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Kelsey's New Apt. -- More Room than Camille's

11/26/2010 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kelsey Grammer's new reported $6.5 million NYC apartment  comes with four bedrooms, stunning views and ... a slap in the face to his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer.

On a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille obnoxiously complained that the three bedroom Manhattan apartment she shared with Kelsey (prior to their separation) was too small.

Well, now Kelsey and his young girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, are one-upping Camille by one room and moving on up to a bigger, four bedroom apartment in the sky.

All's fair in love, war and real estate.


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Taylor Dadson    

Camille belongs in the crazy house.. However, shame on Kelsey for trading in his old working piece for a fresh new piece of fish. I assume he will be paying dearly for child support and alimony.

1429 days ago


i used to like kelsey, not anymore. his lack of public decorum is puzzling and,quite frankly, selfish. he's old and dried up and a taste of some young tight stuff has got him acting like a idiot!! GROW UP GRAMMER!!!!!

1429 days ago


at first I felt that Kelsy was such a dog to do this to Camille, but after watcing Real Housewifes...I do not blame him at all!! Camille is a true to the core b i t c h and about as phoney and fake as they come. She is def. boning that tennis who was being unfaithful to whom?? She thinks she is so amazing and incredible...but really she is a nobody and really a nothing without Kelsey. She is not very attractive but it is her personality that is truly hideous. She comes off as so stuck up and arrogant....yech! You go Kelsey enjoy a normal woman not some stuck up high and mighty b i t c h!!!

1429 days ago


I can't stand either one of them. Kelsey was good on Cheers & Frasier, but other than that he really isn't all that good of an actor. Camille is just someone who lucked out marrying someone famous & wealthy. One the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which I love. She keeps claiming she's her own woman and doesn't want to be known as Kelsey Grammar's wife. Then she mentions it in every sentence in every episode. The truth is, she is absolutely no one compared to the other ladies on the show. She uses her husband's name constantly to try to prove a point, doesn't work. Now that she will be a nobody yet again I can't wait to see how the ladies on RHOB rub it into this piece of trash.

1429 days ago


first of all Camille is a disgusting person. She is incrdibly vain (don't ask me why cause she is really fugly)...and arrogant and has no discernable likeable qualities or talents. He seems deepy relieved to be free of her. I want to feel bad fo her (Camille) cause Kelsey has seriosly lost that loving feeling for her and it is obvious from watching the Real Housewives...but every time she opens her mouth her arrogance and ego are just overwhelming...and I keep feeling for Kelsey and how the hell he put up with her s h i t for so long. I know everyone thinks Kelsey is unattractive but looking at Camille is no picnic either. Camille was a nobody until Kelsey married her, now she is extremely rich (no prenup...dumb move Kelsey)....and I believe she has been messing around on Kelsey also. She is obviously not loyal either.

1428 days ago


camille, is so boastful about she and kelsey grammers wealth and property on the housewives of beverly hills. constantly bragging. and always complaining that she is in kelseys shadow, now i guess her real worth will be shown. i wonder if kyles, husband is the realtor that he used? since she has the pecking order and said kelsey was high on pecking order and kyles husband who is a realtor is "only a realtor" and low in the pecking order. i think she appeared in 15 issues for playboy, but claims shes shy.

1428 days ago


Congrats on escaping from that block of ice Camille, Kelsey.

1428 days ago


She is just a biiitch. Wow, never, ever, have I seen such a selfish self-absorbed woman. I love when she tries to drop Kelsey's $3 words into her everyday conversation. ha ha ha She is such trash with a high-gloss paint job. Wow, thank God he was fresh out of rehab when he married her. Get rid of her. And she thinks she kept him 'sober', stupid woman, you didn't do that. I would pay her whatever it took, not to have to see her again.

1428 days ago


At first I was mad at him but after watching the show HE IS RIGHT...she is the worse of the worst. She's insulting, has 4 nannies for 2 kids, she's arrogant and just plain disguting..RIGHT ON KELS!!!

1428 days ago


Good for Ole Dr. Frasier Crane.........Why stay in a marriage with a miserable, self centered, egotistical witch. I tip my hat to you sir. You should of left her years ago but make up for lost time now brother............

