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Bruce Jenner

Man Bitch ...

Or Just Happily Rich

11/24/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Either Kris Jenner has her husband whipped beyond all recognition -- or Bruce Jenner is just passively enjoying being head of a disgustingly rich family ... then again, it could be both.

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MamaPIMP sneaks around behind his back, lies about it, and when caught, gives him nasty skanky sex. She is the rotten apple in that barrel, makes money by whoring and pimping out herself and her kids, and now her grandson. Wonder how much Kourtney and the father (whoever he is) got for producing a kid to fit into the script. Hope Scott (if he is the father) had DNA done before they nail his azz for 22 plus years of child support.

1427 days ago


MamaPIMP is the rotten apple in that barrel. She whores and pimps out her entire family, including the grandchild, for money. She lies to Bruce, and when she gets caught, uses skanky sex to keep him under control. I hope Scott had DNA done before he gets stuck with 20 plus years of child support. Wonder if there was a financial 'reward' given for producing a kid for their show.

1427 days ago


Robert Kardashian was OJ's lawyer. This family was extremely wealthly long before Kim's sex tape. Ray J was a celebrity sleeping with a rich middle eastern girl named Kim K. Why does noone know this?

1426 days ago

John Jr.    

Honestly, how can he 'comfortably' raise his two youngest girls
,Kylie and Kendall around Kim and Khloe, Kourtney is the only responsible one that seems to have any kinda "common sense" when it comes to the 'real world', not Calabasas/Wonderland!!!
For a man to put up with the amount of crap he does, he must have everything that money can buy...and then some, just to put up with Kris Jenner, his cougar wife who gets drunk and acts just a slutty as Kim and Khloe, then laughs off her ignorant behavior as just having fun, blah, blah, blah...grow up already woman!!! As far as parenting goes, Bruce is the ONLY one who tries to lay down some simple/basic rules around the house only to have them dis-obeyed time and again. Then mama Kris, acts all high and mighty and makes Bruce feel like the heavy, while she bonds with the 'girls'!! Sex tapes, the language used by these so called ladies, would be enough for me to get my girls out of that atomsphere. Hey I know that they are family, but these are young impressionable girls with alot of money and access to anything they desire...let's just hope that some of Bruce's genes start to dominate in the brain, preventing these two from making a mistake that will harm them.

1423 days ago


God, I wish I had a husband like Bruce Jenner. He is in a Female Led Relationship(FLR). Most men who are in FLRs are middled aged RICH powerful successful white Men who have influence and authority in their career but want their wife to control them sexually, emotionally,physically and physcologically. They are sharks in business but submissive to their wives. The act of submission to their strong wife makes their **** hard, and the wife gives them explosive orgasms. This lifestyle is really private between some powerful men and their wife. Interestingly, powerful submissive men enjoy the tease and denile from their wife. Not only does the wife control his mind but she controls his ejaculation. With the use tease and denile she will be natually ****ing him into his 80's. Meaning in his 80's he will still have an erection and produce sperm without viagra. Viagra is not needed for these men. Typically, these iron men are strong and successful with a intensely passionate wives that weaken him with her willingness to take ownership of his soul. BUT don't think he can not resist. It is that he does not want to resist. Conversly, he wants to let go, he wants her to own him, and fill him emotionally and sexually. Carry Grant was a submissive who had his first child at 80 years old without viagra; because viagra had not been invented yet. Kris Kardashian is clearly a tiger woman. Bruce Jenner is no man-bitch. He is all man. I love that he makes no apologies for relationship with his wife. Moreover, I find that insecure men impose their patriarchal dominant approach on their wives to feel important in front of others. They that are the man-bitches. A rich, confident, sexy, tall, accomplished and successful man doesn't have to answer to anyone. What authority he gives to his wife is his business. Trust me, he is allowing her control him. He is not like a submissive woman where she has no other choice but to be dominanted info forced submission. This is a psychosexual pleasure for him. Remember, Bruce Jenner left his first wife, a blond haired blue eyed swedish model, for Kris after only knowing Kris for 5 months. He craved that FLR then, as he does now. Clearly Kris is doing it for him! He looks happy as hell. So all you broke unsucsessful haters sound like fools critizing Bruce Jenner. The man lives the life, he plays golf every day and chills in his HUGE mansion while you are living pay check to pay check complaining. That is funny. Kudos to the Jenners for keeping it real, th REAL MEN should. Love it!

1374 days ago


I diagree, Im pretty sure Bruce Jenner had a few dollars of his own,entering the Marriage,Maybe his money was depleted on the way to the girls making fame, I wouldnt under estimate Bruce,seems very intelligent,Excellent Character, Pretty sure he does okay! Seems that he is the glue holding the family together! Last thing the girls, well I mean specifically Koloe' shows her character,by the way she treats her wonderful Mother.Its Very Sad. Disrespectful..................

1370 days ago


I can't believe what I'm reading here. Maybe I'm in the wrong place.. lol. I'm a Kardashian fan.. I love them. The sisters are hot, classy and smart. They have their quarrels.. what family doesn't? but for the most part.. they are fun and lovin toward each other. Who in their right mind would not want to have a family like this? If you ask me, Bruce is one lucky man.

1217 days ago


they rich so get over it !!!

1190 days ago


He is a man on his own accomplished beyond anyone that thinks he is a man bitch. And just enjoying passively life as one should by at the least 60...... no worries no drama!

1162 days ago


Bruce is such a wimp. I think he stopped eating his Wheaties long ago. Week after week in a house full of manipulative Borderline Psychotic Disordered women. His wife, lying to him & then saying sorry on a weekly basis. The histrionics & narcissism of these girls. What little physical beauty they posses is eclipsed by their Cluster B Personality Disorders. Strip their makeup & you will see that they are hairy, weird looking, childish creatures. The man is in hell, he must have been really bad in a previous lifetime.

1162 days ago


if i remember correctly bruce has stated several times on the show how much money he paid out in order to marry kris.i like bruce but i think he's lost alot of his self respect and integrity with,khloe. i think he realizes that it's out of control kris's love for money and fame his only recourse is to stay and try to give kylie and kendall some kind of normalcy and values. bruce is the only one of the bunch that acts even embarrssed by their behavior on the show but is always out numbered. bruce has other children from other marriages as for as i know you never hear any negatives or bad publicity about them as you do with the kardashians.

1150 days ago


bruce has had way to much plastic surgery, his face has that shine to it, and stretched, you screwed up when you let your wife talk you into that one........

1145 days ago


Why does Kris Jenner have such a masculine haircut and then sports mens neckties and bowties ? Who wears the pants in that family?

1134 days ago

Shelley O'Brien    

Steford Husband!! No right, no nothing...Kris the bitch wears the pants and makes all decision..Kris treats her husband like a non-factor.

1057 days ago
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