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Lindsay Lohan -- Thanksgiving Day Freedom!!!

11/25/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman ... for around 15 hours -  LiLo got a one-day pass at Betty Ford to celebrate Thanksgiving ... in L.A. ... with her dad.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, she's leaving her sober living facility in Palm Springs this morning to make the 2-hour drive ... but she has to be back by late tonight.

We're told a bunch of Lindsay's friends are coming to dinner ... along with Michael Lohan.

We're guessing Dina Lohan will cook her turkey with the steam blasting from her ears.


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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I'll bet it will be a HUGH drug and Booze party-- Just what Lindsay ordered- Then she will cry when caught, like it ain't my fault!!!!!!

1437 days ago


This is wonderful! I hope it for real this time. Her Dad can help her if she is willing. Her Mom is not part of the solution. Hope those friends who are joining her are sober ones!

1437 days ago


Well at least she isn't with Dina, where she'd be drinking and drugging to her heart's content. HOPEFULLY her "reformed" father will keep her in line.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, y'all!

1437 days ago


Lets see if Dina can keep her mouth shut about LL and her dad having T day together if she can keep quiet, then there just may be hope that this family can be more friendly with each other I mean he has what 3 other kids?

If Dina starts w/her ML bashing, then someone needs help....aka DINA! Keeping her kids fearful of their dad because of her issues its effing wrong!

1437 days ago


It ain't Thanksgiving with the Lohan's unless everybody gets drunk and does a line in the bathroom.

1437 days ago


Michael Lohan often seems to be a bit of a jerk but I seriously doubt that he is the monster that Dina Lohan paints him to be. There is no excuse for one parent to poison the water about the other parent. Up to this point it has served Dina well as she has been the parent/control person. I would like to see LL learn to think for herself; get off of the drugs and booze; dump her mother or at a minimum stop supporting her; stay out of the clubs that she loves so much (they will only put her back on the pills and alcohol; and get her life back on track. I am a grandmother and not a special fan of LL's but at heart and when clean and sober she seems like a sweet girl. I wish her the very best and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

1437 days ago


Maybe Lindsey is starting to see that her mother is part of the problem. Michael may not be perfect, but seems like he is more stable than Dina, who uses Lindsey as her meal ticket, and has always denied Lindsey had a problem...,maybe she has one, too.

1437 days ago

Moe Green    

Enjoy the rum eggnog!

1437 days ago


Ali didn’t have Barbie dolls like normal little girls. Dina gave her children Michael Lohan voodoo dolls

1437 days ago

nusox n draws    

who is the young lady on the show who hides behind charles?

1437 days ago

Craig Vale    

Who said celebs get treated differently ? The authorities would let us all out for the holidays if we asked politley right? ......................................................Hello anybody still here?

1437 days ago


This has nothing to do with her family relations, they wouldnt let her out to play with her friends.
In fact, seeing that her old playmates will be there is a bad sign. The first thing you learn in Recovery, is to change your old playgrounds/playmates.
Treatment facilities are only as effective as their clients are willing. Has she gotten to the stage where she "Gets to stay sober" instead of "Has to stay sober" or worse: Gets to party as soon as she thinks nobody is looking, or has the assumed/legal "RIGHT" to drink and use. Phraseology is everything for an Alca-doper.

1437 days ago


I sincerely hope she gets "it".
I have been sober since the day I checked into a mens recovery home in Escondido, CA. That was Aug 11, 1994.
Not too shabby for a pig like me. I was worse than LiLo. It helps if you are there because you are hopeless and broken, rather than because the Judge sent you. She still had stuff and friends.

When we hit rock bottom, alcoholics and addicts tend to grab a jackhammer. Her 6 Hundred pound Gorilla isnt done with her; until she GETS to be in recovery, rather than HAS to be in recovery.

1437 days ago


Great post!
but we don't like her

Anti Aging skintone correction

1436 days ago


what is the story here??she has been leaving rehab like there is no tomorrow since she got sentenced to go.

1436 days ago
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