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Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey


11/24/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After knocking off Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey last night, newly crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champs Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough showed off the hardware in New York this morning.


Ultimately, Bristol finished 3rd -- Kyle came in 2nd ... but we gotta ask ...



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For #29
I know I made a typo, Bitch.
It happens, and I did what I could to correct it. Did you stop reading after post #1?

1426 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

54: LOL!!! I am sure you are the same type of crazy person who believes the world will end in 2012.

1426 days ago


I meant #27 is the Bitch. OOPS TYPO

1426 days ago


Brandy Wuz Robbed

But we're so used to seeing the entitled White princess get ahead with little effort it is par for the course.

She was so entitled, she actually believed she deserved to be there over the talented Black Barbie who's put in years of hard work in the business. She deserved to er waltz in there dancing half ass and advance more in life than the clearly better dancer.

This is a metaphor for the Black experience in America.

1426 days ago


As for some one that has been in the ballroom in real competitions and watching the Dirty Dancing. Jennifer Grey did not have the a strong background in dancing.She was as much a beginner in the movie. To learn to dance ballroom is better not knowing how to dance cause it is much harder for your professional teacher to teach you how to dance. If they start from the beginning level it is better to make you a good dancer. I feel that Jennifer Grey was a better dancer. She did deserve to win. To some us in the ballroom community we felt that if Brandy would have gone to the finals it would been a good competition to see. Brandy and Jennifer would have given us what real competition is about. As for Derek he is a very good dance teacher and would done good with a nondancer. As for Kyle he did good. Thumbs up for Kyle and Lacey. I have nothing against Bristol I think she tried very hard and I give her credit. The voting was what kept her there to the end. Bristol needs more lessons to be better. Her teacher Mark is a great one too.
Dancing is like a sport like when you watch football.

Congratulations Jennifer and Derek.

1426 days ago


I wish Lacey & her partner had won. Bristol...blech! She didn't have the talent, she didn't even look like she was having fun in that last dance last night...snooooooooze. Jennifer, I'm sorry...HAS dancing experience. She had Patrick Swayze as her coach & partner in Dirty she seriously had an advantage over everyone else (just like the figure skaters do when they compete). I also cannot STAND Derek Hough AT ALL! He looks so plastic, so fake!

Lacey...please dye your hair back darker. You look like you are trying to fit yourself into a cookie cutter "hollywierd" mold...and it sooooo doesn't suit you. Go back to your look on So You Think You Can fit you so much better. Please don't try to look like Julia, she looks as fake and plastic as her brother. (anyone notice her singing career is going NOWHERE??)

1426 days ago


Ummm... yeah, Jennifer Grey is a co-star of one of the biggest movies about dancing of all time, is anyone really surprised that she won Dancing with the Stars? Happy for Derek, though! Love you, Derek!

1426 days ago


To all the nay-sayers, where has it EVER been said that the contestants can't have any dance experience? ONE big scene in a 23 year old movie HARDLY makes Jennifer a dancer (btw, most people in show-biz have had some dance experience. So what?).

She has stated over and over that she's never been a "professionaly trained" dancer. Aside from one dance in one movie......

1426 days ago


I've never watched the show and never will, but I voted for them just to try and make sure that Palin wouldn't win. Politics works both ways.

1426 days ago


Was justice served? That is a stupid statement, Justice served? You people love dragging out the drama get over it all ready.

1426 days ago


Writing this again, and I didn't want Bristol to win. But, if it were up to the popular vote, I think she would have won. ABC should release home voter totals for each contestant.

1426 days ago


Wow - surprise! Jennifer comes into this with a dancing background and the judges were drooling all over her. Could she have milked her illnesses and poor Patrick Swayze any more? Personally, I was cheering for Kyle. He showed substantial improvement during the contest. Glad Brandi lost. Ultimate prima donna & spoiled brat. Leave it to some of you to play the race card. People who think they're owed the world come in all colors. And as far as the ignorant comments directed to Palin from not only bloggers, but also TMZ, I bet if her last name was Clinton all of you would be saying she was robbed. Do all of you realize how stupid you sound? It's a dance show - get over it! Also find it really sad the ridiculous comments made about showing her mother (aka Sarah Palin) in the audience. Didn't hear anything about Jamie Lee Curtis sitting there week to week cheering on her friend Jennifer. Double standards once again. Can't even watch a TV dance show without people acting like jerks. Thought we were over the hate speech (at least for a little while) after the elections were over.

1426 days ago


What do you expect? Jennifer is a professional dancer, performer and major prima donna. Could she have gone on any more about her lack of stamina and illnesses. Plus the judges favored her from the start. I was cheering for Kyle. He showed a tremendous amount of improvement. But the nasty comments by the public and TMZ are really disgusting. If Bristol's last name was Clinton, you would all be saying she was robbed. The personal comnents are really stupid. Even showing Sarah Palin in the audience was critized. She's her mother! Didn't hear any comments about the constant shots of Jamie Lee Curtis cheering on Jennifer. I think all the liberals (TMZ included) are just pissed off that Obama is such a disaster and they're taking it out on a 20 year old young woman. Chill out everyone! It's just a dance show!

1426 days ago


Listen "smelly" Katrina. Stop calling jennifer ugly because unlike you she is not. You made an error with your typo simply because you are consumed by hate most likely,besides you probably wished that the bear cub from Alaska would have been declared the winner...sorry that your thanksgiving dinner will be without the turkey.

1426 days ago


I can't believe all the stupidity shown in the remarks here. This is just a show people and they will do anything for ratings. Bristol was a good contender, pulled in viewers and made money for the network. She kept it classy all the way through the controversy of Liberals and their "if it ain't me, it don't count" mentality. Get real, get a life and leave the poor girl alone as she showed more class during this show than most of you will ever be able to the rest of your poor, miserable lives.

1426 days ago
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