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Oksana's Manager: She 'Pushed Mel's Buttons'

11/24/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man Mel Gibson hired to manage Oksana Grigorieva's singing career claims she's a two-faced opportunist who was constantly "pushing [Mel's] buttons" ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Michael Lustig submitted a declaration for Mel in the child custody case -- in which Lustig claims despite Mel's efforts, Oksana never showed an ounce of gratitude.

In the document, Lustig states, "In my experience, Ms. Grigorieva's disposition is generally anxious, depressed and uneasy, and she constantly 'digs' at Mr. Gibson and pushes his buttons."

Lustig adds, Oksana would become a "dark" person when she would argue with Mel  ... noting he could often hear her yell at him ... and her words were "sharp, pointed and nasty."

As for little Lucia -- Lustig claims he once advised Oksana to cancel a trip to Moscow because of a terrorist attack in the city ... but she left Lucia behind and traveled anyway.

Oksana survived the trip.  As for the custody case ....

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Jus Another Viewer    

Still to THIS day you can look @ her and see she is VOID of emotion.. She still seems to show No gratitude, humbleness, humility, Nodda, Nuttin..
I do however see GREED, Spite, and a scorned woman who is using her child as a weapon (as she did before with Tim Dalton's kid) She is Evil through and through... How Mel ever felt ANYTHING for this ameoba is beyond me.
But he was a very deeply hurt man. And she was just a BITTER BEOTCH! (Get that baby from her Mel so we can send her to jail, and deport her!)

1392 days ago


If she is in fact a legal citizen it can take years to deport her.

1392 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

Everybody has an opinion. I wonder what Mel Gibson did for him to obtain his "opinion". I'd bet it was something real nice.

Posted at 12:48 AM on Nov 24, 2010 by JLS

I bet he did nothing and the guy wanted to speak. In fact, I reckon he paid Mel to write this statement.

So who wins. Does my stupid delusional statement beat yours? Probably not. I'm an amateur... your a pro.

1392 days ago


If Mel didn't have TMZ as his publicist we'd never know all this inside stuff. Lustig is on Mel's payroll, too, lol.

1392 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

If she is a convicted felon they can deport her directly from jail. Harvey coveredthat question one day (recently) about her citizenship. As fas as EVERYONE who has spoke of her legal/illegal status - NO one seems to know. All believe she 'was ' here on an "Entertainment" VISA.. But it would have ran out by now.
Anywho.. WHEN she is convicted, SHE can be deported Straight from her jail-cell.
While Mel and the Gibson family raise baby Lucia like a little princess, Octosana can eat the "Dog-food" in jail, and wait for her "welcome Home" ticker-tape parade back home..
..I.. -_- ..I..

1392 days ago


I guess everyone is on Mel's payroll, even Oxy's lawyers cuz he is paying for them too!

1392 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

If Mel didn't have TMZ as his publicist we'd never know all this inside stuff. Lustig is on Mel's payroll, too, lol.

Posted at 12:59 AM on Nov 24, 2010 by marymac
and so are most of oksana's lawyers? So your point is? Are you calling the guy a liar? Do you think he and Mel have conspired to destroy Oksana's career? What is it you are trying to allude to?

1392 days ago


I'm sure poor, romantic Mel initially thought Oksana was very mystical, and mysterious. A victim of her origins. Later, he probably cajoled her out of her sullen moods by playing pratical jokes (she's quoted in an interview saying what a great practical joker he was, and how he made her laugh so much). Perhaps he couldn't believe his "luck"in finding a soul mate willing,indeed eager to join the Catholic Church.

As painful and expensive as the legal battle may be, I'm sure it pales in comparison to Mel's realization that he has fathered a child with a deeply disturbed, serial emotional abuser. One who would leak his most intimate love letters to the public. One who is raising their daughter and instilling in her untold neuroses, even psychoses.

The problem/benefit? with spotlight seekers like Oksana is that they soon become consumed by the very spotlight they seek.

Welcome to la-la land Oksana. You're about to get your ass kicked BIG time--by yourself!

He probably fell for the Catholic-to-be

1392 days ago


Thats the problem viewer, nobody knows how she is here. They have said several different things on live including that she was married to Dalton which of couse was not true.

We just don't know...but boy would I like to.

1392 days ago


Mel's is Jan.3
three days before the fight on Jan.6

1392 days ago


Priceless - absolutely Priceless! It was and always has been about HER but I guess we always knew that all along. She is spiteful and just downright rotten to the core.

Now lets see, not only was that trip paid for, it gave her an opportunity to deliver the "original" recordings to "sissy" and and while she was there put on a grand performance for her charity while she pocketed proceeds (if any). And we can't forget, she also had time to purchase (pre-purchase) a shiny new Mercedes. What a sham bitch of a life. I'd deck her too if I had the opportunity.

1392 days ago


What a troubled and sad life these 2 children are subject to everyday. Not knowing what mood the so called mother is going to be in second to second.

Very freightening no wonder baby Lucia changes as soon as she goes back to Oks. I bet Lucia can't wait to run never mind wake away.

God Blessed baby Lucia with the perfect father in Mel...

1392 days ago


Hey autbabs, she bought the Mercedes in Russia? For use there or to bring it back to the US? Didn't know that!

1392 days ago

little aussie reader    

"Lustig claims he once advised Oksana to cancel a trip to Moscow because of a terrorist attack in the city ... but she left Lucia behind and traveled anyway."

How instinctively maternal of her!

1392 days ago


Hi/bye little :)

1392 days ago
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