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Kim Zolciak

Real Pregnant,

Really Smoking

11/27/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Kim's rep just got back to us, and insists the photo was taken October 3, and Kim did not know she was pregnant at the time.

Kim Zolciak
from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a smoke break while watching an NFL game a few weeks back -- it wouldn't be a big deal ... but Kim is three months pregnant.

Here's the timeline: the photo was taken in Atlanta on November 7, outside the Georgia Dome. Two weeks later, Kim and baby daddy Kroy Biermann (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) announced they were expecting.

In case you're thinking "Maybe Kim didn't know she was pregnant when she decided to smoke" -- well, think again. Kim told a tabloid this week she denied the pregnancy rumors in October because "[I] wasn't through my first trimester -- you never know what could happen."



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Kendra Askew     

Kim is totally selfish and outrageous. What really do you expect she sets a terrible example for her daughter's now. She is teaching them that it is okay to settle to be second if you get paid to do so. She needs to go back to nursing and stop being Big Pappa's flunkly. Smoking while pregnant is the least of her worries. Really Kim... act your age and set an example.

1423 days ago


I don't care how much money this woman is worth. This is white trash.

1423 days ago


She is gross....

1423 days ago


Stupid cow i can believe she is not taking care of herself and hber baby probably BROKE AND NEEDS MONEY AFTER BIG PAPPA LEFT HER GOT PREGANT JUST SO SHE CAN HAVE AN EGDE BY GETTING INVOLVED WITH AN ATHLETE


1423 days ago


It's tacky and it's selfish, but it's not illegal. Neither is poking yourself in the eye with sharp stick over and over again, but most reasonable people know better than to do it. And it is not 'safe' despite what these folks with their one-time 'we sure got lucky' experiences are posting, as if their single cases negate an entire body of medical literature on the subject. Kids born to mothers who smoke are smaller, often have issues with brain and neurological development, are at significantly higher risk for being miscarried, or having SIDS and respiratory illness. They are needlessly endangered by voluntary behavior and put a preventable burden on the healthcare system. That's not judgement, it's just fact.

1423 days ago


and too the people who say "it's okay to do it" "my mom did it" - take a good long look at yourself, your life, your future.... is it as good as it could be?

1423 days ago


I hope Kim has a miscarriage because people like her don't deserve to be mothers

1423 days ago


ok first off no it is not the best idea to smoke during your pregnancy but if you are a long time smoker as i am its not very bright to just quit either. when i first became pregnant my doctor straight up told me that just quitting could cause more harm than starting to cut back a little at a time. nicotine is an addiction and when your body is addicted to something when you try to just quit it cold turkey it puts a lot of stress on you now add that to the stress your body is already going through with the changes the baby is causing and anything that affects you affects the baby. when i first got pregnant i was smoking up to two packs a day i am down to half a pack a day and i am being induced because of the size of my baby. low birth weight because of smoking is not really that common. and i think i would listen to the advice of my doctor plus a midwife i consult over all of you idiots sitting back trying judge a woman because she is smoking a cigarette while she is pregnant and you don't even know the facts.

1423 days ago


So what?

1423 days ago


She is so white trash.....god help that baby!!!

1423 days ago


Whether this pic was caught before after she found out she is pregnant is really immaterial. Based upon how she acts on TRHOA, where you would think she is on her "best" behavior, she is never without a cigarette or glass of alcohol even at 10 am so you know she is still doing both. Forcing smoke into a fetus--unbelievably selfish and ignorant--and she knows because she was a nurse. Have nothing positive to say about this mess.

1423 days ago

Using My Brain    

This is for J. Maybe if you would have planned out your pregnancy you could have safely been smoke free when you did find out you were expecting. This is a major problem with women who just open their legs to any man and hope for the best. TRY PLANNING FOR A CHILD!!!!

1423 days ago


Sad that she can't get a handle enough on her addiction to overrule it for her baby's sake.

I've heard that among other things the growing prevalence of ADHD and certain autism spectrum disorders are related to maternal smoking, and I certainly don't dismiss that possibility.

1423 days ago

Luu Luu    

"My wife smoked during her entire pregnancy with my 13 yr. old son. It had no affect on him at all. Shame on you TMZ to judge others."

Shame on YOU and your wife. You should be thanking your lucky stars your son is healthy. I know someone who smoked during her entire pregnancy and the boy was born blind, can not eat or breathe on his own, will never be able to speak and will live his entire life confined in a wheel chair. This human life must suffer because his stupid mother was too selfish to quit smoking her cigarettes. Her first baby turned out fine so of course her 2nd child would too right???? Wrong. I don't care if I'm 1 week to 9 months about to burst I would NEVER smoke during pregnancy I love my unborn child more than taking my chances to smoke. They deserve better.

1423 days ago


If she has thyroid disease (and not cancer as she once claimed) she should do a little research. Thryoid issues make it a lot more difficult to stay pregnant, and smoking is a pretty damned stupid thing to be doing.

1423 days ago
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