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Chia Obama -- Racist?

11/28/2010 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This commercial just ran in KCBS TV in Los Angeles, featuring a little stocking stuffer -- a Chia Pet, the Chia Obama edition. The question ... is it racist?

Obama's "do" is caricature-like and, standing on its own, makes the Prez look like someone from "What's Happening!!"

The commercial also hawks Chia Pets of two other presidents -- Washington and Lincoln.  But it's clear the Chia Obama is the selling point.

So we ask ...


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No it is not. I have already seen this commercial a little while ago, here in the Boston area. I love Chia Heads! I think they are hilarious! I want one! I would probably kill it, but would still laugh if someone gave me one!

1393 days ago


Imagine that, just in time for Christmas shopping.

Posted at 10:34 AM on Nov 28, 2010 by Pierre from Canada


Imagine that just in time for Xmas shopping 2008, which is when it came out.

Joseph Enterprises markets the "Chia Pet", "The Clapper", the "Ove Glove", and a few other as-seen-on-TV products. They mostly buy TV advertising time just before Xmas alleging their gadgets are great gifts (not).

TMZ's bogus Chia-Obama-is-racist controversy is yesteryears short lived, slow news day "news". TMZ harping on it 2 years later just reeks of desperation. What's the matter TMZ the other gossip rags kicking your butt? Why yes, yes they are...

1393 days ago


No it's not racist. His hair is green for goodness sake!

1393 days ago

His Prince Michael    

First, I'm compelled to address the comments which are intended
to disparage Mr. Levin and the TMZ staff.
Lest we forget, it is "News" and "Entertainment", personally,
I often find it, both, entertaining and informative.
As long as matters regarding People with Disabilities, and Religion, are carefully and respectfully presented, every other
public matter, is, well, public.

Racist Chia Pet? You haven't really arrived in "America", until
you've been Ch-Ch-Chia-ized.
Of course, some of the WORST Racists in "America" are those
who voted (or did not vote) for the Pharaoh, based soley upon his Race. Acorn, and their massive fraud was a PURELY Rascist
scam. Not unlike ALL forms of Rascism in "America", terminally

1393 days ago


Seriously?! Man, people will find ANY reason to pull a race card. There are chia pets of so many white people and yet this is racist? If they didn't make a black chia pet, then someone would consider it racist because they're not included. Now there is one and it's racist. I give up.

1393 days ago


Nice work on the inflammatory "reporting," TMZ. Idiots. Plus, this thing has been around for YEARS. Way to be aware.

1393 days ago


This thing has been sold since Obama won the presidentcy. So why is it now, after 2 years, it is now airing in LA or, is thought to be racist?

1393 days ago


& that one is happy Obama. You have a choice between happy or determined. I have determined. Looks more like Obama. I have him next to my Jerry GarChia Pet.

1393 days ago


What the F does that have to do with racism??!! If they made an Obama doll are you going to say "is it racist" wtf?!

1393 days ago

Make it stop    

Didn't they have one of Clinton?

1393 days ago


Not every damn thing that has to do with a black person is racial.. My god.

1393 days ago


WOW, get with the times...this commercial has been running since practically the day after Obama began his presidency like 2 years ago! You act like this is

1393 days ago


Looks more like Guy Fieri LOL

1393 days ago


Of course it is racist and full of disrespect. A company who does this to a sitting President of The United States should be dismantled and the pieces remaining (and people) should be deported to a third world country. It is not a matter of Bush or Obama. Although it is racist to imply the 'fro'. I am going to research this company and zero in on ALL their products and owners and spearhead a campaign of boycott. Cutting off their money supply will work wonders toward getting the message across.

1393 days ago


If this were a George Bush chia pet no one would be having this conversation. Why is it only racist if a culture other then whites is involved? It is such a double standard. Everyone can make white jokes and whites arn't supposed to get offended. But don't you dare make a joke about someone elses race if your white! It's BS.

1393 days ago
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