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Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey


11/24/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After knocking off Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey last night, newly crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champs Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough showed off the hardware in New York this morning.


Ultimately, Bristol finished 3rd -- Kyle came in 2nd ... but we gotta ask ...



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Good going DWTS! Murderers? Brandy and Jennifer are the best they can do? They might want to check in with Rebecca Gayheart, Matthew Broderick and Laura Bush to see if they're available for the upcoming season.

1392 days ago


Nothing can change the fact that Jennifer Grey is and was a trained dancer.........ruptured disc or not it does not change the fact. Hell, I sprent the 5 of the last 7 yrs working my way out of a wheelchair from falling of a ten foot ladder and breaking about every bone in my right side of my body but it didn't make me forget how to dance I danced a mean Maca--whats-you-call it at my neice's wedding in the fall.

Kyle and Bristel are not !!!! They had to start from scatch so who is the better dancers Kyle and Bristal.

Jennifer Grey should not have been in a contest .

1392 days ago


If they are going to allow professionally trained dancers (Jennifer)on to compete against amateurs, we already know what the outcome will be. No surprise the pro won, and no need to watch the show.

1392 days ago


Wow what a great show - take "celebrities" that have had professional dance lessons all their life - Jennifer said that, not me - and team them up with a pro dancer ...

Holy Cow - the suspense!!! *snore*

Maybe next season they can team Janet Jackson up with Derek since she's never had "ballroom" dance. And bring in Kirk Douglas to add to the elderly bite they like to give against a pro dancer.

1392 days ago


I'm pleased that Bristol "The Pistol" as her mom so lovingly calls her DID NOT WIN! IMO, I think that it should have been Jennifer, Brandy & Audriana in the final 3! Of course that drunken tirade that Audriana's mom "spewed out" when Audriana was voted off was very tacky/unprofessional. Perhaps that is WHY Audriana was not on the 'Fianle Show' on Tuesday...probably still too embarrased about what her mom did/said! The DWTS officials said that Audriana didn't return b/c she was sick. Michael Bolton was reportedly out of the country performing (singing) somewhere. I'm glad that if Brandy didn't win ...that it ended up being Jennifer. Would have been cool if Kyle would have won, though. Just so that Bristol didn't win. She (Bristol) improved (as did Kyle) but not enough to be in the final 3 couples left!

1392 days ago

Shawn Bushway    

Nothing happened this season that was much different from past seasons. There were celebs with a little to a lot of experience matched against celebs without experience. People that should have stayed went home early and those who should have gone home early stayed. The only difference is that there was a political element added to the show (brought about equally from the left and the right) that ought not to have been there. Were this purely about dancing ability Donny Osmond wouldn't have won, Kelly Osbourne wouldn't have made it to the finals and Bristol would have left before Brandy. But this round of voting had nothing to do with dancing ability and as much as the people on the right voted for Bristol for reasons other than her dancing ability - the people on the left had every right to vote against her for reasons other than her dancing ability. I realize fairness is unique to this country but what could be more fair than that? Bristol was content to accept votes despite her lack of dancing ability and so she should have been just as inclined to accept that many would vote against her because of her mom. I think she showed class in defeat and that on pure dancing ability the right person won. Lets move on to more important things.

1392 days ago


Can't stand the BIOCH Jennifer Grey....what a phony middle aged has been !!!

1392 days ago

EZ Rider    

Um, "ballin'" brings to mind dancing of the horizonal variety rather than the vertical.

1392 days ago

No comment    

It is amazing that all these people are complaining about a stupid show. Do people even watch this stuff...who cares? This has been all over the television news show as if it is a big deal.

1392 days ago

yadda yadda    

While she was great, she was also known for dancing, maybe not ballroom, but she had some training. How is this a real show and fare when people who dance for entertainment purposes are put up against some who have never danced a day in their life and call it a competition? More power to her if she feels she really earned it.

1392 days ago


Katrina, at least they can dance. You can't even write a proper sentence. What the H___ is noon- dancers.

1392 days ago


Am ready to see what Derek will do with someone without prior dance experience - only time he's won is with someone with a dance background - even his little sister took two without experience and won with them - until he takes someone without a dance background and win with them, he's a wanna be.

1392 days ago


FOR KATRINA: ...what about the non-celebrity from Alaska who STILL can't dance???

I'm not so sure (after watching all seasons) that the point of the show is to choose celebrities who are not dancers. I think DWTS chooses celebrities who aren't thought of primarily as dancers...and people who are willing to put their lives/careers on hold for three months. All in all the seasons have been entertaining with tiny controversies here and there. When national politics entered into the equation, things got nasty--and ratings went through the roof. I predict we'll see more of this sort of thing. Annoying.

1392 days ago


There are such haters in this world no wonder our country is already reaching hell. People are so mean. TMZ helps this one along each and every day, sometimes twice a day. bristol was not an awful dancer. She got 9's. Jennifer was a beautiful dancer but came into it as a beautiful dancer. I think the Patrick Swayze bloc must have been voting for her. Hows that Harvey? Do you like that comparison. The judges made sure with always scorng Bristol 3rd she had no shot. Bristol actually was best dancer in the cha cha medley but judges couldn't risk it. Was so hoping all liberals would be crying their eyes out today and shooting up their tv's. Happy for Jennifer but she was great going in so no real surprise.

1392 days ago


thank god lardass didnt win..eerr i mean palin

1392 days ago
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