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Oksana to Mel: Don't Yell Like Timothy Dalton!

11/27/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson isn't the only one Oksana Grigorieva accused of flying off the handle. TMZ has obtained one of Oksana's emails which accuses her first baby daddy, Timothy Dalton, of raging.

The email obtained by TMZ -- sent from Oksana to Mel on January 8, 2010, just two days after their blow-out fight -- was admitted into evidence in the custody case.  

Oksana writes, "Lucy has been crying a lot.  She is jerking at every little sound.  She stopped smiling.  I hope there is no damage from ur violence the other night.  I'm very warried (sic) for her and Sacha.  He is acting out and yelling at me.  Since his father always yells and u yelled and hit me."


Sacha is the 13-year-old boy fathered by Dalton. 

TMZ previously reported ... Oksana had previously complained to Mel and her attorneys that she was the victim of Dalton's rages.  At the time Oksana told TMZ, "Tim is a wonderful father."

In the email Oksana ends by apparently referring to their January 6 fight: "Immagine (sic) what would happen if he tells his dad.  I could loose (sic) the custody and u will loose (sic) ur carrier (sic), and never work again."


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i wonder if the sheriffs dept has sought to interview not only dalton, but some of her previous marks she preyed on in the uk and russia.... i doubt at this point they would need to since they probably have gotten enough evidence to get the d.a to go forward in filing charges of extortion against her..... and if herzog is found to be part of it,...more charges will follow.... and if by some whacky chance listerman was and or is involved more and more charges will be stacked up.... and if ...and if... and if....

1423 days ago


hellnurse.....toss the little fishes back in hopes to land the big one hahahah

1423 days ago


Harvey where is the rest of the email?

Based on what's here:

Why wouldn't Alexander tell his dad? Was he told not to?

It doesn't say Dalton hit her but "yelled" at her. I will bet he already knew whatever was going on in that house wasn't good based on his son's accounts bc they share custody.

His dad SHOULD have been furious and so should have Alexander.

No question she should have lost physical custody which can still mean liberal visitations and some sleepovers (although the latter is questionable in this case).

1423 days ago


Why didn't Grigorieva tell the pediatrician about this?

1423 days ago

Lynn M    

Anyone notice that Oksana does not mention in this email that Lucia was injured in ANY way? I always suspected there was something Dalton was hiding from or else he would have stepped in on his son's behalf months ago. Why else would Dalton force his son to be around this circus? Can you imagine what it's like at home and school? Get him out of the pot, at least until the worst is over.

Actually, a good mom would have removed him from the situation long ago, if it really was as bad as she claimed. Talk about self-centered.

1423 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

Why didn't Grigorieva tell the pediatrician about this?

Posted at 2:33 AM on Nov 27, 2010 by Maya



1423 days ago


Why would Alexander be angry with Oksana? If she was beaten as she claims wouldn't he feel protective of her and want to support her and be angry with Mel? Unless he was angry with her for escalating the fight and she wasn't beaten? Just speculating, but this email doesn't fit with Oksana's later descriptions of what happened.

1423 days ago


someone or some have made mention about the possibility the d.a might throw out both the dv and the extortion cases... at this point i don't see how that could happen.

and the more these bits of info come to light the less i see the dv case of having a ice cubes chance in hell.

the extortion case seems to have a plethora of data to move forward.

i wonder what new name alexander will be going by after this is over....

1423 days ago


I would assume that the sheriff has spoken with Dalton but not prior victims in UK and Russia as they are slow in this investigation because of money and man power. Extortion is hard to prove --so depending on what is on her computer will probably be the determinative factor in whether they can go forward with the charge.

In the Letterman case, the extortionist was explicit in a letter -- demanding money to keep Dave's secrets private. I don't think there is that kind of hard evidence here. But who knows Herzog may have been dumb enough to do***ent the plan.

1423 days ago


Posted at 2:10 AM on Nov 27, 2010 by Sorntolc

Thank you Sorntolc for your pitiful attempt, really, at defendind that-which-cannot-be-defended.

This letter shows that Oxana started blackmailing and extorting Mel as far as January 8th and most likely earlier which probably drove him into the rage on January 6th.
Look at the ways in which she implies that what happens between her and Mel will come out through her son and not through her. She is both extorting/blackmailing but disowning responsibility of it in typical fashion.
Also, "Lucia stopped smiling"!!! Are you keeding me! How dramatic. Lucia was only two months old at this point but if you listen to her, Lucia has withdrawn into a deeply depressive state. I feel sad for Alexander who has had to endure and observe this s..t from his mother for thirteen years now.
To me, Tim is only coming out even worse in this email. I don't expect for him to fight Oxana like Mel is doing as this is a bruising battle for Mel and his career. But Tim could have found a way to show that his relations with Oxa were not that great: a) by not going to Lucia's birthday to begin with which he must know will lend credence to his supposed good relations with the devil. There are other occasions in which he acts (willingly or not) to support her portrayal in the media of the nature of their relationship.
I also feel that Tim Dalton could have done a better job of warning Hollywood about that she-devil he brought to Hollywood. I bet he never opened his mouth about her and allowing her to use her former relationship with him as her entry card into that society thrus entrapping men and after men. I can imagine that once Mel learnt that Oxa and Tim were together (she would paint it in a wonderful light to him of course) he lowered many of his defenses about her...If Tim had spread the word, some word, Mel could have been better prepared.

1423 days ago


hellnurse.....toss the little fishes back in hopes to land the big one hahahah

Posted at 2:32 AM on Nov 27, 2010 by wondering
Use the gold fish to catch the money shark

1423 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

Actually, a good mom would have removed him from the situation long ago, if it really was as bad as she claimed. Talk about self-centered.

Posted at 2:35 AM on Nov 27, 2010 by Lynn M
the money she gets from dalton is not much, but she's not losing that for anyone. As for calling Alexander a different name, she's just getting him used to multiple names early.

1423 days ago


how was alexander "acting out"? .... hamlet?

1423 days ago


It was said she did the same to someone else, looks like they are flushing out that someone else.
Also Harvey has the EXTORTION LETTER

1423 days ago


anyone wanna bet harvey has a copy of her sextape too?

1423 days ago
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