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Katharine McPhee -- Mile High Lawbreaker

11/24/2010 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" alum Katharine McPhee just broke a cardinal rule in the sky --  turning on her cell phone at 36,000 feet ... and even worse, she bragged about it afterward!


McPhee caught a flight yesterday ... and after the plane took off, she tweeted, "I love illegally turning on my phone when I'm still in the air ... makes me feel powerful! A tweet from the sky. Hello Atlanta!"

It's a big FCC no-no to turn on your phone after take off -- the penalties include a hefty fine and suspension of her cellular service.

UPDATE: McPhee's rep tells us, "She posted when we landed in Atlanta. She was trying to be funny but obviously some people missed the humor."

Joking about airplane safety -- always a good laugh ...


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Lets Be Honest    

If thats what it takes to make you feel "powerful" you have some issues that need dealing with.

1429 days ago


And if the plane had crashed because her cell phone interfered with the avionics?

I wonder if this **** would then tweet "I love crashing airplanes, it makes me feel like Mrs. Osama Bin Ladin"

1429 days ago

KT fr CB    

I guess that's one way to keep her name in the publics eye. Very sad.

1429 days ago


What a dunce! The reason they don't want you to turn it on you fool, is that it interferes with the plane's navigation! Jesus Christ, she is one stupid azz.

Dim bulbs like this can down an aircraft FULL of innocent people.

My brother-in-law is an AA pilot (for over 30 years) and he was really pissed at this.

1429 days ago


I hope they fine her and stop her cell service. Somebody enlighten her via Twitter. My God!

1429 days ago


Hmmm ... I thought you couldn't get a cell phone tower signal from that high up. Maybe the plane had Wi-fi and she tweeted that way. Also, the chances of a cell phone causing a crash are very small. The FAA bans cell phone use/electronics during take-off and landing mainly because they find people do not pay attention to the flight attendants, not really because of a risk to the aircraft.

1429 days ago


She's a dumbass! I didn't like her on American Idol. She can't sing. She only got so far because Simon thought she was purty. She's trash. I hope they fine her big time.

1429 days ago


"I'm so important the rules don't apply to me" she feels 'powerful' going right up to where a merging lane ends when everyone else is in que for like a half mile.

1429 days ago


If that's how she can feel powerful, then I feel sad for her. Either she has nothing going on in her life to make her feel good about herself, or better yet, read a book! It's time for a higher education; it's never too late to learn Ms McPhee.

1429 days ago


Pull her phone record and charge her for the offense. Who does this MORON think she is. Someone please send this to the FAA. Everyone know her face and make sure you're not sitting next to her! This during the holiday season and with all the TSA restrictions. What an ass****! Don't buy anything she is selling boycott her music see if that wakes her up!

1429 days ago


It doesn't matter. She is still HOT!!

1429 days ago


Aside from post #8, you people are morons. Having a cell phone on causes zero risk.

1429 days ago



1429 days ago


All that bulimic puking made her brain shrink...ditz!!

1429 days ago


Hey nimrods, if cell phones could cause a plane to crash, don't you think the terrorists would be using them all the time? The TSA wouldn't allow cell phones on the plane at all. The FCC is not in charge of anything on airplanes. They don't want you to use your cell phone on planes because it confuses the cell phone networks and billing systems of the cell phone companies. It's all about the $$$.

1429 days ago
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