the trophy?"

Bristol - "It means I can stick my middle finger up at all of the people who hate my Mom."

Needless to say, they cut back to Tom, who looked disgusted.

What a classless, horribly raised young mother - she belongs on Jerry Springer, not DWTS.

I also read on Comcast News that ABC had "fixed a glitch" in the voting process. In other words, all of you crazed Paliban loonies lost you cheating votes.

Jennifer won, as it should have been all along.

Now go back to Alaska, Palin's, and beat some more Halibut for Sarah's "fake" reality show.
Another tasteful thing for children to watch.

1393 days ago


One who does not win.
Bristol Palin. Sarah Palin.
One who wins.
The American people.
how is that..we have loser obama as president

1393 days ago


i was hoping either bristol or kyle would have won..they had not dnacing experience they improved over time..this show should be renamed dancing with experienced dancers.maybe next year we can get janet jackson on there..i wonder how she would do in a dancing contest considering she has dancing experience.

1393 days ago


Some one should shoot a tranquilizer dart at "Mama Grizzly" to put her out of her (and everyone else's) misery.

1393 days ago
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