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Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey


11/24/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After knocking off Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey last night, newly crowned "Dancing with the Stars" champs Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough showed off the hardware in New York this morning.


Ultimately, Bristol finished 3rd -- Kyle came in 2nd ... but we gotta ask ...



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tracy much hate spewed from the lefties. Read you comments people, you sound very mental and unstable.

1427 days ago


some of you people need to get a life. Jennifer was not a professional dancer, she had to learn a couple of dances for a movie....big deal, last dance classes she had was when she was 12 years old which was ballet. I have said this before, DWTS checks all this out. They don't get paid, they dance for charity. Jennifer deserves just as much as anyone else. Kyle deserves it and so does Bristol. It is suppose to be funnnnn. I suppose all that danced, got support for their charities...Marie Osmond danced for Miracle Children's Network.

1427 days ago


Actually she took 7 years ballroom training after Dirty Dancing. Check out her interview in Cosmopolitan June 2005.

1427 days ago


I agree 100% that this DWTS was an unfair match with Jennifer Grey's dancing background & dancing family. It just wasn't fair, no two ways about it.

It's not that she didn't do well, but she should have been competing with other women & men who had similar dance backgrounds.

So, NO, it wasn't fair at all from the get-go!

1427 days ago


I agree with #57. Why was Bristol on the show, she's no star. Her shy act at the start of the show didn't last long. I'm sure she's been on dance floors "shaking her butt and boobs" many a time and sat on men's laps in clubs. She had that baby, she should stay home and take care of it.
Brandy was way better than Palin, that was so unfair.
Nobody on the show was ugly, I agree with #58.
I enjoyed the skit with the 2 ball players, it was fun.
Congrats Jennifer.

1427 days ago


Wish Kyle would have won, he took the show for exactly what it was, entertainment....Jennifer, got on my last nerve and Bristol, well..can't say what hasn't been said before

1427 days ago


I really dislike Jennifer and her whole pity campaign. I'm sorry but if you hurt your knee you can't dance like that. Remember when she saw the doctor earlier in the season for her bad knee, that she couldn't put any pressure on? Then she came out and danced as if her knee wasn't hurting at all. If you pull something in your back or rupture a disc... you can't do 1/16th of the stuff she did last night. She's a fake... at least Bristol was real. Jennifer is like the really skinny girl who walks around saying "OMG I'm so fat" so people will in turn tell her "no no you aren't fat" but instead she kept yelling "my body is so old I can't do this" and then everyone would be like "Oh wow you dance wonderful even though your old and hurt". She went from a Doctor's office with him telling her she might not be able to compete to flipping, turning, and bending... I don't buy it.

1427 days ago


They couldn't let Bristol win, that would have ended the show.

1427 days ago

Denise Love    

People need to get a grip and do research about Jennifer Grey. She was not a trained dancer. Just because she was in Dirty Dancing does not give her a edge on the competition. She had a edge because she played a well loved character on Dirty Dancing. Give credit where it is due. She should have been a professional dancer because she is wonderful at it and she deserved to win DWTS. End of story.

1427 days ago


kyle should've won, he was not a dancer and entertained every time, jennifer had experience and she f'd up in their 2nd dance last night but still got 10's..the judges favored her from the beginning and obviously not enough people voted..not watching another season, all reality is not real, it's produced

1427 days ago


I agree from coment number 6, as this was riged from the start with the has been actor jennifer gray. this is why I am not watching dwts next year as this is to be a contest for all people that can't or never has danced to learn and take the prize. But each year thay put on the sluts like mel b, and arron andrewsmetc. clean up your act and make this what it is suppose to be. And make sure all the american votes are counted, and not like american idol has done in the past

1427 days ago


This show is about taking the NON-DANCER and making them a dancer!!!! Not taking someone who is trained in dancing has a Dad who is dancer making them almost as a pro!!! This was set up from the beginning. Kyle or Bristol should have won, they came the farthest and improved 10 times more than Jennifer. Jennifer better get ready for the nursing home the way she keeps saying @ 50 she is so OLD.....she just wants to hear people say how amazing she is for 50......what a joke this year and last season with Nicole winning, another trained DANCER!!

1427 days ago


lol... I knew the freaking crybabies would still be here bitching and moaning and spewing their filth.

Get over it already. She didnt win, be happy you got your way and move on.

Oh wait... you guys are terminally miserable.
Carry on with your hatred of all things that dont think the way you do.

bwahahaha!!! loved watching you guys implode all week.

1427 days ago


It seems that the producers did some fancy dancing of their own jacking around with all the different dances and the judges' scoring to affect the outcome. Not complaining! The results were right. But Maks & Brandy should have been in 2nd place and Bristol in 4th.

1427 days ago


come on everyone, we shoould be happy for anyone who won. lets face it dancing the way they did is hard enough, then put age, flexibility, choreography ect...into it. Tuff, for anyone who joins and competes and we should be happy for the winners regardless who they are, their background, who they are related to. It's a great show all around. Love it and it's prime TV.

1427 days ago
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