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Kim Zolciak

Real Pregnant,

Really Smoking

11/27/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Kim's rep just got back to us, and insists the photo was taken October 3, and Kim did not know she was pregnant at the time.

Kim Zolciak
from "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took a smoke break while watching an NFL game a few weeks back -- it wouldn't be a big deal ... but Kim is three months pregnant.

Here's the timeline: the photo was taken in Atlanta on November 7, outside the Georgia Dome. Two weeks later, Kim and baby daddy Kroy Biermann (who plays for the Atlanta Falcons) announced they were expecting.

In case you're thinking "Maybe Kim didn't know she was pregnant when she decided to smoke" -- well, think again. Kim told a tabloid this week she denied the pregnancy rumors in October because "[I] wasn't through my first trimester -- you never know what could happen."



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Did you all quit driving too because car accidents are really hard on babies. You should quit driving before you get pregnant. No? Why? Because that's something that YOU don't want to quit doing? Could name hundreds of other things that are detrimental to the baby but most of us understand that the world isn't an entirely safe place to be and there's always a chance of something going wrong. Most of the babies born with problems have non-smoking mothers.

1392 days ago


Kim, a no good lying animal with a wig on

She promised her kids (on TV), 2 years ago that she would quit. NEVER DID.
Not only smoking with a child inside her to suffer the effects of it while trying to
grow into a human being, but she also smokes IN HER HOUSE for others to
breath second hand smoke, and she also smokes IN HER $200,000 CAR !!!!!!!
Can't you wait until you get outside to full your lungs with poison??
This woman has NO CLASS, and is a selfish bitch.

1392 days ago


She is getto. She is notveven an housewife, she's an adultura, who can't sing. She was drinking water on an interview and denied the pregancy. That song Google me SUCKS. I am just saying.

1392 days ago


what a no talent dumbass! hope the kid doesn't turn out as dumb as her fatass

1392 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

I wasn't even go waste my time posting in this thread but then figured why not since this KZ person is no doubt logging on to TMZ every five minutes.

KZ you're one pitiful human being. It's pretty sad that I can't think of one attractive thing about you. So although you think its great that people on TMZ are talking about you just remember its only because we are shocked on how disgusting you are.

1392 days ago


Rode hard, and put away wet...oh, and pregnant...oh, and with a very bad wig. What a toolette.

1392 days ago


What a disgusting woman... that she continues to pollute her lungs is one thing but now she is depriving her grown fetus of much needed oxygen...ugh!

1392 days ago


I am still confused on how he got pregnant?

1392 days ago


Is it illegal? Is TMZ a law enforcement agency?

1392 days ago


Hahaha I agree what a dumb ****

1392 days ago


She is low rent. Anyone who cannot put the growth and development of their unborn child ahead of their addictions is selfish, and not thinking about what is best for the child. Sad thing is, the baby will be born and have to live around second hand smoke. The baby has no choice in who it's parents are...too bad. Poor kid. Kim is white trash is nothing but white trash. AND she looks OLD. she is not 32 as she claims....I would need proof....maybe 42.

1392 days ago



Disgusting Kim will have another f^*k trophy and you will have a lighter wallet. Enjoy!

1392 days ago


The chemical cyanide which is in cigarettes depletes Vitamin B12, which is NEEDED for a baby to develop normally. Other consequences include: weak immune system, respiratory diseases in the first 5-10 years, not to mention impaired neurological functions (as smoking depletes the oxygen level to the brain while developing in those 9 months)

I counsel people on how to quit smoking and I end up talking to people everyday that are dying (40's-50's and on...)

When they're YOUNG and DUMB like Kim Whatever...they don't know what they're doing. She will end up with a Botoxed plastic face sucking on an oxgyen tank 20 yrs from now

1392 days ago


I can't beleive all the morons who are in denial about the ill effects of smoking on unborn children.

SMOKING is not good for you- pregnant or not.

Are some of you serious going to debate the merits of smoking (stress reliever?) against the associated risks?

I'm not surprised to see pictures of a pregnant Kim smoking, if anyone watches the show, you can see her smoking inside the house only a foot away from her other children. Would some of you like to tell us that second hand smoke is okay too?

As far as us judging Kim, she had a lot to say about a cast member who claimed she was being induced 2+ months early because a pregnancy complication (abet it was all a lie to cover up the fact she got pregnant before she was married- she was indeed full term when she was induced) about the risks associated with being babies being born preterm.

Kim, is a chain smoking, drunken gold digging whore. I said it...and I don't regret it.

1392 days ago


Who are we too judge! Smoking is an addiction and not everyone can just stop if that was the case people would have quit a long time ago.

1392 days ago
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