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Chia Obama -- Racist?

11/28/2010 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This commercial just ran in KCBS TV in Los Angeles, featuring a little stocking stuffer -- a Chia Pet, the Chia Obama edition. The question ... is it racist?

Obama's "do" is caricature-like and, standing on its own, makes the Prez look like someone from "What's Happening!!"

The commercial also hawks Chia Pets of two other presidents -- Washington and Lincoln.  But it's clear the Chia Obama is the selling point.

So we ask ...


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It is racist to question whether this is racist or not! That is the only way racism figures into this. I can not wait for the Michelle Obama chia pet with that wonky jaw of hers!!

1370 days ago


GOP TMZ LOVS to kick human rights..if your not a jewish insider or if your a xian or if your fat or if your out first black president than your not in the in club.I don`t push my faith I don`t kick fat people I don`t kick jewish people and I sure as tooth picks would never kick any person of color for not being a dumbtass white trash zoo monkey working for TMZ AKE the far far rightwing MOOB MOB mouths for GOP PP`s

1370 days ago


How is this racist? Just because he's the first black man to have a Chia Head made after him?

Come on. You guys over at TMZ are just making things up now.

1370 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

It doesn't even look like him.

1370 days ago


Nothing like trying "to stir the pot" and make an issue where there is none. It only becomes "racial" because the media wants to make it that. It is getting really old. And for the record, he is "bi-racial" so maybe the Chia is racially insulting whites,eh? But that point is ignored since the race card couldnt be pulled. Stories like this cheapen the issues related to race when they really do occur. Shame on your writer.

1370 days ago


racist? no!an honor?yes! i always thought the chia shaggy was really a chia clinton!

1370 days ago


The head looks a little out of proportion - I guess the Chia has a bigger ego!!!

1370 days ago


If this was racist than what are people saying about teh Boama Christmas tree ornaments on sale at Walmart.

1370 days ago


@ 88 We village dwellers in the trailer park loves our Christmas decorations that we's gotten from Walmart & etc. Very durable plastic Santas and his sled with our plastic reindeers and plastic candy canes everywhere and our little white lights made in China strung all over the trailers and what trees we has and all over the bushes and trash cans - we's look fabulous!! Going for the best decorated prize theys gives out every year!! Yes Sir Ree Bob!! We's winning this year!!

1370 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Not racist but a very tacky gift to give anyone. The only thing that makes it remotely be Obama is the name on the base. Other than that, if it did not have a name, no one would know who it even is.

1370 days ago

Gsharon 710    


1370 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

#89,I don't think you are actually a village dweller down here in the old trailer park with the rest of us. Why don't you visit us with our plastic Christmas decorations and white lights purchased from WalMart, it looks real purty. What do you use to decorate in the ghetto? Shiny old rap CDs.

1370 days ago


I loved the post about the couple who had 5 Obama Chia pets and made a neighborhood race out of it.

America is more known for tackiness than class. think of all the garbage sold in stores such as Elvis-branded items. Most would give a tacky gift before they give something that doesn't have some brand slapped on it.

It's a novelty item, not a political statement, and TMZ should have used their brains before trying to make it a racist issue. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Now, if they had a Sarah Palin Chia pet...

1370 days ago


I remember when this came out... I thought it was odd and tacky, but I knew from an interview with the creator of the Chia critters that it was not racist. I think he was excited to have a president that he could "bestow this honor" upon. Not everyone gets to be a Chia!

1370 days ago


I don't think so. Anything to make a buck

1370 days ago
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