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'Beaver' Star Jerry Mathers: Gee, Engagement Photos!

11/28/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman in these photos has chosen Beaver over any other man ... because she's all set to marry Jerry Mathers -- and TMZ has obtained the very first post-engagement shots of the happy couple.

62-year-old Mathers met the lucky lady Teresa Modnick through his sister ... and we're told they've been together for five years now.

The wedding is scheduled for January 30th -- and it's all going down at the beautiful Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach.

Boy, Beave, are you gonna get it.


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congrats Beav, I still watch the reruns you and Wally. God Bless both of you.

1320 days ago

Christina G.    

I only come here for the great comments, certainly not the articles. Haha, he DOES look like he's wearing a Beaver Halloween mask! And you're right, he is kind of scary looking! Gotta love the Beav though.

1320 days ago


Congrats to you both on your engagement!
may your lives be filled with joy & happiness.

1320 days ago

Mike P    

Hey Beave:
WE are the same age so I pretty much grew up with your "perfect" family. Did Ward ever tell Barb to get some Valium, I've already called the DR. and told him of your terrible behaviors. That was so much the truth in the 60's. Think of it this way Jerry, you finally fulfilled your namesake "The Beaver". Enjoy, she looks beautiful , have some cute kids and screw television. Everything seems either political or religion inluencing politics. You and she are great looking kids. Screw opinions, have fun my man.
Mike P. Owner, Surf, USA inc. USVI

1320 days ago


The Beavster is looking rough! Damn!

1320 days ago


I agree with #8. The Beav is too much of an Icon to say anything negative about him. He and the entire cast was a big part of me growing up and I respect that a lot. Not too many people left in this world to respect any more.

I would love to see a photo of the self loathers that are writing s**t about Jerry. I bet they have arms and legs growing out of the side of their heads. There are people complaining that he needs plastic surgery? Well, I look like crap and I am 58. The reason I look like crap is because I worked hard and paid for all you slackers to be fat on welfare.

Congratulations Jerry and soon to be wife!

1320 days ago


why are people concerned about a so called rehab story. I know were all on but thats beyond the story thats featured today and maybe you need a hobby. Mr. Mathers and his fiance look very happy and thats all anyone wants in this world. To get past the bull**** and be happy and loved. I wish you both the very best.

1319 days ago


@Marty from Modesto, I couldn't agree with you more.

1319 days ago


Scary!! Beaver must be wearing some tupe of mask! He looks like a cartoon character out of **** Tracy!

1319 days ago


@Rob #9

"His old TV show represents to me what life is SUPPPOSED to be like before the liberals screwed the country up... damn sad state of affairs now."

Hahahaha! I love this right wing delusion of what America was like in the 50s and early 60s. Look into the actual history of that time period. Communism and the threat of nuclear war were never bigger (remember the McCarthy witch hunts?). Blacks were openly and legally discriminated against, lynched and even murdered for simply wanting to be treated equal. Women were still expected to be barefoot and pregnant housewives. The few women that did work outside the normal roles of teacher, secretary, or nurse had to fight everyday to be accepted and earn 1/2 the salary of a man.

Boy, those sure were the good old days! I sure am sorry liberal ruined all that for you.

1319 days ago


well carl, that sounds like todays state of affairs,different threATS, and women stood home to take care of the kids,because the husbands salary was enough to cover costs.. now evrything is so PC, one cant even say a word to anyone of color black or gay people, have come a long way though.. you must know that now dont you?..

1319 days ago


Still resembles the little guy. Was one of my favs. growing up. Sweet show about a diff time. No smut or low class humor --just good clean fun. Imagine that.

1319 days ago

G. Howie Belches    

I wonder if Eddie Haskell will be there to cause mischief at the ceremony. And Lumpy Rutherford.

1319 days ago


Congratulations to them! I hope they have a beautiful wedding and a happy life together.

1319 days ago


The Beav looks like a combination of Bob Newhart & Teddy Kennedy...which is not a bad thing! Some people are simply "craggy". I, for one, am really glad the Beav never suc***bed to surgeries like his contemporaries Kenny Rogers or Burt Reynolds. Craggy is ok!

1319 days ago
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