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Willie Nelson

Busted for Pot

11/26/2010 5:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Music legend Willie Nelson was arrested this morning for allegedly possessing six ounces of marijuana.

Nelson was busted at 9:00 AM at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, TX. Nelson was in his tour bus, traveling from California to Austin, when he was detained.

He was booked into the Hudspeth County Jail on a $2,500 bond and posted shortly thereafter.

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1Monty Python    

This is exactly why Prohibition of Cannabis must stop! Who was he physically hurting? NO ONE! But he's out $2500 bucks! FOR WHAT?(not to mention officer time, court time, filing, etc...what a racket! The Cops,Lawyers and Bureaucrats are propping up a very EXPENSIVE and morally corrupt system that feeds on it's own citizens while they waste tons of taxpayer dollars through mismanagement(thedrugwar=failure)and build more Prisons! It's sanctioned "citizen abuse", a waste of time and resources, actually! Pot is here to stay! It's not going away, ever! Willie in 2012!!! (#1 Cash Crop in Ca.=MJ. #2=Grapes. The gov't. KNOWS" it is too.) Don't people see it's just a sick, hurtful, immoral and dangerous game they're playing on all of us! "Let us be Free to Decide for ourself's!" They're Vultures!

1391 days ago

big al    

What you need to realize is for Willie 6 ounces
was just enough for the trip.
Give em hell Willie and good luck

Posted at 4:57 PM on Nov 26, 2010 by stumpy


i don't need to realize anything. i'm not the one who got busted. i was simply stating fact. just because thats enough for the trip doesn't make it a smart move. i'm sure a guy like willie nelson could go to any state & do a show & get free pot from any of the fans at his shows. just saying.

1391 days ago


Nooooo, say it ain't so!!

1391 days ago


I once went through a border patrol checkpoint with an expired license, dead tags, and an expired safety inspection sticker. They only one that cleared me was the dog. I told the dog's servants I'd attend to other shortly.

1391 days ago

Helen Back    

If La Migra had a check point and where checking suspicious vehicles.They should have been checking for illegals ONLY! Wish they would just leave his pot smoking self alone.Puff,Puff,Pass

1391 days ago

Pat Dwyer    

LMAO....if there was a three strikes law on Pot; Willie would have been sent away along time ago...On the road again....tokin with my friends...

1391 days ago


Come on ! Only 6 ozs. ? I think someone was in the cookie jar ; )

1391 days ago

howie bledsoe    

How many victims have died due to this ridiculous drug war right there near that border in the last year alone? This is a slap in the face to every one of the innocent lives lost, not to mention a waste of time, tax payers money, and Willie´s precious time.
AND.... Dont mess with an outlaw! You go, Willie, smoke another doobie on the White house roof, baybay!!!!!

1391 days ago

cheryl Callahan    

let me understand 6 ounces on willie nelson, when here in butler county, ohio we have arrests with 100 pounds found on people or in houses. give us a break!!! if you want arrests for weed come to butler county , and help sheriff richard jones. that would make news not willie nelson and 6 ounces.

1391 days ago


YOU GO WILLY. That is BS. Why do you think he's lived so long...

1391 days ago


Was he in a tunnel? did he not pay taxes on the weed? Wake up America.... First Willie...Then you

1391 days ago


Willie Nelso? pot? I'm shocked!

1391 days ago

Dwyte Fry    


1391 days ago


Good Grief! Leave that man alone, let him smoke his weed, he ain't hurting nobody.
(the cop who filed the report must be the laugh of the day at his station)

1391 days ago


Seriously? Can't catch the millions of illegal mexicans? But you sniffed out Willie? Really...Get a life! What? Catching thoses fast ass mexicans is too hard? Don't want'ya to break a sweat!

1391 days ago
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