1428 days ago

At first I thought Kelsey was despicable for what he did to Camille, but after seeing her and the things she's says on Real Housewives of BH, I can't say I blame him. She is a gold-digging, name dropping, self entitled snob who hasn't earned a penny of his money. Fact!

1428 days ago


After watching the Housewives show for the first time yesterday I was appauled at this Camille thing... She is sooo shallow, a bragger, a bully, a total physco path. No wonder he left her! He probably encouraged her to do the show so all could see who she is! Its is disgraceful that she "thinks" so much of her plastic and thin body that she couldn't carry his children? Her comment about Kyle and her husband in comparison to Kelsey was THE losest comment I have ever seen made on TV. Money or accolades does not make the man or the woman. Camille further contradicts herself by in the comment about Mauricio only being a local realtor and Kelsey being this that and the other -- WHY is CAMILLE bragging of Kelsey's achievements and person and not talking about her own??!!! Because she has NONE! she wants to be her own person and can't be! She is nothing without him because that is what she chose to become. She seems worthless, useless and I hate her eye motions and movements... She is not attractive inside or out! How he could have lived with that monster is beyond me! He poor mother. To see your own daughter turn into that must be the worst feeling on earth !! Over money?!?!?! Taylor on the show seems "almost" as phony and plastic. The other womanm Kyle, Lisa and Adrienne seem much more grounded, real and experienced in REAL life! This Camille is a monster! I cannot even believe that aired that stuff... it made for good TV but was sad and aggravating! And her kissing that guy Nickc who is married and throwing herself at him was harsh! She acts like a cheap slut in comparison to the other classier women! I also do not beleive for a minute that Kelsey said to get rid of Maurico as their RE agent! I think Camille is a huge liar and made that all up... She is the ugliest, most insecure poor excuse for a human being that I've ever seen... Adorable -- poor children!! Kelsey, get them away from her and take them with your new wife. There is no way there can be two Camilles in the world. SHE IS GROSS and I wish Kyle punched her in the nose!! She is a lying, deciteful, self centered physco path. Honest to God, the ugliest woman that I've ever seen in my life!

1428 days ago


Camille is such a self-centered b&tch! Complaining that an almost 4,000 sf apartment was too small. And she's always "tired" from all the "work" she does. Please! She has people managing everything in her life. She gets "tired" when they tell her what they've been doing for her. I can't believe Kelsey married such a tool.

1428 days ago


@ maryann -


1428 days ago


What has the world come to when you "think" your body is sooo great that you have to"hire" a surrogate to have your children?
Clue number one: YOU are obviously NOT the right person to have children in the first place!! Example: Camille who has four nannies and doesn't raise those kids anyway! can you imagine if Camille was your mother!!??? Second: the show is entertaining in its own way although the Taylor is somewhat of a crazy phony too! WHO no matter how much $$ you have spends $60...K on a 4 yr old b'day party? the little girl just wanted to come home to a hug, a homemade b day cake and some love.... Seems like the ol' basics are whats missing: as Lisa said "what happened to pin the tail on the donkey??"
The show needs to SHOW some REALITY at this point. Lets get Camille working at homeless shelter and with the thousands of underprivilegded in LA!! Taylor, she also needs to get involved at a local hospital and develope some real feelings and emotions... totally plastic....
Ladies: All the lip pumping looks bad... You need to get over it. Kyle is the most natural and beautiful it seems inside and out. I hope that Kathy Hilton is just like her... they are BOTH more realistic then some of the nonsense you ar seeing on this show. Its scary the way we live here in the US with all the poverty, homeless and sick. Its too bad we have nothing better to do with money than pump our lips, and throw million dollar b'day bashed for tots!! Those children would be served better with a home made cake and lots of love from the PARENTS instead of nannies! Why have kids?!?!?!?!
In a way, the show is offensive.... That Camille though -- my God! Kyle hit it right on the head -- GET HELP QUICK! She is a huge liar, a fake, fabricator and a derranged and damaged person. Watching her on that show yesterday was appauling! OMG!! Poor Kelsey... he lived with a real monster there. Someone please tell us on the show that the comment Camille made saying "Kelsey said we need a new RE agent.." was just more of Camille's self serving nonsense??? Camille needs to be locked up for evaluation and study!! Does she not see herself for what she is???? That body is nothing... has she looked around lately??? She doesn't know what a beautiful woman is.... and her inside's are rotted!

1428 days ago
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