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Oksana to Mel: Don't Yell Like Timothy Dalton!

11/27/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson isn't the only one Oksana Grigorieva accused of flying off the handle. TMZ has obtained one of Oksana's emails which accuses her first baby daddy, Timothy Dalton, of raging.

The email obtained by TMZ -- sent from Oksana to Mel on January 8, 2010, just two days after their blow-out fight -- was admitted into evidence in the custody case.  

Oksana writes, "Lucy has been crying a lot.  She is jerking at every little sound.  She stopped smiling.  I hope there is no damage from ur violence the other night.  I'm very warried (sic) for her and Sacha.  He is acting out and yelling at me.  Since his father always yells and u yelled and hit me."


Sacha is the 13-year-old boy fathered by Dalton. 

TMZ previously reported ... Oksana had previously complained to Mel and her attorneys that she was the victim of Dalton's rages.  At the time Oksana told TMZ, "Tim is a wonderful father."

In the email Oksana ends by apparently referring to their January 6 fight: "Immagine (sic) what would happen if he tells his dad.  I could loose (sic) the custody and u will loose (sic) ur carrier (sic), and never work again."


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So, she might have been in the country for some time before she met Gibson but illegally. I know that most immigrants travel to their homeland at least a couple of years after they had landed here. It's very unusual that she had never traveled back to Russia prior to 2009 (or 2010) to see her family especially that she seems to have such a strong bond with her mother. She might have struggled financially but considering her claim of making "thousand of dollars" money was not the issue. So, what was the issue? Her immigration status? She might have been here illegally before she met Mel. But may be somebody else helped her? Her dentist? I heard they have known each otehr for 12 years. Dalton? Somebody else? It's important to know where she met Gibson (Icon) for the first time.

1425 days ago


@ V I couldn't find a residence for her through INTELIUS for NY (wondered if lived there under the radar?),

Don't even THINK about ever using Intelius. They rip people off big time by not delivering as promised. Their "public records" suck, their reps are rude and obnoxious. No wonder you didn't find any info on Ox.

I don't think Mel had sponsored her if her last theory is true. According to her last theory the first time she met Gibson was at the restaurant, meaning she had been in the country for a few years prior to this encounter (the max one can stay on a visitor's visa is 2 years). Her other theory though says otherwise specifically that she met him after the Icon had noticed her project she had made for some Spanish guy. Other sources say she had been in the US for at least 10 years since she has known her dentist for 12 years.

The first time she traveled to Russia was 2009 right? This means that she either did not have money to travel or didn't have the right immigration papers and would have had trouble reentering the country.

1425 days ago


I also suspect that Oksana has green card probably sponsored by Icon Production.
Q:Can one green card holder, if in fact Oksana does hold a green card, sponsor someone?
A: yes.

Posted at 8:00 PM on Nov 27, 2010 by marysyka

I don't think so Marysyka. Mel picked her up at the restaurant and I am sure she had been a resident by then. It takes a while to get a green card, and there is a procedure. You can't just ask for it but be legally admitted on the "right" visa and meet certain eligibility standards. She had been in the US for at least 10 years before she met Gibson, hadn't she? One can't last that long on a visitor's visa. So, who was that pespn who brought her in?

1425 days ago


Keep in mind that it is Oxtanic who says she met him in a restaurant. She should never be believed even in the smallest details. She was on the prowl

1425 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

Can somebody tell me when this circus will ever end. I'm surprised that someone hasn't come up with the idea of creating one of those awful reality shows. If so, no thanks - there's enough garbage on TV as it is.

1425 days ago


If you have a problem with all of the men you are with, maybe the problem is YOU!

1425 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

(Note to self)

Its time for Oksana to seriously put a lid on it and even learn to spell. None of this could possibly be good for anybody involved.

1424 days ago


A lot of her insane lies and hatred for Mel and his family by Oinky stems from the fact SHE THOUGHT ONCE PREGNANT WITH LUCIA Mel would marry her.

If you go back and read some of her interviews she was never interested in marriage but when Lucia arrived she changed her mind. She was clearly open to being married to Mel.
She has never gotten over the fact Mel was NEVER EVER going to marry her.

He never even wanted her to move in with him. She as I said earlier is very jealous still of the close friendship still between Mel And Robyn even though they are separated.

Robyn is still an investor or part owner of Icon and still will continue to be.
She still does charity work for the Gibson foundation and other work through there church.

Oinky has always been very jealous of the close bond as I said and as we all know has attacked Hannah Robyn and members of Mel's' family.
Mel did not ask Robyn for a statement before the judge, I believe someone stated he was quite emotional when it was read out.

Go back to a few months ago when Mel spent time with his family at Robyn's house, just s few days later she went to the press and told them Mel had someone ring her He was behind the threatening phone calls.

She loved being the center of attention while with Mel on the red carpet having his PR people run around after her, The dinners and dining out. Being photographed bu the paparazzi.

The chauffeur driven cars First class private jets.

All this is gone
She had told so many lies The public have turned against her because nothing is adding up.
This is another reason why so many Lawyers have jumped the sinking ship OINKY
SHE is not listening to them, following there advise.
Everyone knows she is using Lucia and she is only Interested in $$$$.
If you go back to the agreement she signed with Mel it clearly stated she had to provide 50% of the care and $$$ towards her daughter.

This means she has to get off her arse and get a job.
She expects to get millions just because she was with Mel for a year or so.
She has to get it through her thick head Mel is only entitled to pay and care for Lucia not her. Nor Alexander nor her Mother.
She is furious that what she had for a short time has been taken away and can't come to terms with that. Also the facr Mel finally twigged to what Robyn, his kids friends and family were stating about her.

I can remember reading from one site where She was always on at Mel to when was the divorce going to be finalized and how much $$$ Robyn and his Kids were getting.

1424 days ago

johnny b    

gyeez quite a piece this bitch is! unbelievably cunning!

1424 days ago


The reason why Timothy Dalton was chosen as James Bond because of Remington Steele. In the last minute, NBC renewed that series for one more year, so they had to keep Pierce Brosnan from that show. When Dalton decided to quit Bond in '94, the role was opened for Brosnan.

1424 days ago

Corey Stuart    

I'm just soooo tired of hearing about this bitch.

1423 days ago


Oksana is another one of these scary dames who deliberately gets pregnant by a celebrity...$$$$$$$

1423 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

She's SOOOOO ugly. How did both of these rich, handsome, successful guys end up getting mixed up with her?

1420 days ago


seems to me that this broad has the problem and probably drove both baby daddies up the wall... she should seek help!

1418 days ago
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