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Kim Zolciak

Real Pregnant,

Really Smoking

11/27/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Kim's rep just got back to us, and insists the photo was taken October 3, and Kim did not know she was pregnant at the time.

Kim Zolciak
from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a smoke break while watching an NFL game a few weeks back -- it wouldn't be a big deal ... but Kim is three months pregnant.

Here's the timeline: the photo was taken in Atlanta on November 7, outside the Georgia Dome. Two weeks later, Kim and baby daddy Kroy Biermann (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) announced they were expecting.

In case you're thinking "Maybe Kim didn't know she was pregnant when she decided to smoke" -- well, think again. Kim told a tabloid this week she denied the pregnancy rumors in October because "[I] wasn't through my first trimester -- you never know what could happen."



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this doesnt surprise me, kim is white trailer trash, she is an Itailian Daego! I can't stand her, she is funny as hell tho, but i wouldnt trust her as far as i can throw her fake wig wearing,fake eye lashes, fake eyes, fake lips, fake tits, fake ass cheeks, hell what else is fake on this broad?! she a silent racist and if i were her assistant sweetie id choke the bitch! I feel sorry for her daughters and i hope and pray that Kim finds God before its too late, shes a WRECK, in more ways than one!

1407 days ago


Kim only cares about spreading those leg's for her and her children's living. How does a old woman like her get pregnant like a teen does. But, Kim is STUPID that is how it happens. She needed income from a man since Big Papa is BROKE. She is nothing but a slut and look's like a cheap hooker. Poor baby. I feel sorry for the child.

1406 days ago

Ameena P    

I am a real Registered Nurse and it is not at all good to smoke or drink during anytime of your pregnancy. The first trimester is the key to the pregancy and the most important because the baby is having a lot of development during this time. Smoking/drinking during pregnancy can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Fetal Alchohol Syndrome, withdrawal symptoms, and other major disorders. People are really ignorant to think that any of this is OK!!!!!

1404 days ago


Her exact words on camera were "It takes TEN months to cook a baby." 10, really? When did it change from 9 months to 10? This is how much this "nurse" knows about pregnancy -- would anything she said or did surprise anyone?

1402 days ago


I think Bravo should recast Kim. She has no morals at all. Did she get pregnant by the NFL player for financial security since Big Papa's money is running out? The smoking while being pregnant is the last straw they should dump her from the show

1401 days ago


This is the same b_itch who was talkin' smack about Phedra and how many months she was pregnant? lolol Yep, karma does come back to get ya Kim. I hope Phedra talks smack about Kim's pregnancy too.. it's only fitting.

1398 days ago


My grandmother smoked all the way through her pregnancy with my aunt (who was born in 1961). She was born with holes in her heart that eventually led to her dying in her sleep when she was just nine years old. I never met her, but my grandparents are still messed up over her death, e.i. they keep her room exactly the same, still. Which yes, is a little creepy, but also sad.

Also, still not much better, but is it possible that this is an electronic cigarette? I don't see any noticeable smoke.

1398 days ago


Kim is just keeping it real, gotta luv her. Leave her alone.

1398 days ago


Ok you abolutely crazy people out there...Why Why Why would any mother smoke while pregnant and then make it seem like it's ok?!?!?!?!?!?!?! "My kid was fine and i smoked while i was pregnant" "I smoked through all my pregnancies and all my kids came out fine" GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! All of you "mothers" who say oh sure it's ok to put toxic chemicals in your body while a human life is growing inside of you are SELFISH!!!! I was SMART and stopped smoking before i started trying to have a baby, did not smoke during my pregnancy and haven't smoked since so yes i have been in a smokers shoes thank you very much!!! Only SELFISH "mothers" smoke during pregnancy. You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

1397 days ago

Karen Larsen    

Sure happy she is not carrying my grandchild. she is such trash. I mean who smokes anyway? But especially when you are pregnant?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guy who knocked her up must be really proud! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone know how old she is?

1397 days ago


what a stupid uncaring unfit bitch. she should be arrested

1396 days ago


You can take the wannabe ghetto fab trash out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer out of the trash! More shocking than Kim smoking is that "she" is pregnant. I thought for sure she used to be a man...

1396 days ago


I can not gut this woman. She can't sing worth beans and has to lip sync through her stupid song because Kandi had to doctor it up so much to make it sound decent. Remember how long Vanilla Ice lasted doing that when his fans got tired of the fraud?

All that fake hair drives me nuts flopping in her face. She is a piece of work alright. Dates a married man and when he won't dump his wife, she has a lesian girlfriend and now some toy-boy that gets her pregnant. She must make her daughters very proud!

She may be called a Housewife of Atlanta but here she would be called a Michigan Skank.

Kandi is doing it all for her. She want the fame but none of the work. I hope Kandi dumps her and concentrates on her own career unstead of his hopeful cause.

1386 days ago


Some of you are really dumbasses. So just because you or someone you know smoked during pregnancy makes it ok for everyone to do it. You and your child being ok while you smoked with him in your belly doesn't justify that selfish act. Reason why people make a big deal out of it, it's because it's bad in the first place. And WHAT KIND OF MOTHER/FATHER WOULD RISK THEIR CHILD'S LIFE just to have a smoke? Secondhand smoking alone can cause cancer, and that's not enough to convince any dumb mothers that you shouldn't be smoking with a baby inside. Do yourself a favor, instead of defending yourself, don't have babies. Then smoke all you want and I hope *something catches up with you. I'm not one to just curse on ppl. But since smoking while pregnant doesn't matter to you to care enough for the child you are responsible for then why should anyone give a sh*t.

And David V, lack of immaturity on people who calls your wife dumb? LOL? You have lack of education. You even have the guts to say it out here that your wife smoked while pregnant. Even though if you were to show off all your credentials to me, I would still say you lack education.

1381 days ago


Some worthless ppl get to be mothers huh? And to some of you, pretty idiotic, just because your wife or you or some "smart" women smoked during pregnancy and things turned out fine.. Doesn't make it ok. That's why people make a big deal out of it.
You are willing to risk the child you are responsible for just to have a smoke. WOW. that sentence sounds bad enough. Smoking enough can damage some people, if not all. Imagine that with a child smelling her mothers smoke around her. Second hand smoking alone can cause cancer. So this isn't bad huh? Do yourself a favor, if you dont wanna be criticize, dont have a baby! Then ppl are gonna use the part that "Someone I know did it, its no big deal", Shut up and get educated.

1381 days ago
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