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Jen Aniston in a Bikini -- Something to Be Thankful For

11/26/2010 11:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston donned a purple bikini and spent her Thanksgiving in Los Cabos, Mexico with a few pals.

Say amen.


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@Arnie You don't really read well do you? I asked for consistency not originality I've read enough of your posts to not expect that. If you had any sense you'd know by calling you a little bitch on every post I am creating a theme. Illiterate little bitch.

1436 days ago


Oh is another one of her lame movies coming out? shes in a bikini.

1436 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Angelina Jolie >>>>>>> Jennifer Aniston

1436 days ago

billy cema    

I'm afraid that Mangelina has had a lot of plastic surgery. Her body is spindly. There are probably syringe needle marks all over.
Her trout lips could be her cushion if she ever was in a crash.
There, I've gone down to the level of all the Jen haters.

Jennifer Aniston is lucky to be free of Brad Pitt. She already said he's "missing a sensitivity chip". Actually, he's missing a lot more; like his balls, ever since he hooked up with Mangelina. And I seriously doubt he ever fathered a child.

You talk about Jen having a man's face. Well, check the womanly face of Brad Pitt, in "Interview With A Vampire". Also, there are a lot of pics of his womanly face. No wonder Angelina Jolie was attracted. It sure made Jenny Shimuzu jealous!

1436 days ago


And, they are 100% REAL.

She's beautiful, feminine, and smart but best of all, she's been somewhere in life and accomplished much.

She's not a young airhead with silicone breasts and implants in her azz posing for half naked pics each day to post on her Facebook page. You can be all of these things even if you don't see a plastic surgeon.

1436 days ago


She's a beautiful woman and a beautiful person, the haters are just jealous of her, and why keep bringing up the brad pitt thing? He's a lying cheater, he's not much of a catch and she's better off single than be with somebody like that. Way to go Jen!

1436 days ago

dale mayfield    

She's still a dime to me.

1436 days ago


If she is all that then why have so many men dumped her.
She don't dumped the men they get rid of her. Something is wrong with her.

1436 days ago


Good thing she put that hat on to cover up that ugly azz face.

Posted at 12:16 PM on Nov 26, 2010 by Jim
@Jim, you don't fool me. You're actually Arnie. You just changed screennames. Nobody else could possibly be that obnoxious.

1436 days ago


her implants look lovely but I never liked the phony washed out blond..Without her MONEY she is just another ordinary skinny, dishwater boring blond chick

1436 days ago


If she is all that then why have so many men dumped her.
She don't dumped the men they get rid of her. Something is wrong with her.

Posted at 12:25 PM on Nov 26, 2010 by Mar1
You can't possibly know who dumped who. None of us are in the relationship. We only know what's reported in the media...and you know how reliable that is!

1436 days ago


Let me change the channel and turn up the volume...Ridem Cowgirl!

1436 days ago


Karfew, I have to share the credit. I think I heaped a can of whop-ass myself. Already figured out that TiffC was another one of his screennames, but I think the brashness of "Jim" fits his m.o. as well.

1436 days ago


BORED TO DEATH! I guessed "Mexico" even before the photo took 20 minutes to load, thanks to TMZ's junk on the page. ENOUGH of the hair, the aviators, the floppy hat, the freaking swim suit. When is this woman going to get a life and perhaps make a freaking T-day dinner at her palace? She's got a stunning home, perhaps my most favorite EVER in Architectural Digest. You could not pry me away from it. And yet, here we all are, bored by the same old Cabo photos. And Cabo is a rat hole? Why go there? Why go anywhere in Mexico? Even JA has to go through the Cabo airport, which might as well be a third world unto itself.

1436 days ago


To # 102 and all the posters who think we / I are jealous.

No, I am not.

I am 46, have a great body and certainly can afford to go to Mexico at least twice every year, I do not.

I prefer to travel somewhere else every time I take a vacation with my husband and kids.

I just feel kind of sorry for her, she seems to be always alone, I never see her with her extended family on this kind of holidays such as Thanksgiving.

No, I am not jealous of her.

I have a wonderful husband who makes good money and two wonderful kids and a family who love and cherish us.

She had so many men these past years and something tells me that she has some kind of issues, also I really think that Brad left her because of those and because she did not want kids.

He found Angelina at the right time who was willing to give him the family he always wanted from a woman.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Be nice!

1436 days ago
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