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Ronni Chasen Left Millions of Dollars in Her Will

12/2/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained a copy of murdered publicist  Ronni Chasen's will and other documents -- which estimate the value of her estate at $6.1 million ... and she intentionally stiffed one of her relatives.

Ronni Chasen Will

In the document, dated June 10, 1994, Ronni left her playbill collection and other memorabilia to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, provided when it's publicly exhibited she gets credit -- "from the collection of Ronni Chasen."

Chasen was charitable, leaving $20,000 to Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc., $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation International, $5,000 to Women's Cancer Research Foundation, $5,000 to the American Film Institute, $2,500 to the Gilda Radner Cancer Program and $5,000 to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to supporting documents, another will was prepared for Chasen in 2006, but it has not yet been located.  Lawrence Cohen, Chasen's brother who is applying to be the special administrator, says he believes the will may be in a safe deposit box.


In the 1994 will, Chasen left 3/4 of her estate to her mother, but her mom since died.  Given her mom's death, her niece, Melissa Cohen, gets a huge chunk of money and the charities listed above get a substantial amount of money as well.

And small amounts of money go to Big Sister Volunteers of Los Angeles, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Apparently Chasen did not like one of her nieces much -- she gives $10 to Jill Gatsby, stating, "I have intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10."


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good for her! why leave money to ungrateful relatives?? see more sense of "entitlement". that's whats wrong with this country. everybody thinks they are owed something.
leave it to causes and animal shelters!

1421 days ago


Keep in mind, Jill Cohen is the daughter of Larry Cohen the film producer and is probably a bazillionairess anyway.

Perhaps this is not a snub at all. 6 million is probably chump change to Ms Gatsby Cohen where as teh other niece is 'normal' and could use the funds.

1421 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Actually, Alyssa, she gave at least $7,500 to Cancer research. The Gilda Radner Foundation is also for Cancer Research, and while it doesn't specify an amount, it says she also donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - which is for kids with cancer. And who knows if or what she may have given to these charities during her life. So, don't get your panties in a bunch. Its more than you probably will give.

1421 days ago


The stiffed neice, Jill Gatsby, has a film in post-production that was written, produced, edited, and starred by Gatsby. "The Torture of Delva Mills" (2010).

1421 days ago


So, you have no one in your life that you'd prefer not to leave money to, if you have money to distribute after your death? What a sad society this is: just because someone is famous or has a lot of money doesn't mean they aren't just like the rest of us, with family problems, pet peeves, etc. There are so many gray areas in the lives of every person on the planet, do we really have a right to judge others? This is just jealousy, I guess. And she's dead now, so...

1421 days ago


Okay, if you don't want to give your niece anything, then don't. But to put that statement and offer her $10 (like she would take it) is just not a nice thing to put in your will. I'm sure she didn't think her death was going to be infamous, now it is and a lot of people will remember her with that statement in her will.

1421 days ago


also want to add the amounts she left for charity was based on her knowledge of her estate back in 1994... that's 16 years ago, it wasn't worth 6,1 millions back then! And even so, that's a lot more than most will leave to charity in a lifetime.

Posted at 1:11 PM on Dec 2, 2010 by yup

you were the first to notice that the date of the signature is 1994, not 'recent' by any means

as for the $10.00 to the niece -- there is suspect #1


1421 days ago


Don't get revenge using the will..PERHAPS that's the reason for her horrible death!

1421 days ago


Kudos to her the way she has distributed her will.
Jill Gatsby bio

Biography for
Jill Gatsby (I) More at IMDbPro »

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Daughter of Larry Cohen.

Her dog is named Twiglet.

Toured the United States for the 9/11 Memorial in 2001 as a singer/songwriter. She and Billy Wirth produced the tour.

Was a member of The Big Apple Circus in New York City from 1978 to 1980.

Worked with Sanford Meisner for 7 years. She founded and produced the Sanford Meisner Center For The Arts and privately coaches actors in Los Angeles for film and television.

1421 days ago


That's one less jew out of hollywood.

1421 days ago


Jill seems to be very into horror movies :

The Torture of Delva Mills is in production and we should expect to see it out in 2010. It's about a ski-masked maniac that kills apartment complex tenants with the contents of a toolbox. In 2005, Jill directed XIS, a terrifying short horror film about a serial killer and his victims, and she co-produced the horror movie Captivity in 2007.

1421 days ago

Sad sad    

Need to see the current will for something to go on. If someone killed her for $ It's who's getting the payola. Not saying that's what happened but maybe it's an angle they are looking at. Who knows.

1421 days ago


These dumbazz comments kill me! it was HER money to do as she pleases!
How do you know her niece isn't some selfish entitled individual who is a despicable human being and her aunt left her just that amount to tell her how much she dislikes her? how do you know that was all her niece told her to leave her since she is a billionairess anyways?

and how do you people know whether Ronnie was a regular gifter for those charities and had already donated millions over the years!!! How do you know that there isn't more recent will somewhere that may change all of this?

Please, think before you post! Afterall, it was her money to do as she pleases through her hard dedicated work! i bet none of you have left at least 1-100$ to charities in your wills!!

RIP Ronnie! Hope they catch whoever murdered you if that guy who killed himself had an accomplice!

1421 days ago


I'm assuming you guys don't pay attention much. This is the will from 1994 when she left 3/4 of her will to her mom. But since her mom died the other charities will get a increase because the mother is gone unless their is another will with a specific dollar amount as to how much they get.

Leaving somebody $10 allows them not to contest the will for more money. Interesting I wonder if the $10 will be enough to cover the gas money for her to go pick up or cash her $10 check LOL!

1421 days ago


Who cares about the niece, I am noticing what a cheap ass she was, leaving so ery little(proportiate to her estate size) to some very deserving charities. I thought the whole point of putting charities into your estate planning was because you cared about them enough to leave them a nicer part of your legacy. No offense, but those numbers taken into account her estate size are typically annual donations, not a legacy gift reflective of your life's wealth and savings.

1421 days ago
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