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Kim Zolciak

Real Pregnant,

Really Smoking

11/27/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Kim's rep just got back to us, and insists the photo was taken October 3, and Kim did not know she was pregnant at the time.

Kim Zolciak
from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a smoke break while watching an NFL game a few weeks back -- it wouldn't be a big deal ... but Kim is three months pregnant.

Here's the timeline: the photo was taken in Atlanta on November 7, outside the Georgia Dome. Two weeks later, Kim and baby daddy Kroy Biermann (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) announced they were expecting.

In case you're thinking "Maybe Kim didn't know she was pregnant when she decided to smoke" -- well, think again. Kim told a tabloid this week she denied the pregnancy rumors in October because "[I] wasn't through my first trimester -- you never know what could happen."



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Although I don't condone it, I don't believe she should be crucified for it.
I had smoked thru both my pregnancies in the early 80's and had 9 lbs babies who are now full grown normal healthy men who have never smoked.

1395 days ago

mom of 3    

i am 7 months pregnant...the minute I found out I quit alcohol, caffiene nd smoking. my body is no longer mine. kim is a complete moron and so is david v's wife.

1395 days ago

David V.    

mom of 3, if you quit "the minute" you found out then how long did you partake while not knowing you were pregnant. there had to be some period of time before you found out. If i'm a moron at least I know how to spell caffeine!

1395 days ago


Angel sounds like a Druggie with a Potty Mouth.

1395 days ago


Pregnant? Yeah right, look at her, she's 52 for heaven sake.

1395 days ago


She lies about her age all the time and think it is risky enough to be pregnant at her age without the added risk of smoking and drinking. Disgusting!

1395 days ago


Of course its not ok to smoke. When has inhaling smoke into your lungs been ok?? Hows that even debatable. And who knows what you do to the baby and when the effects will show. When the baby is in the uterus its basically being built. Youre are sort of messing with the foundations there.

1395 days ago


I myself have two babies. One is almost 21 years old and the other is 27 months old.

I was never a smoker but also smoked for just a few months before I got pregnant with both. I happened to quit on my own about two months before I got pregnant.

I did not smoke or drink with either child, but both have asthma since birth.

Not fun giving your infant albuterol a few months after birth.

Is this world reverting to old school? So pretty soon we'll toss out car seats and seat belts too?

1395 days ago


Smoking cigarettes during pregnancy is very ignorant. If you are trying to get pregnant, quit smoking and drinking before you get pregnant. You're messing up the kid's health. Cigarettes are basically poison. Second hand smoke is horrible. Anyone who smokes cigarettes should have no kids. I wish that was the law.

1395 days ago


What a loser.

1395 days ago


Bad enough that she knows & still smokes,& she probably won't quit at all, she's too SELFISH to care.
She is an EXTREMELY heavy smoker & drinker..i can't imagine what that poor baby was going thro in his/her cacoon FILLED with smoke & wine especially the 1st 2 mos..& because shes smokes SO much, this baby will still be smoking thro its an entire growth as even IF she cuts down a little, its still A LOT.
That poor baby will probably be screaming from withdraw & colicky too.
Kim doesn't care what anyone says or thinks, she just tells her "HATERS" to eat ****. Isn't it funny how when we have an opinion, we are HATERS..even its an opinion based on FACTS.
Kim, no one is jealous of someone as ignorant & self centered as you. "Big Papa" wasn't married just because he lived on nthe other side of town from his WIFE & KIDS?!? Karma Kim, gl, you'll need it.

1395 days ago


Kim is a cheap, trashy blonde bimbo of a **** with no taste, class or morals. She is only good for one thing. She can only attain 'the good life' by lying on her back. It makes me sick to see her drive that Bentley because she doesn't deserve what she has. She has to sleep with someone else's husband to get it. Papa will never marry her and neither will this new guy. She's a whore. What an example to set for her 2 girls? Now, she's pregnant by a man that she hasn't even been dating all that long. What another wonderful example to set? Now this??? Women like her shouldn't be allowed to breed. As I said, what trash!!!

1395 days ago

NOT Okay    

Dangers of smoking while pregnant... The following are scientifically linked to fetal exposure to smoking:

Spontaneous abortion, mental retardation, low birth weight, sudden infant death (SIDS), ear and eye problems / infections, poor immune system, ADHD, developmental delay, behavioral problems, obesity and diabetes in adulthood....

The list goes on, and on. I just picked a few. And it is SCIENTIFICALLY proven in double blind studies. Babies, children and even adults of smoking mothers have measurably worse outcomes in life in MANY areas. It follows them their whole lives!

So, to all you morons condoning smoking during pregnancy b/c your children were 'fine'? You have no idea what harm you may have done them, or how many points you took off their IQ!

You did it? Fine (that's for you to live with). But DO NOT condone it. Do you want to know you told someone 'I did it and I was fine', so they do, and have a miscarriage, or child with chronic ear infections and ADD? Hope you sleep well, sick f*cks. I know several smoking mothers, who's children suffer many of the above problems. Disgusting!

Smoking is hard to quit? Fine. But don't have children then! If you can't give up a nicotine habit for the lifetime well being of your CHILD??? You should not be having children!

1395 days ago


It's her business if she smokes. You people will bitch about anything and it has absolutely nothing to do with any of you or your lives. Worry about your own babies. Not a one of ya know this woman on a personal level to understand the cir***stances because for all any of you know, she could be trying to quit & even if she isn't, oh well? What's it to ya?
Stop judging people like all of you are saints cause I'm betting a whole lot of y'all ain't so innocent either.

1395 days ago


I have 2 kids the first 2 I didn't smoke, drink, or do drugs.
My oldest was born weighing 4 pounds 9 oz, he was 2 1/2 weeks early. now he has disabilities. He is mildly mentally challenged, learning disabilities, fine motor skills disabilities, type 2 diabetes, speech and language problems. My 2nd child now is adhd and bipolar. They boy have OCD ( obsessive compulsive disorder).
My 3rd child I smoked through my whole pregnancy, he was born on time and weight 5 pounds 15 oz. He is perfectly healthy. No medical issues. He just needs a little speech.

So I feel her baby will be fine.

Before you go making judgments on people you should walk a day in their life. I deal with judgments everyday in the public.
My kids get discriminated against because they have disabilities. You should never judge a book by its cover.

1395 days ago
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