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Bristol & Mark -- In a NYC Groove

11/24/2010 1:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

"Dancing with the Stars" third place rump shaker Bristol Palin was spotted with partner Mark Ballas hustling through the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas

These two move quick.



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Publicity seeking Bristol? I have no opinion about her - good or bad - but only publicity I saw during her stint on DWTS was TMZ shooting her butt (at least a couple times a week) as she got out of her car to go to practice. Did she call you guys to be there? Unless I missed an episode of TMZ she normally didn't say much to you. Now if only you'd stop following Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson & ex-girlfriend & Charlie Sheen boring & repetitive stories. Love you all at TMZ but am getting bored with same old stories.

1375 days ago


Why is she still fat? She's not. She's quite normal. The better question is why are you such a #?*@()g idiot?

1375 days ago


TMZ; shame on you.

1375 days ago


TMZ; Bristol isn’t “hustling for whatever last morsel of good press she could muster up”. FYI dear hearts, for the last several years GMA has had all of the finalists on the morning after the show.

#11 (Amanda) You ask who’s taking care of her baby? Why aren’t you asking who’s taking care of Brandy’s child? You call her a fat slob? Why hasn’t anyone made mention of the fact that Kyle didn’t lose weight during the competition?

#27 (yomama) “...not twits that are trying to ride an unplanned pregnancy and their mother's coattails” Well at least she didn’t lie about being married, "starred" in a reality show to capitalize on her daughter’s birth & her “marriage” in order to protect her image. Some role model.

1375 days ago

Democrats are evil    

The slugs that talk trash of Bristol are obviously the liberal Dems that we have all gotten to know so well. These are evil people and this is what evil people do. If you don't know that by now, learn from this and get used to it. Anger and hatred feeds their soul. They hate you, they hate religion, and they hate this county. And oh yes, they hate Bristol Palin.

1375 days ago


Id rather see her mother in the white house
than rabid drooling morons who attack a child
because they disapprove of her mothers politics.
This girl did something most of you wouldn't dare to
and she did it with style and grace in the face of mean spirited comments and threats how would you haters like to have your families
attacked by people who didn't car for you people should try
to have some manners and treat everyone with courtesy.

1375 days ago


Ha Ha Ha!!! The Palin gene needs to be wiped off the face of the earth! Steralize these morons please!!!!! I know DWTS is all about ratings, but Really? This repugnate bunch of moose humping morons? couldn't you get Adam West back in a Batman suit and do the "Bat-osie"? He can dance 100 times better than that blubborous B*tch! :-))

1375 days ago


it was the clothes they put on her that made her look like she was graceful and moving... That girl was as still as a board on that dance floor.... and if you are going to put urself in fromt of the media with the lack of brains(mom) and no dancing talent (daughter) and still rack in the money be ready to take some heavy criticism you are bringing what u believe u have but dont....

1375 days ago


good, we don't have to see this pig on TV anymore.
unfortunately we still have to see her redneck mom

1375 days ago


Hey #99 you are a big time winner... I guess we should thank you for the Super Duper Job Obama is doing.

I bet you are on welfare and like getting handouts.

Keep up the good work!!!

1375 days ago

Robert Di Prete    

Although I only saw clips of the show, I think some of the dance routines that she did were provocative and suggestive, not conducive to advocating teenage abstinence. I understand her desire to come out but I feel she sent mixed feelings. The other question is ,as someone else asked, when did she spend quality time with her child? Where does Levi fit in with this child? He was no where to be found. I understand his frustration with the Palins, after all, they put this guy in a difficult position, whether you like him or not.

1375 days ago


go home and raise your kid... and lay off the buffet line

1375 days ago


Question for republicans,

Why do you think ONLY you love your country and constitution? So, you have to be of one belief system or you're a rotten American....What a STUPID thing to say! I hear/read republicans saying it all the time......

1375 days ago


I wish Crystal well. She is still so young, and is still maturing and still has yet to grow a thick skin, which is sad in itself, that any of us had to grow a thick skin because our society and culture can be so cruel and mean spirited.
She wanted to win so badly, because it would have been her "revenge" against that jerk ex boyfriend, Levi. He really did a number on her, hooked back up with her, knowing she still loved him, and wanted him to be a family with her and the baby, he used her for publicity, then cheated, then dumped her. She wanted to win to say, "see, I am somebody". It would have boosted her self esteem so much. Mark mentioned she is really shy, and had/has low self esteem. With Sarah as her mom, I can see why.

1375 days ago


Is it me or do these 2 seem to have something else going on behind the scenes? They seem a bit "clingy"

1375 days ago
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