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Kanye -- Comparing Matt Lauer to a Child Abuser????

11/24/2010 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West went on another trademark rant last night -- unleashing about everything from Taylor Swift to George W. Bush ... and even took what seemed to be a serious shot at Matt Lauer.

During his concert in New York last night, Kanye brought up the "Today" show drama again (and his allegations that Lauer ran a clip from his interview with Kanye out of context) -- and made the following comment:

"Matt Lauer's not a bad guy I'm sure ... but if you are a child that's being abused by your parent ... or you are a girl being abused by your boyfriend ... the greatest win that you could ever have is for that person to hit you in public. You SEE! YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU!"

For the record -- Matt and the "Today" show insist they did NOTHING wrong.

As for Kanye, he also ranted about the infamous Taylor Swift moment at the VMAs -- saying, "If I wasn't drunk, I woulda been on stage longer."

He continued, "Taylor never came to my defense in any interview .. and rode it and rode it."

Check out the clip -- pretty crazy stuff.


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I believe this boy is mentally ill!

1430 days ago


have you seen that brute slap commercial... well this fool needs that bad.... this girl is beyond diva status... kanay needs to get a wig and put some nails on....

1430 days ago


Hes not lying.. come on.. if you dont agree with what he says, hes probably referring to you.. think about what your views on what you view are viewed as to other viewers in your view. think about it...

1429 days ago


Kanye is the biggest idiot, & always playing the victim. What an annoying loser. Why are people listening to his music, supporting him? America is so dumb feeding his ranting bull crap. What a joke.

1429 days ago


Longest I have ever seen him go without using "Auto-Tune".

1429 days ago

Beer Budget    

Just Shut Up! No one cares what you think you over hyped jack ass.

1429 days ago


If kanya had one wooden leg, he'd be "**** on a stick". If he had two wooden legs... He'd be a "waste of Wood"!!!!!

1429 days ago


OMG what a douchebag. He himself is the one at fault and Taylor is a victim. What the hell gave him the idea that taylor should defend him? This man is a piece of ****.

1429 days ago


ok, I get what he's saying at Matt and the media reshowing it over, and over, and over. It's like, if their intention was to 'miminalize' any hurt or pain over the incident, they'd not replay it, especially while doing an interview where he was being apologetic (for the 50th time) and moving on. Any fool realizes the media really didn't care about Tyler, they just cared about their ratings.

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1429 days ago

just me    

to bad he don't run off at the mouth when he is down South, wonder what those boys down there would do to his black ass

1429 days ago


can you say obnoxious???

1429 days ago


Hey Kanye since you mama ain't here to do let me slap you! PUNK!

1429 days ago

Robert Smith    

This douche bag is a sick excuse for a human being. His 15 minutes ended a long time ago. He needs to crawl back under the rock from where he came and realize the world doesn't revolve around what a piece of **** he is. Human sewage is putting it nicely.

1429 days ago


Kanye, its clear you need rehab. Lay off the sauce.....

1429 days ago


Kanye is a big douche, but what he said about the child abuser (minus the whole Matt thing) was dead on. IDK - that was me as a kid, and it struck a nerve.

1429 days ago
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