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George Lopez' Wife

Files For Divorce

11/23/2010 9:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Lopez' wife has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

George and Ann Lopez DivorceTMZ first reported the couple's intention to call it quits.  Now Ann Lopez has filed legal docs to make it official.

According to the divorce petition, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court by disso-queen Laura Wasser, Ann cites "irreconcilable differences."

Ann is asking for spousal support and primary physical custody of their 14-year-old daughter.

We're told there is no prenup.

The couple has been married for 17 years.


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He has your other kidney, you deserve all of his earnings. Just leave him enough to rent a studio apartment in the valley.

1430 days ago


George Lopez is a past his prime, thinks he's all that piece of crap! He used to be really funny until he started taking himself so seriously and doing all that ranting race material. George you are no Lenny Bruce, no George Carlin and no Richard Pryor!

You are also no gentleman.

1430 days ago


George has a big double chin in that picture!!! But hookers don't care as long as you have cash!

1430 days ago


I knew that guy had to be a lowlife. A lot of the time, you can just tell by the looks of a person. And then, he opens his mouth and you know for sure that is someone you don't want to be around at all. I don't think I ever heard one thing he said that was remotely funny.

1430 days ago


Another male that begins to believe he is really adored by fans!!! Now that he's a legend in his own mind, he forgets that when he was nothing, and when his body was failing him, his wife gave him another chance at life with her kidney!! He has it now, she can't get it back from a lying cheating narcissistic egomaniac! He believes all the crap the hangers-on tells him when he's on top!!! No one gave him life, though, but his wife. He Owes Her Everything!!! He is able now, and may want to screw eveything now, but he still owes his wife his life... I'll never watch such an ingrate on tv He doesn't deserve it

1430 days ago


Wanted to see where he would go with his fellow cheater David Arquette. George isn't wearing his wedding ring and tried to get a Laker Girl to sit with him on this sled in a lame skit but she didn't. He said he needed cheering up...yeah you'll get a lot of cheering up from all those hanger on wannabe sluts but not from anyone else...but that is who you deserve!!!!

1430 days ago


My bet is that he is kicking his wife and the 1 kidney she didnt give him to the curb for Sandra Bullock. Sandra is loaded!! And they can raise her new adopted son together. Like a league of nations! George was the first one in the door when Sandra found out about her husbands cheating. He made his move! Im sure that Mrs. Lopez knows she cant fight Sandra with all of those millions and a new baby to grease the pot!

1430 days ago


Right, like Sandra Bullock wants another CHEATER. And one that cheated with paid whores! what you will see is Old George making a fool of himself at the Playboy Mansion or some clubs on the Strip. Places he is too old to be in but he will think he is cool and go!

1430 days ago


His comedy and personality is forced and contrived - and not funny at all. He does not seem authentic (or talented, for that matter).

1430 days ago


*His doctors had told him in April 2004 that he was going to require an organ transplant but he postponed the operation until after finishing the 4th season of George Lopez so as not to hurt the 170 people who worked on his show.
*Ann Serrano Lopez serves as the Principal of GEORGE LOPEZ PRESENTS so yes she will get and still make money. BTW She is Cuban and has never spoke of his comedy making her uncomfortable

1430 days ago


I have a hunch he is really hard to live with. Nothing to base it on, just a hunch after listening to his show.

This is a long term marriage. They both have a lot to grieve over here.

1430 days ago


man i would be pissed off to the point i would think about killing him.
if i gave someone an organ to keep them alive i would freak out if they wronged me.

i would see it as they owed me their life

1430 days ago


OK, but who'd ya rather??

1430 days ago


The least funny person on TV. The whole bit of making fun of your own race was done in the 70's by Richard Pryor. Lopez is a hack. His show blows. I literally have to turn the channel from TBS when his commercials come on. I tried to watch his late night show, but all his interviews w/ big named guests turned into an "all about me, me, me, tell me how we first met, how when I was working so hard to make the biz. me, me, me!" And by the way, what is the whole raise your eyebrows as high as they go, open your eyes as far as you can, and tilt your head to the left deal? I don't get why people in the audience laugh at that. They obviously hit the applause button. That his whole unfunny shtick, and it is not the least bit entertaining.

1430 days ago


I bet he is dancing in the streets right about now..what an ugly beast

1430 days ago
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