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Kelsey's New Apt. -- More Room than Camille's

11/26/2010 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kelsey Grammer's new reported $6.5 million NYC apartment  comes with four bedrooms, stunning views and ... a slap in the face to his soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer.

On a recent episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," Camille obnoxiously complained that the three bedroom Manhattan apartment she shared with Kelsey (prior to their separation) was too small.

Well, now Kelsey and his young girlfriend, Kayte Walsh, are one-upping Camille by one room and moving on up to a bigger, four bedroom apartment in the sky.

All's fair in love, war and real estate.


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I used to think she was self absorbed THEN I realized she's the female version of Kelsey. Narcissistic, self absorbed and insecure and perhaps he thought he could fix her when in reality it was himself that needed fixing.
I wish her all the luck in the world and hope she's in a position to pi$$ on his ugly self in time. And for heavens sake step away from the mirrors for awhile. She should lavish that love on her kids. Money is all he has because his talent is miniscule.

1427 days ago


I think she has some chemical problems.If she is not on drugs,she needs to be.If she is on drugs,she taking too much.

She also has crazy eyes.When someone's eyes are open and you can see white all the way around,you need to back off crazy eyes.....

1427 days ago


The first I heard that Mr. Family Values Republican with 2 children was cheating on his wife, I was disgusted--still am about that--bad example for the children. And I felt sorry for his wife. Then I saw RHBH and wondered why he was with Camille as long as he was. She's desperate and extremely insecure--to the really annoying extent. She likes to get attention, even negative attention, and is skilled in tricking herself into believing that she has something to be righteous about. She likes to create drama and be snarky. She's a very, very phony and unpleasant person. If I'd known, I'da warned him years ago---run, don't walk!

1427 days ago


ohh come on people! Camille keeps it real? Are you on drugs? There is not a real thing about her! Yes, as one of these comments says, her eyes bugged out a few times like she was going to loose it!! She is sooo insecure. She knows shes all plastic, is now old looking and can't hold a candle to natural beauties Kyle and Lisa! Taylor is not a good looking woman at all. Adrienne, however is too. Kim, well, Kim is Kim . . .
Camille is sooo ugly inside and out.. how he stayed with that phony baloney all these years is maddening to me. He has got to be half nuts by now. On the show, they had ZERO chemistry when she went to see him in NY and asked him for some sugar when she saw him! You could tell he didn;t want to know her.. He also said something VERY telling... think people CLUE CLUE "You can only hope the person you pick to spend your life with and marry is nice and decent!" CAMILEE IS NOT EITHER OF THOSE THINGS!! I think smart and shrews Kelsey set her up and knew he was leaving her... Putting her on that show.. encouraging her to show herself publicly made the world see what a deranged woman she is! KELSEY is a brilliant man. He knew exactly what he was doing. I just hope he has a heart enough to get those kids away from her! She is no kind of mother. Just thinking about what she said about Mauricio I will never forget! All Camille Ever did was take her clothes off! At least Mauricio earns an honest living !! CAMILLE
And Taylors blown up lips and
$60...K b day parties for a 4 yr old that wants to come home and go to sleep! it really sick! sick sick sick.. Taylor is not fair off from Camille! Her motto is she wants more! She needs more of a brain! daaahhhhh What a bimbo type... her lips drive me nuts! she is approaching old Lisa Rinna status before she had her lips reduced!!!!!! Girls-- lets see you all get real and work and donate to the soup kitchens. You are all out in left field and in competition!! Really nasty ... makes beautiful people ugly!!!!!!! CAMILLE IS REALLY NUTS!! THE EYEBALLS AND THE DRAMA>> KISSING THE MARRIED FRIEND ON THE LIPS>>> POLE DANCING AT 40... dissing Kyle and her husband.. Poor Camilles ,mother! yikes! I would be soooo ashamed... sooo ashamed of my daughter// what an ugly person she is! Camille is a legalized prostitute and slut.. couldnt carry her own children.. what was Kelsey thinking? Is this guy at all normal?!?!?!? you have got to wonder,,, and Kyle, give up the expensive kids parties--- bake them a nice cake and play games.. do something humble and low key for a change.. you might enjoy it more.. i know the kids will!!!! Ask Lisa!!!!!!!

1427 days ago


You would think that Camille (with those giant ocular orbits she has for eyeballs) would have seen how Kelsey appeared to want to crawl out of his skin to get away from her after his show. It was all so very Coyote Ugly and hilarious! She is a complete whackjob and I can totally see why he ran away! Perhaps Kelsey had the forethought to encourage her to be on the show in order to save his reputation by letting the public see what he's been dealing with....did he go about it the right way? Not really....but is there ever a right way when dealing with a situation such as this and the cast of characters involved?

1426 days ago


Camille seems quite "la-dee-dah" in her own mind..She is so self important it's disgusting..

1426 days ago


Kelsey was not right..but come on. How long could you take living with that self centered, illusional nut job. Watch the hwbh and see for yourself. She does need to watch her mouth..karma does come back and she will be hit very hard.
Pitty her..she needs major help.

1426 days ago


I don't think I've ever witnesses a more dimwitted woman as Camille. Those big lips that don't move when she talks because they are full of toxins. She is shallow, vindictive and extremelly jealous of the other women. The way she flirts with others husbands and dances like a stripper. She is trashy and was a stripper before marrying him. Kelsey has horrible taste in women

1426 days ago

Karen Rapp    

I used to like him on Fraizer... but ever since I saw he was supporting some kind of "conservative TV channel," I totally flip past any TV channel he is on. Won't even watch any of his shows anymore.
PLUS he looks old enough to be her grandfather. Isn't this just another case of him messing around with younger girls? How gross!!! He must think a lot of himself.

1426 days ago


That must be a mistake ... she must be his DAUGHTER, not his girl friend, right?

1426 days ago


I guess I'm in the minority that doesn't mind Camille. Kelsey seems like a major ****head so I'm sure there were a lot of things that went on behind the scenes we don't know about. I love, love, love, Kyle and Lisa, and I like Adrienne but her kids are obnoxious brats. I think Taylor is a pretentious phony and I feel so bad for her daughter she seems so unhappy, you never see her smile. Spending 60k on a "kids" birthday part (which was really for the adults) was just foolish.

1426 days ago



GO GET A J-O-B CAMILLE!!!!!!!!!!!


1426 days ago


Bravo to Kelsey, he looks like he is finally happy. How he stayed
so long with the vile beast, Camille is astounding. She is ugly
on the outside and inside. She has treated Kelsey like dirt,
almost appearing very jealous of his fame and talent, while at the
same time, showing off all the luxury homes, etc. She is and
will always be a two-bit gold digger, she needs to go back to
living the way, she did before she met Kelsey. Sadly, this
thing will get millions. I hope Kelesy finds true happiness,
he derseves it, after being with that vile beast, Camille.

1426 days ago


Kelsey Gramer is a far-right republican. This is typical behavior; similar to thrice-divorced Newt & Oxycontin Rush.

1426 days ago


You can't blame someone for getting out of a bad relationship. I am sure he had his reasons. But his handling of the breakup and his conduct after the fact has been absolutley shameful. It shows he has no class, no integrity and no character. Like a lot of Hollywood-types, he's jut an empty shell of a person for whom appearances means everything but substance nothing at all.

1426 days ago
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